Planning the Perfect Beach Vacation with Family

Planning the Perfect Beach Vacation with Family

Many families have a dream of traveling to Bali. It’s no surprise that this location has gained so much popularity given the presence of crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and opulent resorts. And when it comes for beach family vacation in Bali, it’s better to book a beachfront villa than staying at a hotel room, especially if you’re travelling with multiple kids. First, renting a villa for a week is cheaper than staying at a family suite in a hotel (or paying several rooms) for the same duration. Second, all member of your families get to stay together but still having all the spaces they need, and third, you can cook for the family which is definitely cheaper than buying meals all the time!

Like all parents, however, you might have surf the net in hoping to keep the kids happy, learning one or two tips, and have the best beach vacation with the kids.

First: Think About the Kind of Beachfront Villa Bali You Need

The size of the house

How many members of your family are there? Do you require any beds? Do you require separate quarters? A two bedroom villa in Bali is perfect for family of three or four, but you might need to consider four-bedroom villa if all of your kids prefer to sleep alone. 

Swimming Pool 

Is staying at a beachfront villa with private swimming pools in Bali a must for you? Can your kids swim? Which type of pool—private or public—do you prefer? A beachfront property can be a better option if swimming is not a top priority for you. You’ll typically discover that these are also more reasonably priced. If you have young children, stay away from room types that have a private pool just outside the door. These pools frequently have open access from the home, making it impossible for young children to safely enter the water.

The View

When you are looking for beachfront villa in Bali, you most likely want to have the ocean view during your stay. However, these villas do come in premium prices. So if the view doesn’t matter much to you, try looking for other villas close to the beach with garden view.

Think of the Timing

When visiting the beach with young children, make sure to pick the correct time. Although going to the beach in the middle of the day may sound pleasant, two factors—the intensity of the sun’s heat and sleep time—are against it. Together, those two characteristics make it tenfold more difficult to overcome them and increase the likelihood of significant meltdowns—both metaphorically and literally. Beachgoing is best done in the mornings and evenings when the sun and heat are at their lowest.

A Shade from the Sun

At the beach, there is nowhere to hide from the sun. The days when going to the beach was solely for tanning are long gone. Little ones require the shade to both shield their skin from the sun and to hide their tantrums from other beachgoers. On this one, believe me.

You need to find a way to shield your children from the scorching heat and any winds that might blow sand at them, whether you go with a tent, a huge umbrella, or anything else. A lot of beaches in Bali have shaded loungers rented per hour with relatively low price. 

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Bring Something Cool—And A Cooler

Get everyone together for a cool treat just before you expect a tantrum. The best snacks are ones that keep you cool in the hot heat. A helpful hint is to pack napkins or wet wipes because these almost always have some form of dripping liquid. Instead of ice creams, try these healthy cool treats: watermelon, frozen grapes, coconut water, sparkling water, and fruit juice popsicles.

Plan A Water Adventure

Plan A Water Adventure

Heading to the beaches at Benoa or Nusa Dua? This region boasts its wonderful water adventures so make sure to plan some! It’s a perfect beach getaway for older kids and they will surely remember this for a lifetime. At the water’s edge, your younglings might enjoy bodyboarding, while older kids might sign up for surf instruction. Take a snorkeling excursion if you are in an area with vibrant marine life and crystal-clear water. Take a stand-up paddle board, a kayak, an outrigger canoe, or go sailing, fishing, or parasailing.

Beach Toys for Toddlers

At the beach, you don’t need a ton of toys. For a game of catch, a few buckets and shovels are ideal, as well as a small water ball or Nerf football. Smash ball sets, bocce ball sets, frisbees, and kites are all enjoyable. All of these things are not necessary at once. Sand, water, rocks, and shells all combine to create a natural play area that fosters imagination.