Make the Switch to Eco Friendly Skincare in 8 Easy Steps

Make the Switch to Eco Friendly Skincare in 8 Easy Steps

Our beauty routines and habits can have a big impact, from plastic packaging filling landfills to cosmetic chemicals going down the drain and affecting marine life. We may believe that the beauty items we use can’t make a significant difference in the environment, but a step as easy as eliminating our daily face wipes might stop thousands from entering our oceans over the course of our lives. This is the time to make the switch to eco friendly skincare and help the earth through sustainable skincare choices. 

Research for Eco Friendly Skincare Brands Available 

First and foremost, it is critical to complete your homework. Because there is so much choice, it can be difficult to determine whether the companies we purchase are sustainable and ethical. Researching and learning more about companies and goods with concerns to zero waste skincare gives us more power and allows us to make ethical decisions.

Choose biodegradable ingredients

While we may not notice it, the chemicals in many of the cosmetics we use have the potential to harm our environment. Choosing biodegradable items whenever feasible is a fantastic strategy to lessen our environmental impact. They’re also usually better for our skin.

Swap to shampoo and soap bar

Swap to shampoo and soap bar
Organic body bar from

Shampoo bars are less expensive, include more natural components, and are plastic-free. Finding the correct bar for your hair type, on the other hand, can take some time. Experiment with different brand samples and consider what your hair requires.

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Look for reusable, eco friendly skincare bottle

Switching to reusable alternatives is one of the most effective strategies to minimise our overall package usage. The more we invest in reusable and refillable products, the more beauty manufacturers will notice and make them more accessible. Visit a zero-waste store, investigate businesses that provide reusable or refillable items, or make your own self-care cures and re-use the packaging to find refillable bottles.

Swap skincare with plastic packaging for glass or aluminium

Swap skincare with plastic packaging for glass or aluminium
refillable glass bottle toner from @mono.skincare

Going without skincare packaging is clearly the best solution for the environment. But there’s no disputing that ‘naked’ isn’t for everyone right now, and there’s a desire for aesthetically and eco friendly skincare packaging. Today, a lot of skincare brands with environmental concerns are swapping their plastic packagings with aluminium, that gets better chance for recycle, or glass bottle, that can be reused for eternity. 

Consider refillable skincare

Invest in refillable beauty products and use firms that provide refill programmes. When we have a pump bottle for our hand soap or a lovely compact for our blusher, we don’t need to repurchase the entire set when it runs out. Consider the amount of packaging that goes into the appearance of our products: springs in pumps, mirrors in compacts, and weighty jars for high-end moisturisers. That’s where refills come in, and you’d be shocked how many eco friendly skincare brands with refillable products have already signed on. 

Swap mini and trial size with jumbo ones

It’s all the rage right now to have jumbo versions of your favourite beauty products. A more environmentally aware choice is a supersized product, which uses less packaging and requires less regular transportation.

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Put recycle bin in your bathroom

It may sound self-evident, but there’s no use in switching to more recyclable cosmetic items if we don’t properly dispose of them. According to a research by Recycle Now, we’re very excellent at recycling our kitchen waste (90 percent of kitchen packaging is recycled), but not so much in our bathrooms, where only 50 percent of packaging is recycled. Install two containers in your bathroom, one for normal garbage and the other for recycling, to make things easier.