Hunting Spicy Foods While Travelling In Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It is such a busy city where you can always feel the buzz constantly. Indonesia is a country where you can wide selections of spices and herbs. No wonders that some of their specialties taste super spicy. If you are spicy food lovers, you can explore some spots in Jakarta while travelling. Jakarta is the capital city so you can basically find diverse foods originated from different regions in Indonesia. Finding spicy foods in Jakarta is not so difficult.

Hunting Spicy Foods While Travelling In Jakarta

Challenge yourself with these super spicy foods in Jakarta

There is personal satisfaction from eating spicy food for those who love it. For those who dislike it, the sensation of tongue burning may feel like a torture instead. If you are a team of spicy food lovers, here are several spots in Jakarta to try some of the spiciest foods:

Indomie Abang Adek

Indomie itself is a very popular brand of instant noodles in Indonesia. Ou can even find it in other countries and many people from all over the world have shown their love for this particular instant noodle brand. At Indomie Abang Adek, you will be served with Indomie instant noodle that is modified with special chilli sauce. The instant noodles become tastier and definitely spicier. To lessen the burn, add some other topping on your noodles such as cheese or corned beef. Be ready to sweat a bucket. 

Seblak Jeletet Murni

Hunting Spicy Foods While Travelling In Jakarta

Seblak is basically a street food in Indonesia originated from Bandung. It is made from raw chips or Kerupuk and other ingredients such as noodles, chicken, sausage, macaroni, etc. The thing that make Seblak special is the seasoning. The taste of chili and other spices is very strong. At Seblak Jeletet Murni, you can pick your own preferred ingredients and toppings. You can also decide the level of spiciness. Beware of the spiciness and get ready to have some milk. 

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Bakso Rusuk Joss

Bakso is Indonesian meatballs and every region in Indonesia has their own versions of Bakso. Bakso is usually filled various ingredients such as chicken slices, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, or minced beef. At Bakso Rusuk Joss, you will get another version of Bakso, which is filled with super hot chilli. The meatballs taste delicious with umami hot broth and some other ingredients such as yellow noodles and some vegetables. However, be ready with the taste of hell inside the meatballs. You don’t even have to add chilli sauce into the broth. 

Warung Bu Kriss

This is where you can order super spicy Ayam Geprek. It is basically smashed fried chicken with some chilli paste. It is often served with fried tofu, tempeh, cucumbers, along with steam rice. Dip the tofu and tempeh into the chilli paste on the chicken. East some sliced cucumbers to calm down your burnt tongue and stomach. Other Indonesian dishes are also available for you to order here aside from super spicy Ayam Geprek. They also come with reasonable price so it’s a win-win for you. 

Highly Recommended South Korean Delicacies For Foodies 

Foods are important of out life. It is not only about an element for use to survive. There are something artsy about foods that make us love them even more. Foods are also a part of identity. Through foods, we can learn more about the culture, tradition, and many more. Therefore, travelling to enjoy particular foods is not something uncommon. In fact, food travelling has been part of tourism. One of the best food travel destinations in the world is South Korea. It is a country full of delicious authentic delicacies worth travelling for. 

Best South Korean foods to try for foodies

South Korean is one the countries with distinctive culture. One of the things to learn and know more South Korea’s culture and tradition is through their foods. South Korea is famous for their authentic and delicious delicacies you should try during your visit.

Jinju Bibimbap

Highly Recommended South Korean Delicacies For Foodies

Jinju Bibimbap is a satisfying food you should try. It consists of steamed rice, mung bean jelly, steamed bracken, dried seaweed, gochujang (red chili paste), and some greens. The one thing that makes it Jinju Bibimbap different from any other Bibimbap is the addition of yukhoe, raw strips of julienne beef. The ingredient are put and arranged beautifully in a stainless-steel bowl. To enjoy this dish, you should stir up everything then spoon it down to your hearts content. 

Nakji Bokkeum

Nakji Bokkeum is stir fried octopus in South Korea that has stolen many hearts of food lovers, especially those who love spicy foods. It is also considered as one of the spiciest South Korean foods. If we rate the spiciness from 0-5 scale, it is 5. Nakji Bokkeum is often served with a bowl of steamed rice, kimchi, hard-boiled eggs, and other side dishes. Those benefits you because they can reduce your pain from the super hot Nakji sauce.  


Highly Recommended South Korean Delicacies For Foodies

It is suggested to add kimchi as your side dish when you enjoy South Korean foods. It has authentic, unique taste which reminds you of Korea. There are also other dishes specifically made from kimchi you can try during your visit. 

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Highly Recommended South Korean Delicacies For Foodies

Kalguksu is a very popular dish in South Korea. It is perfect to enjoy anytime regardless of the weather. Kalguksu itself is a dish consists of thick noodle soup, and other additional fresh ingredients such as meat and veggies. This is best to enjoy when it is still steaming hot. This dish is also healthy with its exceptional delicious taste. You can find Kalguksu almost everywhere in South Korea, especially Seoul. 

Dak Galbi

Dak Galbi is a stir-fried chicken and also a must try dish from South Korea you should try. It consists of cabbage, onions, rice cakes, chopped leeks, sweet potatoes, and chicken. They are bathed in a spicy sweet sauce. You can order spicier sauce if you like. The sauce is made of soy sauce, red pepper paste, and turmeric. It is usually cooked on a round hot plate built into the table. The size is usually large so this dish is great to enjoy together in a group. 

Authentic Local Dishes You Should Try When Traveling in Lombok

Lombok is such a pleasant place to spend your holiday. This island offers the beauty of nature that can help you heal your stress mind and soul. There are plentiful of interesting places you can explore as well. Thus, it is far from boring experience when you decide Lombok as your travel destination. Another interesting about Lombok is its authentic local dishes. If you claim yourself as vivid food lover, spending holiday in Lombok can be a great opportunity for you to try many things new. 

Lombok authentic dishes to try

Lombok is not more than just the neighbor island of Bali. It has its own beauty and charms that can help you relax during your vacation. There are also hidden gems you can explore. Aside from exploring various places, it is also highly suggested to experience culinary scene in this stunning island. Here are several authentic dishes you should try during your visit in Lombok:

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Ayam Taliwang

This is one of the most popular, authentic Lombok dishes you should not miss during your holiday in this island. You can only find this dish in other regions in Indonesia as it’s that popular. However, the best place to taste this delicacy is none other than in Lombok itself. This dish is made with fresh chicken marinated in traditional, special sauce, spices, and herbs. It is then grilled over hot coals until it is ready. It is often served with warm rice and sambal.

Sate Tanjung

This is an authentic dish of Lombok you can try during lunch or dinner. Sate is similar to skewer. However, Indonesia skewer or sate has differences at some points. As for Sate Tanjung, it is made with tuna. Yes, this sate has a bit of a twist because the other sate is usually made with beef, pork, or chicken. Sate Tanjung is marinated with special sauce to enrich its taste. The locals often enjoy this particular dish with warm rice. 

Bebalung Soup

If you like something warm to lighten up your mood during your visit in Lombok, this particular soup dish is the right choice. Bebalung Soup is made with cow ribs. The soup taste just unique and amazing since various things are mixed together including herbs and spices such as ginger, turmeric, chilies, etc. in some areas in Lombok, the locals even made this dish with buffalo ribs. However, it doesn’t make it tastes any less. Enjoy this dish after you spend your time in the water and let the soup warm your body deliciously. 

Nasi Balap Puyung

Another popular, authentic dish in Lombok is Nasi Balap Puyung, a dish made with shredded chicken, abon, fried tempe, flossed beef or chicken, and fried eel. It is served with warm rice. Sambal is also served, perfect to complement the rich taste of the dish. It is also considered healthy dish because of the components. This dish is quite spicy because of the spiced chicken or beef. Not to mention that sambal in Lombok also tend to be spicy.