How To Travel To Untouched Places More Responsibly

Visiting untouched places more responsibly

Overtourism is one of the biggest issues because it cause serious damage to many protected places. Many tourists travel without responsibility so they do as they will without considering the effect it cause to the local people’s lives and environment. There have been many popular attractions that are too crowded by tourists. And it makes other travelers prefer a visit to untouched places. However, is it ethical to do so? How to do it more responsibly as not to cause any more damage?

Visiting untouched places more responsibly

There is that unique appeal when you think about the idea of visiting untouched places. It brings you this level of curiosity. Travelers also choose this to learn more about something not many people know. Remote experiences are also being chased by travelers who crave for tranquility after being surrounded by noise and buzz of big cities on daily basis. However, visiting untouched places can be harmful if you don’t do it responsibly. 

How To Travel To Untouched Places More Responsibly

Set your goals

Responsible travel is also about your intention on doing what you are planning to do. When you are being mindful with your intention, you will do your best not to cause any harm to the communities  and ecosystems. Some traveler want to travel to remote places because they want to learn more about the local culture. They want to have first-hand experiences on the local’s ways of life and get to know more about the local communities. if you just want to take cool selfies then you should refocus and reorient your intention on visiting remote places.

Consider the consequences

Before deciding to visit remote places, you need to think about the possible consequences regardless of your intention, even if your intention is good, you won’t get the expected values or outcomes if you travel irresponsibly. That’s why thinking about the consequences of your visit is essential especially because it involves the people in the community and their land. To not cause any harmful experience to the local due to lack of sensitivity and knowledge, make sure to do your research prior the trip.

Consider your travel footprint

You might think that visiting untouched places is better because you can help reducing overtourism to popular attractions. However, you also need to think about the way you get to the remote places. Keep in mind that these places are mostly less accessible with public transports. Hence, you might have to take multiple flights, pollution-generating transports, etc. It means your you leave travel footprint that is just as harmful as overtourism to popular places. 

Travel to remote places ethically and responsibly

When you want to escape the crowds and choose to visit remote places, there are many considerations to take especially about the impacts. Hence, it is essential to know how to do it more ethically and responsibly to make sure you don’t cause any damage to the local people and their ecosystem. Remember that what you do is more impactful then how far away you travel. 

How To Make Your Family Getaway More Enjoyable And Relaxing

Many travelers don’t really into family trip. Travelling with kids is often considered more handful and overwhelming. However, family getaway doesn’t always turn into nightmare though. There are many ways you can make it memorable, fun experience for everyone. Sometimes, the very cause of messy family getaway is because you remove routine and any regular help with childcare. 

How To Make Your Family Getaway More Enjoyable And Relaxing

Making your family getaway more relaxing

A family getaways often refers to chaos and mess. Many parents sometimes give up planning a trip with family because they think it will be too much to handle. They don’t want to get another stress from taking care of their family on daily basis. Hence, it is also not uncommon for parents to decide to have their own trip without their family be it their kids or partner. However, you can still plan for a relaxing and enjoyable family getaway with these useful tips:

Decide the right destination

Sometimes, the problem is not your kids but your choice of destination. Why? To get relaxing moment, you need to choose destination that can provide it for you and your family. Avoid destination that is too close to a big city. It is better to take everyone out of their everyday routine. If you live in the city, you may consider visiting a national park. It is also recommended to choose destination that is close to nature where you can feel more relaxed.

Take the devices out

Making your family getaway more relaxing

It is recommended that you ‘unplug’ during family getaway. Sometimes, the problem of unpleasant family getaway experience is because you or other members are not in the present. It probably because you are too focused on your devices, keep checking it every minute instead of enjoying your time as family together. It distracts yourself from fully enjoy the moment. Hence, encourage everyone to ‘unplug’ at least for the majority of the trip.

Try new activities

It is also possible that your family getaway is often not fun because the activities are boring or that you just do the same activities for every family trip you plan. Hence, it is recommended that you plan new activities to try together with whole family. Choose activities that can be fun for everyone such as horseback riding, seeing geysers, hiking, zip lining, etc. Some activities may sound scary or extreme but you will never really know if you don’t try. 

Prioritize foods

During family vacation, foods should be on the list of top priorities. Why? Because you, kids, and almost everyone gets cranky when hungry. Hunger can make one’s mood down, ruining the atmosphere. Hence, use your family getaway as a time where you and your family indulge yourself in exploring all the foods you consider your favorites. Also, don’t forget to encourage everyone to try out new foods that may become their new favorites. However, be mindful when trying foods if you or one of your family members have certain allergies. You may have to find out first about the food before letting your family try it. 

Tips To Make Your Travel Photos More Interesting To Post On Social Media

Tips To Make Your Travel Photos More Interesting To Post On Social Media
Image credit: @baligasm @mariefeandjakesnow

Social media is now widely used as a platform for sharing information. Through social media, we can find lots of information including best spots for a vacation. And that is why travel industry keep growing each year. People share their travel stories through social media posts which attract other people to do the same thing. Travel photos are what attract people the most. A good travel photo that shows the beauty of the place and the sentiment of the trip is usually loved by people. And how can you make good travel photos like a pro? 

How to make instagrammable travel photos

Instagram is one of the widely used social media platforms today. The most interesting part of it is the photo sharing features in high quality. You can post your travel photos there to promote certain travel destination and attract people to come. Or, you can simply post travel photos just for the sake of Instagram aesthetic and that’s okay too. Here are some tips to make your instagram travel photos look more stunning:

Avoid spamming your Instagram with your selfies

Avoid spamming your Instagram with your selfies
Image credit: @baligasm @carlottasantacroce20

Selfies often give you satisfaction in some way. You feel pretty when standing to a unique architecture during your trip and take a selfie, and then spam your Instagram account with them. It is not recommended if you want your account to look more aesthetic. If you want to focus on your travel stories and journey, fill your Instagram with travel photos that are not your selfies. Aesthetic travel photos can include photographs of landscapes. The point is to make the location of your trip as the main object of the picture. It will be much more aesthetic. You can also take some selfies during travel and post in your Instagram account but maybe not spam it too much with those. 

Take your time taking the pictures

You don’t have to be in such a rush in taking good travel photos. Just take your time and if possible, practice first. See what angle you think can capture the main object the best. If you want to take really good photos, you may consider coming to the attractions early. Hence, you still have time to fully enjoy your time as well as to take few beautiful pictures. 

Choose the right time to take pictures

There is golden hour in photography and you may consider it to take more beautiful photos that worthy for Instagram post. During golden hour, you get the best natural lighting to help you make the best pictures. Everything will be highlighted perfectly even when you use different angle. 

Create your own story

You can set particular theme for your Instagram travel photos. You can create it by making the most of your smartphone if you don’t have a camera. Use filters if necessary to focus on the theme. When you take picture of nature and weather, do not be afraid of experimenting. Find your own approach to convey the message to your audience. 

Enjoying Summer in Villa Jimbaran Bali: A Perfect Holiday

Enjoying Summer in Villa Jimbaran Bali A Perfect Holiday

Located about 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) south of the airport, Jimbaran is home to one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches. The smooth golden sand is home to numerous lovely lodging alternatives. Jimbaran is a town on Bali’s southwest coast that is home to the well-known Jimbaran Bay and Jimbaran Beach. This tiny neighborhood is noted for its upscale luxury accommodations and three groups of beachfront grilled seafood restaurants. For more than a decade, Jimbaran has grown into a really nice hotels and resorts area. It’s one of the few beach town in Bali where hawkers are not permitted on the beach. For those who want more freedom in their summer holiday, this area also boasts luxurious villas that offers endless summer paradise. Staying in Jimbaran Bali villa is perfect if you want a carefree summer vacation without the limitation of a hotel.

Choose Jimbaran Villa Bali for A Relaxing, Secluded Stay

Choose Jimbaran Villa Bali for A Relaxing, Secluded Stay

When visiting Jimbaran, avoid staying in a hotel and instead stay in one of Jimbaran’s beautiful villas. What could be better than staying in a comfortable house with all of the modern conveniences and taking a vacation at the same time? There are several lovely villas to select from in Jimbaran. Many of the villas are near to Jimbaran’s top hotspots and provide beautiful views of the surrounding beaches.

Villa Jimbaran Bali is Best for Long Term Stay

To begin with, the longer you can commit to renting the villa in Jimbaran Bali, the cheaper it will be. The greatest discounts are for six-month and yearly rentals, where you can obtain a contemporary three-bedroom villa with a pool in a fantastic location for USD$15,000 per year.

You have a fair choice of alternatives with a monthly budget of around USD$500. You may rent a centrally situated apartment in a well-kept complex, a room in a lovely villa with other travelers, or a two-story bungalow with a bedroom on the top floor.

Visit Jimbaran Stunning Beaches

Visit Jimbaran Stunning Beaches

What’s the point of staying in Jimbaran if we don’t talk about Jimbaran’s hotspot beaches? With beautiful dunes, tranquil waters, and even a few waves for beginning surfers, the long, Jimbaran is beyond fascinating. The gorgeous Dreamland Beach, nestled in Bukit Peninsula, lives up to its name. The Tegal Wangi beach Is quite secluded and can only be reached by climbing down a steep stairs of limestone cliff. This area, named after a temple at the top of the hill, is full with exquisite delights. A must-see in this beach is the clean ocean with powder-like golden sand. To add to the enjoyment, the location also features a natural jacuzzi.

In the north is Kedonganan beach, brimming with delicious seafood stalls. This less crowded beach provide you with the restful hours of quiet and solitude you’ve been looking for. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, try one of the local eateries, which provide a wide range of seafood. Enjoy your time at the beach with family, friends, or loved ones while capturing the stunning sunset.

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See the Jimbaran’s Famous Fish Market

The fishing business is still thriving in the region. You can see fisherman returning with the night’s haul if you get up early enough. In the nights, many of the little booths called warungs along the beach offer this. There are a large number of warungs dotted along the interesting waterfront where you can sample the native seafood cuisine. A big thumbs up for the one featuring a live dancing performance! So, take a seat in the finest corner, where you’ll have a great view while enjoying your plate of barbequed fish.

Tips For Teens To Get Out Of Comfort Zone Through Travelling

There are many learning opportunities you can get as a teen. It may be easier said than done especially when you are not the type of person who are always willing to try different things. However, you will be able to step out of your comfort zone when you are getting life lessons and taking risks. You can develop it through travelling. 

Tips For Teens To Get Out Of Comfort Zone Through Travelling

Travelling to get out of your comfort zone

Through travelling, you learn to deal with different things and situations. It allows you to see from different perspectives, making you more open-minded and confident with yourself. Aside from gaining confidence, you will also feel more powerful to accept and engage anywhere that you go. And here are some tips for you to get meaningful travel experience:

Take the first step forward to travel

It is not easy to take the first step and it is in fact the hardest hurdle when you try to get out of your comfort zone. It is such a nerve-wrecking situation for many people including teens. However, it is normal for you to get worried about your first time travel. You may feel nervous right before the trip that make your stomach feel uncomfortable. Remind yourself that you might not get another opportunity to visit your dream country if you don’t do it now. Meanwhile you can sleep and hang out with your friends anytime. 

Do something you want

When travelling, free yourself from anyone’s expectation. Do whatever you want as long as you prioritize your safety first. This is your trip so you have full control of what you can and cannot do. Do not use other people’s expectation as your limit. Be more adventurous with your travel plan so you can experience many new things. Even simple things like making conversation with someone you meet in the hotel can be a great achievement for you to accomplish since not many other people are even too shy to do it. 

Speak your mind freely

Speak your mind freely during travel so you can express something you like or dislike. For example, do not be afraid of saying no when a stranger offer you something. Or thank the locals who give you recommendation of a nice cafe. The ability to speak up freely can be developed through constant practice you can do while travelling. Do not be shy to try speaking in new languages you just learned. The locals probably smile or laugh a bit at your mistake but they often find it endearing and cute instead of offensive. 

Learn something new

When travelling, let your mind act like a sponge that is ready to be filled with new information. This way, you will learn many things that may be useful for your life later. Use your journey as a moment to learn and grow as a person. This way, you learn many great things other people your age don’t. be who you truly are to grow a better version of yourself.

How to Stay Safe at Bali Family Resorts with Unvaccinated Kids

How to Stay Safe at Bali Family Resorts with Unvaccinated Kids

The vaccination program has been rolling on since the beginning of 2021 and now, many people are in the lookout for travelling again. However, not everyone can receive the vaccination—and children especially toddlers and young ones are among the ones who cannot be vaccinated yet. That doesn’t mean that families have to be forever trapped at their homes. You can still travel and book a stress-relieving getaway at the tropical family resorts in Bali if you pay extra attention to the safety rules. So, if you are travelling to the resort with young unvaccinated children, make sure to follow the guide below.

Pack the New Normal Essentials to the Bali Family Resort

If you have travelled with your kids before, you know the basic things to pack. Swimwear, extra clothes, toys, diapers, and emergency snacks come without questions. However, don’t forget the new essentials you need to pack following the pandemic outbreaks. Disposable gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, disinfection wipes (sanitizing hand wipes are also a viable alternative), and hand sanitizer are the new essentials for safe travel during a pandemic.

Research What the Resort is Doing During the Pandemic

Research What the Resort is Doing During the Pandemic

Head to the resort’s website/ social media to know what steps of protocols they do during the pandemic. Hotel websites generally include information about what they’re doing to keep their guests and employees safe. Find out what they do in particular. Check to see if contactless check-in is an option. See whether they provide masks for guests and staffs. Make sure they regularly disinfect the public spaces. If necessary, check whether they create physical separation following COVID-19 policies. Children have tendency to run everywhere and touch everything they see. You don’t want your kids to touch spaces that have high risk of virus contamination.

Always Wear Masks in the Public Spaces of the Bali Family Resorts

The importance of wearing a mask in public cannot be overstated. When going out, major health organizations have stated that wearing a face mask is required. The same health and safety requirements are being implemented in many hotels. When you’re in the hotel lobby or in a public place, you must wear your face masks. If your kids are old enough to do so, make sure they also wear their mask. It is one of the most crucial hotel safety recommendations that you should follow. Make sure you and the kids wear your mask till you reach your seat, not just at the hotel but also when you go out for outdoor eating scenes with your friends and family.

Wash or Sanitise Hands Frequently

We have said it before, and we will say it again. Kids love to touch everything they see. It’s part of their sensorics development. To minimise the risk, make sure to wash your and the kids’ hands frequently during your stay at the resort. The CDC and the WHO, two important global health organizations, established the norm of sanitizing your hands every 15-20 minutes. The resort usually provides hand sanitisers to protect everyone in the property. You can also find it in your room. However, just to be safe, you should bring hand sanitizer with you.

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Be Mindful about Social Distance in Resorts Pool and Lobby

During your travel or hotel stays, social distancing is one of your top priorities. Because Bali family resorts attract individuals from all over the world, the risks are significantly increased. However, as long as you intentionally choose to follow safety practices such as hand sanitization, social distancing, and avoiding spending too much time in public settings, you’ll be fine. Swimming pools are quite tricky. We recommend you to and the kids to avoid swimming pools in hotels for your own safety. However, sometimes kids insist to play in the water. You should asses whether swimming in the resort is safe or not for your kids. If not many guests are staying, it’s probably safe. Lobbies that are overcrowded are also a no-no and must be avoided at all costs. Being extra cautious in a hotel during a pandemic is the best way to be safe.

Why You Should Consider Travelling While You Are Young

Many people consider waiting to travel until they have reached more mature age due to many different reasons such as financial stability, better timing, etc. There is nothing wrong about that because it is your life and you can make a decision yourself. However, there are also many benefits you can get from travelling when you are at early age. It gives you variety of adventurous learning and life-defining experience. 

Why You Should Consider Travelling While You Are Young

Why travelling at early age can be beneficial for you

Travelling at early age is often seen as daunting thing especially for parents. However, it doesn’t have to be about travelling to foreign countries. Travel to different cities in your own country can be an amazing experience too. You still get the benefits that will be valuable for your life, such as:

Travel helps you to become more decisive

When travel to new places, you learn that you cannot really rely on somebody else to make decision. Hence, you learn how to make decision yourself and how to take responsibility of the consequences. Also, you encounter diversity and new experiences during travel that open up your mind, making you able to decide what you truly want in life. 

Acquire unique wisdom useful for entire life

Schools are important because you learn many knowledge and skills from your daily attendance to class. However, there are many other things you can learn in life that the schools don’t teach you. Travelling teaches you variety of things you may never learn from schools. It helps you acquire such a unique wisdom that will be useful for your entire life. And when you travel while you are young, you will grow with such wisdom beautifully. 

Travelling can make you a more interesting person

Socializing is part of how we live and coexist with other people. And travel can help you develop better social and communication skills which in return, making you more interesting person. Your travel will be part of your life journey you can share with others. You can also many valuable life lessons you get from travelling with other people. It is not impossible for you to become such an inspiring person as well. 

You deserve a good time

Everyone deserves an opportunity to have a good time travelling and see many incredible things. You don’t have to wait until later in life to explore the world and see what it has to show you. Exploring the world while you are young also benefits you because you are still in good condition to do and try many things. 

Lower risk of resenting your life later

It is possible that you resent your life when reaching a later stage because of not doing things you wanted when you were young. And travelling can be one of those. Travelling gives you opportunity to see and experience many things that will valuable for your later life so why just waiting until later age to experience those amazing things if you can do it now?

Maximizing Your Kids’ Experience While Travelling

Travelling is not just about going to luxurious places or spoiling your kids. You can do those of things but you can make travel much more enriching for your kids. Along the way, they learn many things from travelling even if it is juts visiting the neighbor city. Travelling is an enriching experience for kids because it provides so much learning opportunities. It helps shape your kids to grow more open-minded, compassionate, resilient, patient, tolerant, and adventurous, and many more. 

Maximizing Your Kids’ Experience While Travelling

How to maximize travel experience for your kids

Your kids still develop their way of thinking and process things around them in their own capacity and ability. You don’t have to give them speech about life during travel. They will learn by themselves through something they see and experience during travel. They may learn from the locals, from you, from the problems arise, or from the historic places. But you can maximize their travel experience to be more enriching and enjoyable for them with these ways:

Prepare your kids prior the trip

Before the trip, involve your kids into the plan making so they get to decide which places to go. If they don’t know much about your destinations, you can give them the options so they can choose. You also have to tell them about what they will experience such as jet leg, waiting in line, etc. This way, they will know what to expect and it helps them to adapt to the situation better later during the trip.  

Create a tradition while on vacation

Help your kids more connect to a trip by creating a tradition. It can be something simple such as collecting a flag souvenir of each country you visit. It creates more memories for them to remember later. Not to mention that it helps them more knowledgeable about the countries they have visited. Or, you can create a tradition of making donation to organization, orphanage, or schools at every place you visit. It helps them build their empathy to others. 

Let your kids play with other kids

It will be helpful to group your kids with other children when you travel to new place. It helps their development and self-growth. It doesn’t matter if they don’t speak the same language because kids have their own way to socialize. They will play, learn, and find the ways to communicates themselves. Just make sure you monitor your kids especially in a place you are not too familiar with to keep them safe.

Make the trip enjoyable not a tiring experience

To make the trip more fun and enjoyable for your kids, don’t cram your itinerary. Make sure to give time for them to fully enjoy every moment, to rest, and to eat their meals and snacks. Travel can be tiring but if it is enjoyable then your kids won’t get easily cranky. You can even turn the trip into a game they like. This way, your kids will not view a trip as dreading experience. 

A Relaxing Day at Private Villa Ubud: How to Enjoy It the Most!

A Relaxing Day at Private Villa Ubud- How to Enjoy It the Most!

Going for a relaxing retreat in a private villa Ubud soon? This highland region of Bali is the centre of culture, arts, and lush tropical jungle. Here are 8 things you could enjoy at a lavish vacation villas in Ubud and you’ll love each one of it.  

Enjoying A Private Spa from the Privacy of Villa Ubud

Nothing beats a massage when it comes to unwinding. A massage in a beautiful pavilion by the pool or in a spa room is an amazing addition to the experience. Massage treatment will provide wonderful relaxation due to the beautiful surroundings and complete seclusion. You can choose from a variety of therapies from the comfort of your own private pool villa, whether poolside or in your bedroom or living area.

Joining A Cooking Class with Your Villa Chef

Having your own private chef is one of the most prominent benefits of staying in a luxury villa. Though many guests are content to simply enjoy the culinary pleasures, those who want to learn a thing or two about Balinese and Indonesian delicacies are also welcome to visit the kitchen. Learn new techniques, try new ingredients, and add a new dish to your repertoire. Many villa chefs also provide cooking workshops that include certified credentials.

Enjoy Family Dinner Without Worrying About Anything

Enjoy Family Dinner Without Worrying About Anything

Dining as a large group is simple when you rent a villa since you can enjoy a large family meal together…without having to go anywhere, cook, or clean up! If you’ve ever traveled with tiny children, you know how tough it can be to get them ready for things like getting in and out of a car, finding a restaurant with food they’ll eat, and so on. It has the potential to be a nightmare. It’s significantly more delightful to dine in the comfort of your villa with chef-prepared cuisine. We frequently discover that the food quality at a villa is on par with or better than that of restaurants.

Early Morning Yoga Session in Private Villa Ubud

Begin each day with gentle yoga session or just simple stretches, either inside your villa or on the outdoor terraces. There’s nothing like Ubud’s calming sound, sight, and scent to get you motivated! Furthermore, your privacy is protected. Luxury villas are ideal for yoga since they provide tranquil privacy with genuinely stunning views. Many of these establishments provide complimentary yoga mats and blocks. Some even include a separate yoga platform.

Swimming All Day Long—The Pool is For Yourself

Unlike hotels, you don’t have to share the pool when you are staying at a private villa in Ubud. Spend the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the sensation of water lapping against your skin in your outdoor pool. One of the advantages of staying in a villa is that you won’t have to worry about other people, allowing you to spend as much or as little time as you choose. If you’re traveling with a group, why not plan a day of water sports? Spending time together doing fun activities can help you bond, and being active after a long day of sunbathing is a great way to get moving!

Enjoy the Night In with the Whole family 

Enjoy the Night In with the Whole family

When you have your own vacation villa, staying in is unquestionably one of the nicest things you can do as a family. The size of the living area in a hotel or resort usually implies that you are ‘forced’ to go out in the evenings to prevent feeling restless. Not so with a vacation home, where you can eat at home, throw your own surround-sound family party, or simply snuggle down with popcorn and a warm blanket to watch a movie in your own private cinema.

After a long day in the sun, it’s lovely to be able to unwind, watch TV, and speak in your open-plan lounge-kitchen-diner, which has lots of room to move around. Staying in a luxury villa is an unforgettable experience, so book it for at least a few nights of your vacation and take advantage of all the amenities while bonding as a family.

Take a night swim while the weather is still nice, then relax with a long soak in a luxurious tub or a refreshing rain shower before settling in for a good, old-fashioned family night in, luxury style.

Living the Al-Fresco Life

With a luxury villa stay, light and airy internal rooms smoothly extend out to vast private grounds. Outdoor lawns, infinity pools with hot tubs and day beds, dining salas, and BBQ pits, sofas, and lounge-style seating are all possibilities.

The wide range of activities A outdoor living zone is created just a few steps from your own villa, with an ambience that changes throughout the day and into the evening. Adults lounging poolside may simply keep an eye on children splashing around in the pool.

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Do Whatever You Want to Do 

There is less of an incentive to spend more time away from where you are staying when you are in a luxuriously laid-back ambiance. This is one of the benefits of living in your own private villa; it gives your vacation a quiet, retreat feel. This frees up leisure time, allowing for the emergence of creative ideas and activities.

You may do some meditation together or spend some time painting or creating something with your hands. Slowing down the pace and dedicating time to artistic projects becomes a statement of love and unity in many families.

How To Fly Comfortably Even If You Get The Middle Seat

How To Fly Comfortably Even If You Get The Middle Seat

Sitting in the middle seat for a flight is considered the worst thing to happen. Many people got bad experience from having middle seat during a flight. Some of annoyances include having nosy seatmates peering over your shoulder left and right, crawling just to get to the bathroom, not being able to stretch out, being squeezed by bigger seatmates, not being able to rest head the entire flight, and many more. 

How to enjoy your flight even in the middle seat

The middle seat is always seen as a doom for many air travelers. However, sometimes you have no choice but accept your fate. You can survive and still enjoy the flight even with your unfortunate seat. Here are some tips you can follow to enjoy your flight as middle seat occupier:

Upgrade or choose another seat at least 24 hours in advance

It is still possible for you to change your seat if you check online at least 24 hours in advance to see if there is any vacant seat that provide better arrangement for you. Or, you can also opt for an upgrade. If the fee is worth it then why not? You can also try a last-minute try at the airport check-in counter. But make sure to arrive early as to not disturb the others. 

Make yourself as comfortable as possible

How to enjoy your flight even in the middle seat

It is important to claim your territory so you will stay comfortable throughout the flight. Ask the passenger in front of you politely to refrain from reclining their seat back if possible. Also, claim the armrests on both sides because you have the priority to do so with the seat arrangement. 

Know the timing

If you need to get up from your seat for example to get to the bathroom, do it before your seatmate gets comfy. Because it will be harder to so when they are already in the middle of watching movies, reading books, or sleeping. Also, do it before the person in the window seat fall asleep. Hence, you won’t get trapped when the person in the aisle seat falls asleep and won’t be bothered when the person in the window seat needs to get up. 

Try to rest fully 

Get yourself comfortable to sleep and rest easier during the flight. You can use neck pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs. You may have to sleep while sitting straight up because you have nothing to rest your head on. You can even use the tray table to take an in-flight nap. However, do not place your face directly on the tray table no matter what.

Make yourself busy to let the time flies

Being in the middle seat can make you feel like time flying so slowly. Hence, busy yourself with activities you like such as watching movies, surfing the web, reading a book, etc. Those can help distract you from all the annoyance of being in the middle seat. Make the best of your flight experience and know it will pass.