Surviving Holiday Travel With Your Big Family

Spending your holiday to be with your family is a great idea especially when you live far from them. However, it can also be just as stressful especially when you have such a big family. Holiday travel can turn out to be an unpleasant experience if you don’t know what to do to make it enjoyable. It can even be stressful from the beginning of the preparation because you have to book accommodation that can fit the entire family. You also need to prepare holiday meals and make sure it will be sufficient for all your family members. 

Planning for enjoyable holiday travel with a big family

Holiday travel with family can be costly as well because the numbers are more than doubled. So, it can be costly, stressful, and exhausting. However, you also have to remember that it can also turn out to be fun, and memorable moment to remember for the rest of your life. To make your holiday travel enjoyable for the rest of your family and for yourself, here are some tips you can follow:

Choose rentals with plenty of space to make sure your entire family are comfortable during the stay. Space is important factor when it comes to holiday travel with family. You can book an entire cottage or house to accommodate your family during your vacation. Choose a place that provides plenty of space such as spacious living room so you can gather around comfortably, spacious bedroom where some members of families can share with, etc. it is less costly when you book the entire house instead of booking hotel rooms. 

Make sure that you book the right accommodation with sufficient amenities as well. Choose a place with free parking cost, free laundry, etc. Finding the best place can take time but it’s worth it once you have found the right one.  You also may have to consider the amenities needed for young members of your family such as toddlers, teens, and even the elders. Make sure everyone will be comfortable and provided well during the stay. 

Book accommodation that also provides extra things you and your family can enjoy such as facilities for sports, games, barbeque, etc. this way, you and your family have many options to choose during your vacation. Young members of family can use their spare time during holiday travel to play games or do some sports. Meanwhile, you can also have a barbeque party in the yard in the evening where all members can relax and enjoy good foods. 

Another important thing for surviving holiday travel with big family is flexibility and freedom to enjoy it based on individual preference. You and your family don’t have to constantly with each other all the time. No matter how comfortable the accommodation is, some people sometimes need space for themselves. They need time to be alone and enjoying the time on their own. Therefore, make sure you and your family have conversation about this before heading out to your destination so everyone is one the same page for enjoyable holiday.

Things To Do While Stay At Seminyak Villas

If you are curious and want to see tourist destinations with a combination of modernization and with all the fun in it, while the tradition is never separated from its roots, then you must visit Bali. Seminyak is one of the most popular and feels “mandatory” to stay in order to enjoy a lot of fun. A series of international standard accommodations, ranging from hotels, inns, guest houses to Seminyak villas, offer their own services and facilities. Whether you are looking for free or paid, everything you can explore.

Seminyak Villas

Enjoy the Sunset Around Seminyak Villas

If you ask where to enjoy the best sunset in Bali, there will be many answers for that. But if you live in Seminyak area, several areas;

Pantai Kuta

If Kuta Beach is now known as a must-visit tourist destination, who knows that along this beach is a trade transportation route. Kuta Beach is a trading port and a meeting place between Balinese traders and traders from various other regions. You can enjoy the sunset, or skate in the Kuta beach area. By late afternoon, you will find many local traders or locals offering spas, braiding your hair, and many others. No need to pay an entrance ticket to enjoy Kuta beach. When using a rental motorbike, you only have to pay parking fees and enjoy the beach and its surroundings until the evening.

Pantai Double Six

Although only a row with Legian and Kuta beaches, this one beach does not want to be outdone by the beauty of Kuta beach. Actually, from Kuta beach, you can follow it to get to the double six beaches. The hallmark of double six beaches is the colorful umbrella available for you to enjoy the sunset. But make no mistake, because the umbrellas are lined up provided cafes along the beach to sit and enjoy a meal while waiting for the sunset.

Petitenget Beach

In fact, Petitenget beach is in line with Kuta and Legian beaches so that it has no different characteristics, namely fine white sand and the intensity of sunlight that always shines. The difference is, Petitenget beach is calmer than Kuta or Legian beach. If you want to enjoy a sunset that is far from the crowds, Petitenget Beach can be a careful choice, especially if you stay around the Petitenget area.


Bali is in fact surrounded by the ocean. This is one of the advantages of staying in the Seminyak area, because of its location close to the beach and perfect for surfing. Usually, many Seminyak villas offer easy access to surfing locations, especially for surfers. For beginners, you can try surfing at Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, Batu Bolong Beach or Legian Beach.

Get A Massage

There are many choices ranging from inexpensive ones in the beach area to super-luxurious ones. Bali is very well known for its spa techniques that make your body feel relaxed. As a center of relaxation in Southeast Asia, you will read many “day spa” boards in many places. There are many recommendations for spas in Seminyak villas area that are tailored to your budget.

Explore the Market

Who doesn’t want to shop at cheap prices? Art markets can indeed be found more in the Ubud area but it does not allow sellers of cheap goods in the Seminyak area. Bargaining is important so you can get cheap prices. If necessary, you can ask for help from a guide to bargain.


This is one reason why so many tourists love staying in Seminyak villas. You can find many international restaurants. There are many dishes from various countries to pamper your tongue. Just walk along the Seminyak area then you can enjoy delicious and amazing dishes.

What To Do When Travelling With Introverts?

Travelling with people with different personalities is not a bad idea. In fact, you should try it sometimes because it can be refreshing. Travel is supposed to be enjoyable and give you more experience while enjoying what you are passionate about. Just because you are an extrovert doesn’t mean you are the only one who like travelling though. There are also introverts who prefer travel during their free time instead of staying home. If you are planning to travel with your introverts friends, you might need to put some considerations so the travel will be enjoyable for the both of you. 

How to enjoy travel with introverts?

Just because your travel buddies have introvert personality doesn’t mean they cannot have fun when travelling. Your styles might be a little bit different but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy it together. Here are several tips for extroverts who are going to travel with introvert travel buddies.

What To Do When Travelling With Introverts?

Do not judge easily

Just because their face look passive doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the trip. Introverts tend to express their emotion less. They don’t really show how excited they are when finding interesting things during travel. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy their time with you. Thus, don’t let their passiveness upsets you. They may not give comments as often as you to show their excitement but they have their own ways to show it. 

Tranquility is what introvert travelers enjoy the most

They like being close to the nature, observe it, and feel the relaxation. Just because they like going to places with less people, doesn’t mean you are going to be bored throughout the travel. In fact, they might find hidden gems you are not aware exist until they found it. Introverts like calm atmosphere but that doesn’t mean they don’t go to touristy places either. They go to places like that but they may enjoy more places with tranquility. 

Listen to them

Just because they are introverts doesn’t mean they don’t have their own opinion to share during travel. Always ask their opinion about something but don’t pressure them. Asking their opinion allow you to understand better what they really want. Especially when you are travel in big groups. Do not ignore their opinion. 

Give them spaces

You may need to give them space some times during the travel to allow them enjoy the travel by themselves. Do not feel guilty about leaving them alone because that’s what their need. They need a ‘me time’ to go places alone so they can do things they enjoy the most such as silently watching scenery, reading book, or just staying in their room while others hanging out. 

Don’t push them for socializing

Keep in mind that socializing might not be their favorite thing to do during travel so don’t force them to join you meeting new people during travel. For them, talking for hours with people especially stranger can be exhausting and draining. Thus, do not raise your expectation of their social interest. Remember that it doesn’t mean they are rude or disrespect others.

From Bali to Raja Ampat: Indonesia’s Best Dive Sites You Should Visit

Indonesia has long been promoted as one of the best country for diving holiday, and this expectation is not far from the truth. This country is just happen to arise from the middle of world’s coral triangle, offering wholesome dive destinations and is definitely a must-go-to places for every dive enthusiasts. Bali and Raja Ampat are probably the most notorious example of best dive sites in Indonesia that’s been acknowledged by the world. With its warm water, moderate climate, rich coral reefs and isolated spots, Indonesia could be your next dive dream. This maritime country features captivating remote dive sites, waiting for curious divers to explore its underwater world. Behold, here we have compiled five Indonesia’s incredible dive spots you need to visit. 

From Bali to Raja Ampat: Indonesia’s Best Dive Sites You Should Visit

The Pemuteran Underwater Temple, Bali

Tucked away in quiet Singaraja region, the west coast of Bali, you will find a scenic underwater temples in the bottom of the ocean. Array of statues and stupas sits calmly in the seabed amidst the blue water and schools of wandering fishes. The eerie feeling of diving around Buddha and Hindu’s idols rose an urban legend of an alleged ‘discovery’ of ancient temple forgotten ruins. But lo and behold, this is actually a Biorock community project to promote coral reef restoration. This exceptional underwater temples is one of the biggest coral restoration project in the world and has been drawing hundreds of divers since its creation in 2005. If you are looking for best dive sites to visit in Bali, the Pemuteran Bali should be on your list. 

The Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida, Bali

The Crystal Bay of Bali is not only famous for its crystal-clear water and brimming marine life, but also for its gigantic inhabitant, the Mola Mola of Bali. The rare occurrence of this flat head, enormous bulb of fish is the highlight of many divers. August to October is the prime time to visit the Sunfish—when they come to the shallow water to get cleaned. At other times in the year, Mola Mola usually lives deep in the bottom of the ocean and you might get zero chance to meet them. Some divers report to see Mola Mola waving its vertical fins and eyeing nearby divers with its immense eyeballs. Crystal Bay is not the only best dive sites in Bali to see Mola Mola, but also leopard sharks, eagle rays, white tip sharks, and gorgeous coral reefs!

The Bunaken Marine National Park, Sulawesi

One of the earliest Indonesia’s best dive sites aside Bali that become world-renown back in the eighties, the Bunaken Marine National Park is famous for its incredible diversity of coral reefs and amazingly transparent water. Bunaken house over 3000 marine species including the endemic dugongs, dolphins, and saltwater crocodiles. Expect to see more exotic animals like Lolosi yellowtail fish, hippocampus, goropa, and ornamental fishes. This marine park is also a diver’s favourite for wall diving! 

The Komodo National Park, Flores

It’s hard to talk best dive sites in this country without mentioning Komodo. This region might get its initial international exposure for its endemic inhabitant, the ancient Komodo Dragons. However, while the jagged islands within the park seemingly barren of life, what’s under the sea is totally a different story. Swept by strong currents and mixed by cold up-swellings and warmer Flores Sea, the water is basically a soup plankton which encourages marine life to bloom. This region has almost everything from colourful shallow reefs, deep walls, underwater caves, to pinnacles. Mantas, turtles, and dolphins are white a common sight. This beautiful underwater haven is home  to billions of tropical fishes, various pelagic and sharks, and tiny pigmy seahorses. 

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The Raja Ampat, Papua

As one of 10 best diving site in the world, Raja Ampat is definitely a must-visit. Though its located in the tip of West Papua (which kind of hard to reach), all the hard works are paid off once you take plunge to the water. The visibility is crazily rich and the marine life is amazingly staggering. Sits perfectly in the middle of coral triangle, the ‘Four Kings’ holds more than 1400 fish species and 75% of world’s known coral species. It’s almost impossible to describe what you’re gonna see in Raja Ampat—go and find out yourself! Some diving liveaboard trip arrange an extended trip from Bali to Raja Ampat to see all the best dive sites. And we think this is a good opportunity to truly immerse on Indonesia’s underwater beauty!

Authentic Local Dishes You Should Try When Traveling in Lombok

Lombok is such a pleasant place to spend your holiday. This island offers the beauty of nature that can help you heal your stress mind and soul. There are plentiful of interesting places you can explore as well. Thus, it is far from boring experience when you decide Lombok as your travel destination. Another interesting about Lombok is its authentic local dishes. If you claim yourself as vivid food lover, spending holiday in Lombok can be a great opportunity for you to try many things new. 

Lombok authentic dishes to try

Lombok is not more than just the neighbor island of Bali. It has its own beauty and charms that can help you relax during your vacation. There are also hidden gems you can explore. Aside from exploring various places, it is also highly suggested to experience culinary scene in this stunning island. Here are several authentic dishes you should try during your visit in Lombok:

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Ayam Taliwang

This is one of the most popular, authentic Lombok dishes you should not miss during your holiday in this island. You can only find this dish in other regions in Indonesia as it’s that popular. However, the best place to taste this delicacy is none other than in Lombok itself. This dish is made with fresh chicken marinated in traditional, special sauce, spices, and herbs. It is then grilled over hot coals until it is ready. It is often served with warm rice and sambal.

Sate Tanjung

This is an authentic dish of Lombok you can try during lunch or dinner. Sate is similar to skewer. However, Indonesia skewer or sate has differences at some points. As for Sate Tanjung, it is made with tuna. Yes, this sate has a bit of a twist because the other sate is usually made with beef, pork, or chicken. Sate Tanjung is marinated with special sauce to enrich its taste. The locals often enjoy this particular dish with warm rice. 

Bebalung Soup

If you like something warm to lighten up your mood during your visit in Lombok, this particular soup dish is the right choice. Bebalung Soup is made with cow ribs. The soup taste just unique and amazing since various things are mixed together including herbs and spices such as ginger, turmeric, chilies, etc. in some areas in Lombok, the locals even made this dish with buffalo ribs. However, it doesn’t make it tastes any less. Enjoy this dish after you spend your time in the water and let the soup warm your body deliciously. 

Nasi Balap Puyung

Another popular, authentic dish in Lombok is Nasi Balap Puyung, a dish made with shredded chicken, abon, fried tempe, flossed beef or chicken, and fried eel. It is served with warm rice. Sambal is also served, perfect to complement the rich taste of the dish. It is also considered healthy dish because of the components. This dish is quite spicy because of the spiced chicken or beef. Not to mention that sambal in Lombok also tend to be spicy.

Event Planning and Catering Bali: Where to Start?

Event planning can be a real headache, even though you’ve got Bali ready as your dream venue. Catering Bali is an integral part of your event planning. Put together a team or hire an experienced one to organize and handle your important occasion. You may also want to start looking for a reliable Bali catering company as well. sWhat are some of the things you can start with?

event planning and catering bali

Break down your goal for the upcoming event 

Ultimately, what’s your desired end result that you want from this event? Are you here to celebrate something? Are you going to promote something? Your aim for the event will also affect the format of the event itself: whether it’s a Beachfront wedding Bali, anniversaries, a conference, a business meeting, a convention, an exhibition, et cetera. 

From then on, you can move on to other integral aspects of your event planning, such as defining the number of attendees, catering service, down to overall budgeting. 

buffet plated meals catering Bali Indonesia

Catering Bali: Create a headcount estimate to define your attendee 

Regardless whether you’re doing this by purely by guest invitations or you require people to register for your event, an estimate is extremely important when you’re doing any kind of event planning. This would also highly affect the budget for your catering Bali as well as the format of your meal. 

catering in denpasar bali

Defining the overall budget for your event 

Budgeting is tricky and often times difficult, and the bigger the scale of your event, the more complex this process becomes. Some of the points you should note for your event organizing: 

  • Deciding on a venue and visiting said venue 
  • Decide on an event date 
  • Headcount 
  • Catering budget 
  • Revenues from the event (if applicable) 

Choosing a menu catering Bali 

Whether you go for a buffet catering Bali or plated meals, menu should be one of the first things you consider for your event planning. Go back to the defined goals of your event: do you have important clients you’re greeting here? Do you feel the need to impress your guests? If that’s the case, then it’s an important planning move for you to profile your guests. Things that you can do when you’re deciding on your catering menu:

  • Get your guests profile. This could be basic information ranging from their professional level or background, where they’re coming from, etc. Especially when you’re holding an international event in Bali, this information may come in handy. 
  • Have this info ready when you consult with your caterer. Ask for your catering service’s opinion on what kind of menu this type of guests with this demographic may prefer. 

Their profile info may not always be relevant for deciding a catering menu for your event. For instance if you’re planning a wedding catering in Bali, then you can tailor the menu into something more you, unlike when planning a corporate event—it’s your day after all. However, getting to know your guests more will put you a step ahead in your event planning.

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Catering budget: define your priorities

Buffet catering are a popular choice among event planners; regardless whether they’re doing conventions, conferences, or business meetings. It’s also a great choice to provide a wide variety of food that your guests can directly choose from. This type of catering format is also known to be more budget effective. Make sure that you consult your catering company in Bali and always communicate with them your concerns, your vision, and everything in between. 

wedding catering Bali

Another thing that you should consider for your food and beverage planning; Do you need your catering Bali to serve alcoholic or strictly non-alcoholic beverages for your event? Make sure to note this and talk to your caterer. 

Adjust your catering budget according to the format and the vision of your Bali event. If you can afford to splurge a bit, go for a plated meal catering and have the extra staff ready to assist you in serving your guests. 

Tips To Get Restful Holiday

It is often that you feel even more exhausted after spending your holiday on a vacation or trip. Most people thought that vacation can make you feel more relaxed and well-rested. However, the fact is that most of them return to home feeling more worn-out than before. There are so many factors causing this to happen. For example, you plan tight schedules in your itinerary. Or, you are too busy snapping pictures during your vacation to truly enjoy the moment. 

How to get a restful vacation?

Holiday is supposed to be a time when you get recharged and do everything that makes you happy. You deserve a break after working so hard after all. Thus, indulging yourself to a vacation is what you deserve. However, keep in mind that the vacation you take can make you even more exhausted and fatigue than when you are busy with your work. So, what should you do to have fun and well-rested on vacation?

Tips To Get Restful Holiday

Leave buffer days on your itinerary

It must be tempting to spend every second during vacation to visit every touristy place. However, it will only out your body in jeopardy if you plan your vacation with too many activities on the plate. Visiting one spots to another everyday can be too much for your body especially if your purpose for the vacation is to relax and have fun. Thus, leave buffer days during your vacation to do little or nothing at all. You can use those times to stay in the cabin, read a book, prepare your own meal, or simply enjoy the scenery. 

Stay away from any kind of distractions

Work can be a distraction during your vacation. Thus, you should try to disconnect yourself from your work. Of course, not everyone can totally shut off work-related stuffs during their vacation. And if you cannot do it as well, try to limit your hand on your work. You can set the time to check on emails in the morning only. Or only reply urgent messages. Try to minimize your interaction with your devices and feel the positive impacts of it.

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Catch up on your sleep

It is often you feel like you don’t have enough time to finish your work, let alone get some proper sleep. However, you should leave that kind of mindset during your holiday. It is the time for you to catch up on your sleep. Get plenty of rest can help your body to recover well. Do not fight yourself to keep doing activities during your vacation if you feel tired or sleepy. Also, you don’t always have to sleep on bed. Try napping on comfortable couch in front of fireplace. 

Embrace the moments

There is no such thing as perfect getaway no matter how good you are with the preparation. The point is to truly embrace the moments. Focus your mind to positive things and get rid of negativity that can totally ruin the mood. You can also try meditation during your vacation to relax and focus your mind to positivity. 

How to Have A Happy Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip

A trip to the remote Flores with liveaboard Labuan Bajo is not like any other trip. It’s not an ordinary holiday where you usually wake up in ordinary hotel, taking a cab to your destination, and back again. A weekapade with liveaboard means sleeping in a boat—or as we’d like to say, a floating hotel—and having your own hotel transport you to breathtaking destinations across Flores. It’s like  having an ultimate holiday; staying at creature comfort while reaching remote reefs, visiting the last colony of Komodo Dragons, and hiking jagged islands to have panoramic galore. And while you’re waiting the boat to reach the destination, you could relax in the lounge, having some cold drinks, or get some tanning under the dazzling sun.  

Though Komodo liveaboard sailing trip sounds like a holiday dream, live in liveaboard itself come with some challenges. The rules are different here in the water. To make sure you get the best experiences, respect the rules and expect to meet these things. 

How to Have A Happy Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip

A Rather Packed Living Space

When you book a sailing trip on liveaboard, you will be assigned to cabins that will be your home for the week ahead. Take consideration of the size of the cabin while you’re packing. Unless you are booking first liners of luxurious yachts, typical cabins on liveaboard are rather small. Cabin rooms are usually enough to fit a bed (or double bed), a cupboard, and sometimes an ensuite bathroom. Always pack light, bring only the essentials, and pack every toiletries and beauty care into travel bottles. 

A Scheduled Life in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

Do you know that every meal time, dive time, briefing, and excursion is marked by a ring? If you are used to life the day as you wish on holiday, be prepared for a change. Life in liveaboard Labuan Bajo is very scheduled. Also, you don’t want to skip the dive and excursion brief. It’s vert important for your own safety!

Time to Dive from Boat

Most dives in Labuan Bajo is done straight from the liveaboard. If you have dived from a boat before, that’s great. If not, you gotta learn some key skills necessary to dive from a boat before the trip take place. 

Wake Up Early and Sleep Early!

One thing you don’t want to miss in liveaboard Labuan Bajo is the morning scene! It’s totally superb! Get up before the sun rise, and see the surrounding islands slowly awake from the darkness of the night. On 5 – 6 a.m, the scene get very serene. Spend some time to do yoga, light exercise, or just enjoy the serenity with an early cup of coffee. 

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A Green Travelling to Respect the Nature

The liveaboard is connected straight to the nature. Fresh water is limited and any water waste is expelled to the sea. Do your best to save the water. Avoid washing dive kits until the last day, take short shower, and don’t laundry too many clothes during the trip. Be selective on your sunscreen and toiletries. Only choose products that won’t harm the reefs and marine ecosystem down there. 

A Social Life for A Week Ahead

Taking a Labuan Bajo trip with liveaboard means that you’re going to share the boat with dozens of strangers for a week ahead! It’s fun to meet likeminded people who’s sharing the same interest as you. Conversations can get very lively, stories shared and friendship forms. However, always remember to be civil. Respect each other cultures, boundaries, and personal spaces. 

Is It True That Travel Can Make You a Happier Person?

People gain happiness from various things. There are those who gain happiness from shopping new branded clothes, taking dance class, hunting trending foods, or as simple as reading a book. It depends on individual preference on how to gain happiness. There are also people who gain happiness from travelling to new places. Even if you are not travel person, trying this out won’t hurt. Besides, travel can also give you many other benefits such as healthier physics, as well as gaining new motivation. 

How travel can make you happier

It has been proved that by travelling, you can gain benefits for your physical health because during the travel, you do various physical activities. On top of that, travel can make you a happier persona s well because travel is associated with mental well-being. In fact, there are travelers who go for soul travelling with purpose to heal their soul and get their spirit lifted. So, how travel can make you a happier person?

Is It True That Travel Can Make You a Happier Person?

New Obstacles and Challenges

During your trip, it is highly possible that you face new obstacles and challenges. Through this experience, you will gain confidence even more. The unexpected situations are highly possible during travel. When you find a way to deal with those problems, it will boost your confidence. You will believe in yourself even more because through travel, you might find hidden skill when you are trying to deal with the unexpected. 

Gain Happiness from the Locals

When you travel to a new place, you will get to interact with the locals. When you see their smile, their happiness, and their positive energy, you will get infected. Yes, because happiness is infectious. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit places with friendly, open-minded locals who welcome visitors. 

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New Places, New Friends

Travel brings you happiness because you can make new friends. The more friends you have, the more happiness you will get. It is easier to make friends during travel because you are away from home which drive your confidence to meet new people. Social interactions can bring happiness because you get to know new people, new perspective, new experience, as well as interesting things. Do not hesitate to broaden your social circle when you are on a trip. Who knows maybe you will get a lifetime friend. 

Learn Something New Everytime

Travel is a way to educate yourself so you can learn something new. Learning is a great way to make your brain stay active. Psychologists say that the more active your brain is, the more happiness you feel. There are many things to learn through travel such as language, culture, how the locals make their foods, etc. 

Vitamin D Boost

Through travel, you will get a vitamin D boost. Exposure to sunlight is important for your health. Sunshine and warmth are also known to put you in a much better mood. A simple break to a beach can help lifting up your mood and bring more happiness. Besides, getting sunlight exposure is also good for your skin. You will feel more confident when you glow because you feel better. 

Taking the Kids to Scuba Diving Bali Holiday!

All this time, you have heard about the charm of Bali’s underwater. The blooming corals, the teeming marine life, the high visibility, and especially, the low currents where you can enjoy all the beauty in leisure. With lots of dive sites run in pretty much “easy” level, you think it’s probably a good idea to start involving the kids to scuba diving Bali holiday. Having a first hand ocean-visit experience is great to teach kids about marine floras and faunas. It’s something they won’t get in books! They will get the chance to see the clownfish “Nemo”, different kinds of school of fishes, and natural habitats of the fishes. And yes, it’s possible. This is how you could ensure a smooth diving holiday in the Island of God with your young swimmers. 

Taking the Kids to Scuba Diving Bali Holiday!

Enrol the Kids to Scuba Diving Bali Classes

A number of dive centres in Bali even have special class for kids. It’s great to encourage kids to be comfortable in the water as well as introduce basic diving techniques to them. The class won’t take place in the open sea. They will learn how to adjust in the water, breathing through dive mask, carrying the oxygen tank, and navigating diving equipments within the safety of swimming pools. Many scuba diving centres accept children as young as 8 years old. While this is okay for dive training, children have to be at least 12 years old before getting allowed to dive in open ocean.

Make Sure Your Kids Are Medically Fit to Dive

Scuba diving used to be seen as a masculine, high-risks extreme sport just until recent decade. While it’s now entirely not masculine (look at women scuba divers out there!), it’s still a high risk sport. You need to really take caution at the health of your kids before encouraging them to take part into scuba sport. Make sure your kids are not having; asthma, diabetes, or heart diseases as these could be fatal on high-pressure underwater situations. 

Shop for Kids-Sized Equipments

You don’t have to buy every single kid-size equipments in preparation for scuba diving family holiday in Bali, but having one or two personal gears definitely feel nice. It also help to boost kids’ enthusiasm towards the wolrd of diving. The kids would have higher confidence diving in a wet suite that they look cool with. Having gears that match perfectly with the size of their body also help them better to adjust with underwater environment. At least they don’t have to constantly letting out water leakage from their dive mask. 

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Choose Easy Scuba Diving Sites in Bali

When you show the kids to the wonder of underwater world for the first time, you want it to be easy and fulfilling. You want sites that low in currents, high in visibility, shallow in depth, and rich in marine life. Lucky for you, some scuba diving sites in Bali were perfectly built just like that. All praise for the Mother Nature. Our best recommendations are the Tulamben Liberty Shipwreck (it’s huge among rookies!), and Amed, which located just side by side in Karangasem region. Amed has abundant coral reefs just 4m deep from the surface with plenty of fishes and sea critters. The Tulamben has high visibility with almost no current, where shallowest part of the shipwreck sits just in 3 meters deep. The wreck displays great show of schooling fishes, barracuda, and trevallies swimming around the artificial reefs.