How to Stay Safe at Bali Family Resorts with Unvaccinated Kids

How to Stay Safe at Bali Family Resorts with Unvaccinated Kids

The vaccination program has been rolling on since the beginning of 2021 and now, many people are in the lookout for travelling again. However, not everyone can receive the vaccination—and children especially toddlers and young ones are among the ones who cannot be vaccinated yet. That doesn’t mean that families have to be forever trapped at their homes. You can still travel and book a stress-relieving getaway at the tropical family resorts in Bali if you pay extra attention to the safety rules. So, if you are travelling to the resort with young unvaccinated children, make sure to follow the guide below.

Pack the New Normal Essentials to the Bali Family Resort

If you have travelled with your kids before, you know the basic things to pack. Swimwear, extra clothes, toys, diapers, and emergency snacks come without questions. However, don’t forget the new essentials you need to pack following the pandemic outbreaks. Disposable gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, disinfection wipes (sanitizing hand wipes are also a viable alternative), and hand sanitizer are the new essentials for safe travel during a pandemic.

Research What the Resort is Doing During the Pandemic

Research What the Resort is Doing During the Pandemic

Head to the resort’s website/ social media to know what steps of protocols they do during the pandemic. Hotel websites generally include information about what they’re doing to keep their guests and employees safe. Find out what they do in particular. Check to see if contactless check-in is an option. See whether they provide masks for guests and staffs. Make sure they regularly disinfect the public spaces. If necessary, check whether they create physical separation following COVID-19 policies. Children have tendency to run everywhere and touch everything they see. You don’t want your kids to touch spaces that have high risk of virus contamination.

Always Wear Masks in the Public Spaces of the Bali Family Resorts

The importance of wearing a mask in public cannot be overstated. When going out, major health organizations have stated that wearing a face mask is required. The same health and safety requirements are being implemented in many hotels. When you’re in the hotel lobby or in a public place, you must wear your face masks. If your kids are old enough to do so, make sure they also wear their mask. It is one of the most crucial hotel safety recommendations that you should follow. Make sure you and the kids wear your mask till you reach your seat, not just at the hotel but also when you go out for outdoor eating scenes with your friends and family.

Wash or Sanitise Hands Frequently

We have said it before, and we will say it again. Kids love to touch everything they see. It’s part of their sensorics development. To minimise the risk, make sure to wash your and the kids’ hands frequently during your stay at the resort. The CDC and the WHO, two important global health organizations, established the norm of sanitizing your hands every 15-20 minutes. The resort usually provides hand sanitisers to protect everyone in the property. You can also find it in your room. However, just to be safe, you should bring hand sanitizer with you.

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Be Mindful about Social Distance in Resorts Pool and Lobby

During your travel or hotel stays, social distancing is one of your top priorities. Because Bali family resorts attract individuals from all over the world, the risks are significantly increased. However, as long as you intentionally choose to follow safety practices such as hand sanitization, social distancing, and avoiding spending too much time in public settings, you’ll be fine. Swimming pools are quite tricky. We recommend you to and the kids to avoid swimming pools in hotels for your own safety. However, sometimes kids insist to play in the water. You should asses whether swimming in the resort is safe or not for your kids. If not many guests are staying, it’s probably safe. Lobbies that are overcrowded are also a no-no and must be avoided at all costs. Being extra cautious in a hotel during a pandemic is the best way to be safe.