Tips For Teens To Get Out Of Comfort Zone Through Travelling


There are many learning opportunities you can get as a teen. It may be easier said than done especially when you are not the type of person who are always willing to try different things. However, you will be able to step out of your comfort zone when you are getting life lessons and taking risks. You can develop it through travelling. 

Tips For Teens To Get Out Of Comfort Zone Through Travelling

Travelling to get out of your comfort zone

Through travelling, you learn to deal with different things and situations. It allows you to see from different perspectives, making you more open-minded and confident with yourself. Aside from gaining confidence, you will also feel more powerful to accept and engage anywhere that you go. And here are some tips for you to get meaningful travel experience:

Take the first step forward to travel

It is not easy to take the first step and it is in fact the hardest hurdle when you try to get out of your comfort zone. It is such a nerve-wrecking situation for many people including teens. However, it is normal for you to get worried about your first time travel. You may feel nervous right before the trip that make your stomach feel uncomfortable. Remind yourself that you might not get another opportunity to visit your dream country if you don’t do it now. Meanwhile you can sleep and hang out with your friends anytime. 

Do something you want

When travelling, free yourself from anyone’s expectation. Do whatever you want as long as you prioritize your safety first. This is your trip so you have full control of what you can and cannot do. Do not use other people’s expectation as your limit. Be more adventurous with your travel plan so you can experience many new things. Even simple things like making conversation with someone you meet in the hotel can be a great achievement for you to accomplish since not many other people are even too shy to do it. 

Speak your mind freely

Speak your mind freely during travel so you can express something you like or dislike. For example, do not be afraid of saying no when a stranger offer you something. Or thank the locals who give you recommendation of a nice cafe. The ability to speak up freely can be developed through constant practice you can do while travelling. Do not be shy to try speaking in new languages you just learned. The locals probably smile or laugh a bit at your mistake but they often find it endearing and cute instead of offensive. 

Learn something new

When travelling, let your mind act like a sponge that is ready to be filled with new information. This way, you will learn many things that may be useful for your life later. Use your journey as a moment to learn and grow as a person. This way, you learn many great things other people your age don’t. be who you truly are to grow a better version of yourself.