How To Get Closer to The Nature When Travelling in Malang

When you think of Malang, you will be reminded of great nature with beautiful view everywhere you go. It is not far from the truth because Malang has great nature with scenic views. It is not something you can only watch but experience yourself. There is variety of places you can go to truly enjoy the greatest nature in Malang. If you are a type of vacation full of wonder from the nature, Malang is the right destination. 

Where to go to enjoy the best nature in Malang?

Malang is located in East Java and the second largest city with strong historical and cultural values. This city is surrounded by majestic mountains, beautiful beaches, and wonderful waterfalls. It is a dreamy city where you can spend your holiday farm from boredom. Here are most recommended spots in Malang for you to feel closer to the nature:

Coban Sewu Waterfall

How To Get Closer to The Nature When Travelling in Malang

This majestic waterfalls stands at 180 meter height. You will get to see pristine water falls from green cliffs. To enjoy more panoramic view of the waterfall and its surrounding, try the trekking path nearby. You can also descend to the base of the waterfall using the narrow path with a steep. There is bamboo fence you can use to reach the base. There you can touch the pristine, cool water as well as land on wet soil. The air at the base of the waterfall is cooler. You can even go more adventurous by exploring Goa Tetes, a cave by the cliff. However, you need to be extra careful because the path is quite slippery. 

Mbehi Beach

If you are into water paradise, you should visit Mbehi Beach located in the southern coastal district of Malang. The location is quite hidden so the locals also call it a hidden gem or hidden paradise. It is about 66 km away from the town center. It is stuated behind forest. The beach itself has pristine water with turquoise shades. Aside from enjoying the water and the view of the beach, you will get to see another wonder of nature in Mbehi Beach. There is a hole in a large coral which breaks directly into the sea. It is such a unique phenomena. It quite resembles a crater. Wait until the big waves come and fill the crater with great growling sound. 

Banyu Anjlok Beach

If you want to enjoy both waterfall and beach, Malang has it ready for you. Visit Banyu Anjlok Beach where you can find a waterfall flows through the beach directly. The waterfall might not be as tall as other waterfalls in Malang but it makes unique point to the beach. The great part of visiting this beach is that you can climb to reach the waterfall. There is a ladder available for you to climb. Reaching the springs of the waterfall, you can bathe in while enjoying the view of the vast sea. It is something unique from the nature you may not get to experience in another place.

What Divers Shouldn’t Do During Mola Mola Season Bali

Around July to September, divers from all parts of the worlds flock to Bali to experience the rare Mola Mola season. The time when Bali’s water get colder, luring the jurassic-looking sunfish to get out from their dwell, the twilight zone of the ocean. During these months, the Mola Mola is going up to the shallower water to enjoy their yearly routine—getting parasite removal treatment by the cleaner fish in cleaning station. Occasionally, these big flatten fish will get to the surface, warming up their body by having a pleasant sunbathe. These are the only months of the year when you can swim, snorkel, and dive with this stunning creature, and the demand is high. 

However, there is a code of conduct that you need to carefully practice if you wish to meet the Mola Mola. Despite of their giant size and beastly appearance, the Mola Mola is actually very fragile and tender at heart! They could get scared easily, and might result in trauma which impact its survival. We don’t want to push the rare Mola Mola to the verge of extinction. So before you sign up for Mola Mola season excursion in Bali, do pay attention to the code of conduct below. 

How Many Diver to Swim with the Mola

Unlike Manta Ray, another highlight in Bali, the Mola Mola tend to show less curious behaviour. They are not particularly fond of air bubbles coming from divers. They love serenity and is quite a solitary animal. Much like cats, actually. Mola Mola season in Bali is actually a tricky time for them. They can be anxious being surrounded by a crowd. Dive with a small group, consisting 2 to 4 people maximum at one dive. 

Approaching the Sunfish During Mola Mola Season Bali 

When you finally see the Mola Mola, don’t rush. Keep your distance and maintain calm attitude. Divers usually have their best shot when the Mola Mola is spending their time getting cleaned in the cleaning stations. The Mola Mola are usually calmer, entering a shot of comatose state when enjoying their treatment, than when they swim. Slowly dive closer when the Mola has been stationary for at least one minute. 

Maintain at least 3 meters distance from the Mola when they are at the cleaning station. If you see them while they are swimming to the reef, maintain at least 10 meter distance. 

Swimming with the Sunfish

What Divers Shouldn’t Do During Mola Mola Season Bali

Whenever you have the chance to swim with the Mola, always swim by their side. Do not swim in front of them as it can block their escape route or their way to the cleaning station. Never swim behind the Mola. This can startle and scare the poor fish. Do not swim under the Mola—your bubbles can disturb their cleaning behaviour. Also, restrict your viewing time to 5 minutes if other groups are present. Sharing is caring!

Never Touch the Skin

On rare occasion, the Mola Mola might be showing interest to you and swim closer. On times when the Mola approach you, remain still and don’t make sudden movement. Never touch their skin, no matter how attempting it feels. The skin contain layer of mucus which protect the Mola from infections. 

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Photographing the Mola Mola

The Mola Mola season in Bali is a great time to stock up amazing photograph of this flattened fish. But be mindful with your equipment. Don’t use flash to photograph the Mola as it could disturb the fish. They can be startled and jump with scare as the blinding light flashed. Use natural light to capture their movement. Do not get too close in attempt of getting close-up portrait. Also, avoid using any vehicles or equipment that produce unnecessary loud noises. It could disturb the fish. 

Be a kind diver to our beloved mola mola, folks!

Safety Travel To Egypt

Egypt is a great destination for travelling. It is such a classic and wonderful place to go. There are many exciting and meaningful things to do during your visit and Egypt won’t let you feel bored. Remember that Pyramids are not the only thing you can enjoy when visiting Egypt. There are more to Egypt you can expect for. However, one of the big issues for people to be hesitant in visiting Egypt is the safety issue. It is one of the main concern most tourists have especially for western travelers. It is a must to research about the places you are going to visit in advance so you know what to expect and prepare. 

Travelling safely in Egypt

Egypt used to be one of the most powerful countries in the world. There are many valuable things existed in Egypt such as the Great Library, the lighthouse, and many more. It is also the place where you can enjoy Mediterranean Sea at its finest. However, terrorist attacks happen sometimes so it is common for western travelers to feel a little bit afraid of visiting the country. 

traveling safety egypt

General outlook

In general, Egypt is a safe place for travel. The political situation in Egypt has stabilized now so it is relatively safe to travel around Egypt. It is highly recommended to travel with companion. It is safe to travel solo in Egypt. However, companion can make you feel safer somehow. 2018 has been the year where tourism in Egypt has increased. There are renewed interests here and there to attract tourists. Therefore, Egypt is worth travelling for. 

Cairo and Alexandria

It is safe to wander around the city in Egypt such as Cairo or Alexandria. It is highly advised to stay on tourists areas and not go along empty alleys or suspicious areas. As long as you stay in the big city where other tourists mingle, then you have nothing to be worried about. It is also highly recommended to not explore the dessert alone. 

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Visiting big markets

As for Cairo, it is a safe city you can explore during your visit to Egypt. However, be careful when you are wandering around the big markets because you can get lost. If you plan to wander around the big market, make sure to research about the place in advance so you know where the exit and where to go. Also, it is highly recommended to not wander around wearing valuable things such as expensive watch or jewelry. 

Night travel

You can also wander around at night to the market for example. However, it is recommended to do it with companion. If you travel solo, you can hire a local guide. They will keep your safety and give them a well-deserved tip. They will also help you avoid any scams during your night-walking. Taking precautions is a must no matter where you go because even the safest places on earth still has risks of danger and potential threats. What you can do is not to stay at home forever but take precautions and travel around the world as you please. 

Canggu Tattoo Design Ideas for Balinese Tats

Tattoos are a big thing in Bali, and despite hygiene concerns of visitors coming here, the tattoo community is going strong. Getting a tattoo in Bali is generally safe as long as you have it done at a reputable studio or with good tattoo artists. Thinking of getting a tattoo Canggu during your upcoming visit to the island? 

canggu tattoo mandala design bali

Canggu tattoo inspiration: Balinese “Aksara” 

The Balinese script is a direct descendant of the Sanskrit language. One of the most popular Balinese scripts is the “Om” tattoo. It’s definitely one of a solid options when you’re considering on getting inked here. 

tattoo balinese script om

Just like with any tattoos with foreign script (and foreign language for that matter, you’re going to need to have to do enough research so that you don’t make a silly mistake of tattooing gibberish you understand nothing about. Here are several general tips when you’d like to tattoo foreign language or script:

  • Have a picture of the script you’d like to be tattooed. Provide variations of the script if you find one. 
  • Using the picture or script, ask around to people who understand the language better than you. You could ask about it to your teacher or a local community that studies it. One of the most convenient ways is asking on a forum where your post will be replied by several people who’d chime in their two cents on the topic. 

Mandala tattoo design 

The term “mandala” itself refers to the shape of a circle. In old sanskrit, it means “disk”. This definition is extremely broad and many tattoo artists have taken artistic liberties with their interpretation of the “Mandala” tattoo design. With that said, the Mandala design is extremely popular with the Canggu tattoo community and it’s one of those tats that you should definitely consider getting when you visit Bali. This design has Hinduism spiritual origins, it may represent circle of life and rebirth. 

canggu tattoo mandala design black white

Mandala tattoos have symmetry as one of the fundamental elements in creating a design through the inking process. Mandalas usually have “layers” that started from the core until the outermost lines of the tattoo design. Since there are as many varieties of this tattoo as the stars in the sky, make sure that you thoroughly consult your artist or studio before you get your tattoo Canggu Bali. It’s always imperative to talk to professionals before you decide to get tattoo Canggu whether it’s professional artists or tattoo studio before you seal the deal.

Frangipani flower

You’ll find many frangipani trees in various places you step foot to. You can even find one seemingly growing on its own on the side of the road. The frangipani flower is a plant that has an intimate relationship with the Balinese locals, particularly for the majority of Hindus living on the island. The Canggu tattoo frangipani flower inspired a delicate feel. Some artists have transformed it into a minimalist style and they simply look gorgeous. 

canggu tattoo bali frangipani tattoo

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The Balinese Barong tattoo design 

Barong design is one of the most stunning tattoos inspired by the Balinese heritage. The Barong tattoo is both fiercely intricate and epic, rich with histories and legends. The creature drawn on the mask itself is drawn from one of Balinese mythology, a creature who, despite the perceptively monster-like in appearance, had a good heart. Watching the Barong dance is one of the most popular tourist activities on the island. 

barong tattoo bali

Many fell in love with this design thanks to its sheer intricacies and the fine details and patterns that make up the entirety of the Barong design. It’s undoubtedly one of the most epic tattoo design that you can have tattooed to remind you of the Bali island. 

Balinese pattern 

Take inspiration from the intricate patterns of the Balinese textiles. 

  • Balinese “Poleng” pattern. This tattoo design resembles a chess board. 
  • Bali’s Endek pattern. 
  • Indonesian Batik pattern. 

Other tattoo design ideas 

  • Hibiscus flower tattoo 
  • Sunset tattoo
  • Palm trees tattoo
  • Other Balinese mythical creatures (eg. Rangda, Leak, etc.)

The Way Travel Affecting Your Life

Remember that you can travel anywhere and anytime with or without purpose. Some people travel to find their self-identity. Some others travel to solely have fun. It is up to you to decide what kind of travel you want to have. However, it is different when travel is part of your lifestyle. It can manifest into your life and affect various areas of your life gradually. Travelling frequently can influence how your personality development is shaped. Travel can also influence how you think and see things. Therefore, it is safe to say that travelling can be as meaningful as you make it to be. 

How your life can be affected by travel

Travelling can be a healing process for some people who are suffered from stress. It can be a moment of silence you can enjoy because you can temporarily shut down the things that have been bothering your mind. Travelling can also be a way for you to express yourself more freely because during travel, you can do whatever you want. No one you knew will judge you because you are in different place. That’s why travel can be considered as freedom for some people. 

The Way Travel Affecting Your Life

Act More Freely

It is true that somehow travel can affect your personality especially when you it frequently. As mentioned earlier that travel can be a moment of freedom for some people. It is the moment when you are out of your comfort zone. Therefore, it is just normal to act a little bit differently from how you used to. According to the science, the most affected characteristics of your personality include openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Exposing yourself in new culture will affect your openness personality traits directly. 

Give You A Different Perspective

Another way travel can affect your life is through different perspective. When you travel, you get to see things from different perspectives because you are in different places, meeting different people with different cultural background as well. Every culture has its own value that even if you see it differently, it won’t affect the value of the culture. What will change is your perspective. This is a good life lesson because you will learn how to be more aware with diversity, how to speak and act responsibly, and how to appreciate differences more.

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More Emotional Stability

Travel can also affect your emotional stability. Lots of people are stuck in particular routine in their life which make them feel unease whenever they are changes to their routine. It is not a great thing that can help your emotional stability. By travelling, you are more exposed to more possibilities to face many different things. You face different problems, you are required to do different eating and working routine, etc. when your emotion is used to changes, it will become more stable and is not easily shaken up by slight changes. 

Feel Closer to Life

By travelling, you will feel closer to the life itself. You will be forced to be more hyper-aware of your surroundings. Thus, you will learn the concept of mindfulness. As the result, you will become more perceptive and your mental strength will be developed. 

What You Can Do with Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

What You Can Do with Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

Getting a time off from the all works and business matters in the real world to escape to the breathtaking Komodo National Park is the dream of many. With so much innovation on phinisi sailing experience, this far flung destination is no longer preserved only for the most rugged and bravest backpacker. The presence of luxury liveaboard Komodo fleets was truly a game changer. inside these first liner cruise ships, you will be able to enjoy Komodo’s untouched beaches, tranquil waters, and jagged landscape on the comfort of finer things. However, this hidden haven is just too good to be enjoyed for oneself—and the luxury liveaboard would be empty without your beloveds. We come up with a handful of ideas of events you can do in these luxury phinisi boats, and you’ll love every second of it. 

A Very Small Wedding Party

What You Can Do with Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

Lots of couples dream of getting married by the beach. But getting married in luxury liveaboard Komodo takes beach wedding to a whole other level. Imagine getting the nuptial blessings in flower-decorated bow, facing the blue sea, while your family and closest friends are watching from the main deck. With all the teakwood exteriors and interiors, phinisi wedding is perfect if you always dream of rustic wedding. And when both of you have said the “I do”, you can enjoy chef’s special menu with all the guest while the luxury liveaboard steadily cruise the Flores Sea. 

A Sweet Honeymoon in Luxury Liveaboard Komodo for Two

What You Can Do with Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

If you always think of quiet, beautiful secluded villas by the beach for a romantic honeymoon, the chance of having a very private time for two in luxury liveaboard Komodo will change your mind. Almost all luxury liveaboard in Labuan Bajo are open for private charter. But among them all, we find one of the most unique—the Alexa—that was made exclusively for romantic gateway. This boat only accept two people on board, presenting a whole romantic seclusion for honeymooners. 

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Bachelor/ette Party 

What You Can Do with Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

As tradition goes, you want to have the last hurrah before either you or one of your besties approach the Big Day. Why not taking this “final sendoff” to the most literal meaning? Throwing a bachelor/ bachelorette party in Komodo small cruising ship can be a great way to get everyone together in relatively more reasonable price. The price has include all your basic needs, covering accommodation, food, and entertainment all in one price. And for the sake of it, getting ‘lost’ together in the sea and exploring awesome destinations hand in hand is a beautiful way to remember the singledom with your best friends.

Company Get-Together

What You Can Do with Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

One of the way to keep a team work wonderfully is by sharing treat together. A leisure sailing trip in luxury liveaboard Komodo is just one of the best. These fine cruiser offers a wonderful space for elegant and exciting affair for employees. It’s a true spoil for teams who have been working hard all year long, and a great incentive to keep up the good work. 

Surviving Holiday Travel With Your Big Family

Spending your holiday to be with your family is a great idea especially when you live far from them. However, it can also be just as stressful especially when you have such a big family. Holiday travel can turn out to be an unpleasant experience if you don’t know what to do to make it enjoyable. It can even be stressful from the beginning of the preparation because you have to book accommodation that can fit the entire family. You also need to prepare holiday meals and make sure it will be sufficient for all your family members. 

Planning for enjoyable holiday travel with a big family

Holiday travel with family can be costly as well because the numbers are more than doubled. So, it can be costly, stressful, and exhausting. However, you also have to remember that it can also turn out to be fun, and memorable moment to remember for the rest of your life. To make your holiday travel enjoyable for the rest of your family and for yourself, here are some tips you can follow:

Choose rentals with plenty of space to make sure your entire family are comfortable during the stay. Space is important factor when it comes to holiday travel with family. You can book an entire cottage or house to accommodate your family during your vacation. Choose a place that provides plenty of space such as spacious living room so you can gather around comfortably, spacious bedroom where some members of families can share with, etc. it is less costly when you book the entire house instead of booking hotel rooms. 

Make sure that you book the right accommodation with sufficient amenities as well. Choose a place with free parking cost, free laundry, etc. Finding the best place can take time but it’s worth it once you have found the right one.  You also may have to consider the amenities needed for young members of your family such as toddlers, teens, and even the elders. Make sure everyone will be comfortable and provided well during the stay. 

Book accommodation that also provides extra things you and your family can enjoy such as facilities for sports, games, barbeque, etc. this way, you and your family have many options to choose during your vacation. Young members of family can use their spare time during holiday travel to play games or do some sports. Meanwhile, you can also have a barbeque party in the yard in the evening where all members can relax and enjoy good foods. 

Another important thing for surviving holiday travel with big family is flexibility and freedom to enjoy it based on individual preference. You and your family don’t have to constantly with each other all the time. No matter how comfortable the accommodation is, some people sometimes need space for themselves. They need time to be alone and enjoying the time on their own. Therefore, make sure you and your family have conversation about this before heading out to your destination so everyone is one the same page for enjoyable holiday.

Things To Do While Stay At Seminyak Villas

If you are curious and want to see tourist destinations with a combination of modernization and with all the fun in it, while the tradition is never separated from its roots, then you must visit Bali. Seminyak is one of the most popular and feels “mandatory” to stay in order to enjoy a lot of fun. A series of international standard accommodations, ranging from hotels, inns, guest houses to Seminyak villas, offer their own services and facilities. Whether you are looking for free or paid, everything you can explore.

Seminyak Villas

Enjoy the Sunset Around Seminyak Villas

If you ask where to enjoy the best sunset in Bali, there will be many answers for that. But if you live in Seminyak area, several areas;

Pantai Kuta

If Kuta Beach is now known as a must-visit tourist destination, who knows that along this beach is a trade transportation route. Kuta Beach is a trading port and a meeting place between Balinese traders and traders from various other regions. You can enjoy the sunset, or skate in the Kuta beach area. By late afternoon, you will find many local traders or locals offering spas, braiding your hair, and many others. No need to pay an entrance ticket to enjoy Kuta beach. When using a rental motorbike, you only have to pay parking fees and enjoy the beach and its surroundings until the evening.

Pantai Double Six

Although only a row with Legian and Kuta beaches, this one beach does not want to be outdone by the beauty of Kuta beach. Actually, from Kuta beach, you can follow it to get to the double six beaches. The hallmark of double six beaches is the colorful umbrella available for you to enjoy the sunset. But make no mistake, because the umbrellas are lined up provided cafes along the beach to sit and enjoy a meal while waiting for the sunset.

Petitenget Beach

In fact, Petitenget beach is in line with Kuta and Legian beaches so that it has no different characteristics, namely fine white sand and the intensity of sunlight that always shines. The difference is, Petitenget beach is calmer than Kuta or Legian beach. If you want to enjoy a sunset that is far from the crowds, Petitenget Beach can be a careful choice, especially if you stay around the Petitenget area.


Bali is in fact surrounded by the ocean. This is one of the advantages of staying in the Seminyak area, because of its location close to the beach and perfect for surfing. Usually, many Seminyak villas offer easy access to surfing locations, especially for surfers. For beginners, you can try surfing at Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, Batu Bolong Beach or Legian Beach.

Get A Massage

There are many choices ranging from inexpensive ones in the beach area to super-luxurious ones. Bali is very well known for its spa techniques that make your body feel relaxed. As a center of relaxation in Southeast Asia, you will read many “day spa” boards in many places. There are many recommendations for spas in Seminyak villas area that are tailored to your budget.

Explore the Market

Who doesn’t want to shop at cheap prices? Art markets can indeed be found more in the Ubud area but it does not allow sellers of cheap goods in the Seminyak area. Bargaining is important so you can get cheap prices. If necessary, you can ask for help from a guide to bargain.


This is one reason why so many tourists love staying in Seminyak villas. You can find many international restaurants. There are many dishes from various countries to pamper your tongue. Just walk along the Seminyak area then you can enjoy delicious and amazing dishes.

What To Do When Travelling With Introverts?

Travelling with people with different personalities is not a bad idea. In fact, you should try it sometimes because it can be refreshing. Travel is supposed to be enjoyable and give you more experience while enjoying what you are passionate about. Just because you are an extrovert doesn’t mean you are the only one who like travelling though. There are also introverts who prefer travel during their free time instead of staying home. If you are planning to travel with your introverts friends, you might need to put some considerations so the travel will be enjoyable for the both of you. 

How to enjoy travel with introverts?

Just because your travel buddies have introvert personality doesn’t mean they cannot have fun when travelling. Your styles might be a little bit different but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy it together. Here are several tips for extroverts who are going to travel with introvert travel buddies.

What To Do When Travelling With Introverts?

Do not judge easily

Just because their face look passive doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the trip. Introverts tend to express their emotion less. They don’t really show how excited they are when finding interesting things during travel. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy their time with you. Thus, don’t let their passiveness upsets you. They may not give comments as often as you to show their excitement but they have their own ways to show it. 

Tranquility is what introvert travelers enjoy the most

They like being close to the nature, observe it, and feel the relaxation. Just because they like going to places with less people, doesn’t mean you are going to be bored throughout the travel. In fact, they might find hidden gems you are not aware exist until they found it. Introverts like calm atmosphere but that doesn’t mean they don’t go to touristy places either. They go to places like that but they may enjoy more places with tranquility. 

Listen to them

Just because they are introverts doesn’t mean they don’t have their own opinion to share during travel. Always ask their opinion about something but don’t pressure them. Asking their opinion allow you to understand better what they really want. Especially when you are travel in big groups. Do not ignore their opinion. 

Give them spaces

You may need to give them space some times during the travel to allow them enjoy the travel by themselves. Do not feel guilty about leaving them alone because that’s what their need. They need a ‘me time’ to go places alone so they can do things they enjoy the most such as silently watching scenery, reading book, or just staying in their room while others hanging out. 

Don’t push them for socializing

Keep in mind that socializing might not be their favorite thing to do during travel so don’t force them to join you meeting new people during travel. For them, talking for hours with people especially stranger can be exhausting and draining. Thus, do not raise your expectation of their social interest. Remember that it doesn’t mean they are rude or disrespect others.

From Bali to Raja Ampat: Indonesia’s Best Dive Sites You Should Visit

Indonesia has long been promoted as one of the best country for diving holiday, and this expectation is not far from the truth. This country is just happen to arise from the middle of world’s coral triangle, offering wholesome dive destinations and is definitely a must-go-to places for every dive enthusiasts. Bali and Raja Ampat are probably the most notorious example of best dive sites in Indonesia that’s been acknowledged by the world. With its warm water, moderate climate, rich coral reefs and isolated spots, Indonesia could be your next dive dream. This maritime country features captivating remote dive sites, waiting for curious divers to explore its underwater world. Behold, here we have compiled five Indonesia’s incredible dive spots you need to visit. 

From Bali to Raja Ampat: Indonesia’s Best Dive Sites You Should Visit

The Pemuteran Underwater Temple, Bali

Tucked away in quiet Singaraja region, the west coast of Bali, you will find a scenic underwater temples in the bottom of the ocean. Array of statues and stupas sits calmly in the seabed amidst the blue water and schools of wandering fishes. The eerie feeling of diving around Buddha and Hindu’s idols rose an urban legend of an alleged ‘discovery’ of ancient temple forgotten ruins. But lo and behold, this is actually a Biorock community project to promote coral reef restoration. This exceptional underwater temples is one of the biggest coral restoration project in the world and has been drawing hundreds of divers since its creation in 2005. If you are looking for best dive sites to visit in Bali, the Pemuteran Bali should be on your list. 

The Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida, Bali

The Crystal Bay of Bali is not only famous for its crystal-clear water and brimming marine life, but also for its gigantic inhabitant, the Mola Mola of Bali. The rare occurrence of this flat head, enormous bulb of fish is the highlight of many divers. August to October is the prime time to visit the Sunfish—when they come to the shallow water to get cleaned. At other times in the year, Mola Mola usually lives deep in the bottom of the ocean and you might get zero chance to meet them. Some divers report to see Mola Mola waving its vertical fins and eyeing nearby divers with its immense eyeballs. Crystal Bay is not the only best dive sites in Bali to see Mola Mola, but also leopard sharks, eagle rays, white tip sharks, and gorgeous coral reefs!

The Bunaken Marine National Park, Sulawesi

One of the earliest Indonesia’s best dive sites aside Bali that become world-renown back in the eighties, the Bunaken Marine National Park is famous for its incredible diversity of coral reefs and amazingly transparent water. Bunaken house over 3000 marine species including the endemic dugongs, dolphins, and saltwater crocodiles. Expect to see more exotic animals like Lolosi yellowtail fish, hippocampus, goropa, and ornamental fishes. This marine park is also a diver’s favourite for wall diving! 

The Komodo National Park, Flores

It’s hard to talk best dive sites in this country without mentioning Komodo. This region might get its initial international exposure for its endemic inhabitant, the ancient Komodo Dragons. However, while the jagged islands within the park seemingly barren of life, what’s under the sea is totally a different story. Swept by strong currents and mixed by cold up-swellings and warmer Flores Sea, the water is basically a soup plankton which encourages marine life to bloom. This region has almost everything from colourful shallow reefs, deep walls, underwater caves, to pinnacles. Mantas, turtles, and dolphins are white a common sight. This beautiful underwater haven is home  to billions of tropical fishes, various pelagic and sharks, and tiny pigmy seahorses. 

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The Raja Ampat, Papua

As one of 10 best diving site in the world, Raja Ampat is definitely a must-visit. Though its located in the tip of West Papua (which kind of hard to reach), all the hard works are paid off once you take plunge to the water. The visibility is crazily rich and the marine life is amazingly staggering. Sits perfectly in the middle of coral triangle, the ‘Four Kings’ holds more than 1400 fish species and 75% of world’s known coral species. It’s almost impossible to describe what you’re gonna see in Raja Ampat—go and find out yourself! Some diving liveaboard trip arrange an extended trip from Bali to Raja Ampat to see all the best dive sites. And we think this is a good opportunity to truly immerse on Indonesia’s underwater beauty!