Catering Bali the Creative Mobile Bar and Food Truck in Your Reception

Once you’re dead set on your destination wedding in the paradise island of Bali, now it’s time to plan your wedding! What’s the biggest expenses that you’re going to need to invest on when it comes to any events – not just weddings? No doubt it’s catering Bali and all things food. But once you’ve nailed your Bali catering service, everything is going to be a breeze. 

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Bali Catering – nail your caterers and everything else will follow 

Your guests come to celebrate your big day. They come for you and your partner, yes, but what they’re going to stay for is of course – the food! And yet there’s so much that can go wrong with hiring caterers. From bad service to soggy food; it’s super tricky. So what can you do with your catering Bali for your reception? 

Be creative with your Bali catering company 

Getting serious with catering mean that you need to plan things out well. One of the most effective ways to do this is of course, by bringing those raved up mobile bar into your wedding reception. This is an especially excellent idea if both you and your partner are serious about your drinks! 

catering bali food truck

Bar catering is practically limitless and while alcohol is all the rave, you can of course go with other options. Serious about your coffee? Then by all means hire an experienced barista to serve and impress your guests. 

Buffet catering Bali 

The whole mobile bar and food truck concept can go hand in hand whether you decide for buffet or seated meal for your catering Bali choice. If you’d like to search for local or household catering, simply search for catering di Bali as it’s the Indonesian for catering Bali. This is a good way to cut cost as most of these caterers are budget caterers. The money can go to the bar catering Bali instead. 

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Remember that you shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of the overall food just to spice your wedding up this way. Plan well ahead and consult with a wedding planner on how you can make your vision work. 

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Service bar or food station to pump up the party 

Not keen on serving alcohol or a dedicated bar just for drinks? Of course, it’s all up to you! At the end of the day, it’s your event. For those event holders who are not keen on adding more drinks bar, why not try some of these ideas?

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Ideas for food trucks 

  • Sushi bar. Ideally, this will be catered to by a sushi chef that would allow guests to take special orders from the chef. However if that’s out of your budget, simply station a staff to watch over the sushi bar as it’s one of the type of food that has to be in its prime, freshest condition throughout the event. 
  • Burger and sandwich bar. Who says you can’t have good old patty in your party? This type of bar is perfect because you can actually find plenty of vendors that do this on the streets. And now you’re actually bringing them to your event. Let your guests have their fun with the casual ease this type of food truck. 

Event Planning and Catering Bali: Where to Start?

Event planning can be a real headache, even though you’ve got Bali ready as your dream venue. Catering Bali is an integral part of your event planning. Put together a team or hire an experienced one to organize and handle your important occasion. You may also want to start looking for a reliable Bali catering company as well. sWhat are some of the things you can start with?

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Break down your goal for the upcoming event 

Ultimately, what’s your desired end result that you want from this event? Are you here to celebrate something? Are you going to promote something? Your aim for the event will also affect the format of the event itself: whether it’s a Beachfront wedding Bali, anniversaries, a conference, a business meeting, a convention, an exhibition, et cetera. 

From then on, you can move on to other integral aspects of your event planning, such as defining the number of attendees, catering service, down to overall budgeting. 

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Catering Bali: Create a headcount estimate to define your attendee 

Regardless whether you’re doing this by purely by guest invitations or you require people to register for your event, an estimate is extremely important when you’re doing any kind of event planning. This would also highly affect the budget for your catering Bali as well as the format of your meal. 

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Defining the overall budget for your event 

Budgeting is tricky and often times difficult, and the bigger the scale of your event, the more complex this process becomes. Some of the points you should note for your event organizing: 

  • Deciding on a venue and visiting said venue 
  • Decide on an event date 
  • Headcount 
  • Catering budget 
  • Revenues from the event (if applicable) 

Choosing a menu catering Bali 

Whether you go for a buffet catering Bali or plated meals, menu should be one of the first things you consider for your event planning. Go back to the defined goals of your event: do you have important clients you’re greeting here? Do you feel the need to impress your guests? If that’s the case, then it’s an important planning move for you to profile your guests. Things that you can do when you’re deciding on your catering menu:

  • Get your guests profile. This could be basic information ranging from their professional level or background, where they’re coming from, etc. Especially when you’re holding an international event in Bali, this information may come in handy. 
  • Have this info ready when you consult with your caterer. Ask for your catering service’s opinion on what kind of menu this type of guests with this demographic may prefer. 

Their profile info may not always be relevant for deciding a catering menu for your event. For instance if you’re planning a wedding catering in Bali, then you can tailor the menu into something more you, unlike when planning a corporate event—it’s your day after all. However, getting to know your guests more will put you a step ahead in your event planning.

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Catering budget: define your priorities

Buffet catering are a popular choice among event planners; regardless whether they’re doing conventions, conferences, or business meetings. It’s also a great choice to provide a wide variety of food that your guests can directly choose from. This type of catering format is also known to be more budget effective. Make sure that you consult your catering company in Bali and always communicate with them your concerns, your vision, and everything in between. 

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Another thing that you should consider for your food and beverage planning; Do you need your catering Bali to serve alcoholic or strictly non-alcoholic beverages for your event? Make sure to note this and talk to your caterer. 

Adjust your catering budget according to the format and the vision of your Bali event. If you can afford to splurge a bit, go for a plated meal catering and have the extra staff ready to assist you in serving your guests.