Why You Should Consider Travelling While You Are Young

Many people consider waiting to travel until they have reached more mature age due to many different reasons such as financial stability, better timing, etc. There is nothing wrong about that because it is your life and you can make a decision yourself. However, there are also many benefits you can get from travelling when you are at early age. It gives you variety of adventurous learning and life-defining experience. 

Why You Should Consider Travelling While You Are Young

Why travelling at early age can be beneficial for you

Travelling at early age is often seen as daunting thing especially for parents. However, it doesn’t have to be about travelling to foreign countries. Travel to different cities in your own country can be an amazing experience too. You still get the benefits that will be valuable for your life, such as:

Travel helps you to become more decisive

When travel to new places, you learn that you cannot really rely on somebody else to make decision. Hence, you learn how to make decision yourself and how to take responsibility of the consequences. Also, you encounter diversity and new experiences during travel that open up your mind, making you able to decide what you truly want in life. 

Acquire unique wisdom useful for entire life

Schools are important because you learn many knowledge and skills from your daily attendance to class. However, there are many other things you can learn in life that the schools don’t teach you. Travelling teaches you variety of things you may never learn from schools. It helps you acquire such a unique wisdom that will be useful for your entire life. And when you travel while you are young, you will grow with such wisdom beautifully. 

Travelling can make you a more interesting person

Socializing is part of how we live and coexist with other people. And travel can help you develop better social and communication skills which in return, making you more interesting person. Your travel will be part of your life journey you can share with others. You can also many valuable life lessons you get from travelling with other people. It is not impossible for you to become such an inspiring person as well. 

You deserve a good time

Everyone deserves an opportunity to have a good time travelling and see many incredible things. You don’t have to wait until later in life to explore the world and see what it has to show you. Exploring the world while you are young also benefits you because you are still in good condition to do and try many things. 

Lower risk of resenting your life later

It is possible that you resent your life when reaching a later stage because of not doing things you wanted when you were young. And travelling can be one of those. Travelling gives you opportunity to see and experience many things that will valuable for your later life so why just waiting until later age to experience those amazing things if you can do it now?

5 Instagrammable Features to Boost Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali!

Instagram, a photo-based social media that’s been around for +10 years has changed the landscape of travelling. In search of scenery that will be well-received and perhaps even envied by the Instagram community, Instagram millennial users are flocking in droves to “Instagrammable” locations. This coined colloquial term used to signify a location’s attractiveness in photo and ability to gain Instagram fame. Locations that are “Instagrammable” are usually visually spectacular, with bright colors, famous vistas, vivid repeating patterns, or larger-than-life structural characteristics. According to a research done in the UK, 40% of millennials and young travelers chose a holiday destination based on how “Instagrammable” it is. Similarly, Instagrammable villas in Bali would gain more favour than the just so-so hotels or BnB. This is why making your luxury villa Canggu Bali ‘social media worthy’ is very important to thrive and survive. So keep on reading and find on how you can transform your ordinary vacation house to an Instagram-ready space.

Determine the Focal Point in Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali

Determine the Focal Point in Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali

The room’s focal point should have some “Wow Factor.” It could be the breathtaking view that has been framed by the interior settings, or a piece of furniture or unique plants against a contrast wall. Whatever the object is, it’s the one thing in the room that your guests notice immediately away when they walk in and always comment on. Think like a photographer when selecting what your room’s focal point should be to attract more social media attention. Ask yourself, “How would I like to be photographed in this space?” Because it is often the first area a guest sees and their first impression when they arrive, your entranceway is an ideal location for a focal point.

Breathtaking Landscape Vista

Breathtaking Landscape Vista

Not every luxury villa in Canggu Bali is blessed with impressive view of the ocean or paddy field. But when you do, make sure to max up that wonderful asset. Consider the layout while arranging the interior of a space so that the furnishings and backdrop can all be included in a single, Instagram-worthy photo. When arranging a space, it’s also vital to consider lighting so that both the decor and the people in the photos appear their best. Nothing says “fantastic view” like a house with all the sitting placed to face a TV rather than the scenery your guests have gone so far to see.

Tastefully Design the Space

Tastefully Design the Space

There are a few simple guidelines to follow when decorating your vacation rental: use complementing colors and include a statement piece. Keep these three things in mind while picking a color for your vacation house. Choose colors that mirror your environment, avoid mixing primary colors, and use them sparingly. Read more in our blog here to learn everything you need to know about using color correctly in your Airbnb.

Make A Spa-Like Bathroom Inside the Luxury Villa Canggu Bali

Make A Spa-Like Bathroom Inside the Luxurious Villa Canggu Bali

Your visitors will be compelled to show off your property’s magnificent spa-like bathroom. Candles and ambient lighting will ensure that your guests have a comfortable trip. Candles serve as both decor and aromatherapy, and are guaranteed to make your guests feel at ease. Plants or even a Himalayan salt lamp are attractive furnishings that contribute to a peaceful spa experience.

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6 Steps to Deliver the Best Luxury Villa Rental Experience in Bali

Make Outdoor Lounging Inviting

Make Outdoor Lounging Inviting

Infinity pool is currently in the craze—but if your luxury villa Canggu doesn’t have one, it won’t be the end of the word. Instead, be creative with your outdoor space. Visitors to the sunny Bali enjoy the warm environment all year and the possibility for outdoor living. So, try to build an incredible outdoor living space that guests would enjoy. Consider this a place to soak in the sun, gather, or simply unwind with a nice book. A pool is generally included in luxury rental residences, and it serves as the focal point of a ‘room’ that might include a bar, lounge area, and even an outdoor kitchen. Guests love dining al fresco and they love to upload it to their social media

How To Fully Enjoy Seeing Cherry Blossoms In Japan

Japan is the best destination to fully enjoy spring. It is a place where you can find the most beautiful cherry blossom in the world. Even for the locals, cherry blossom is a special time. Hence, you won’t be the only one who look so amazed with the beautiful sight of it. The locals won’t just rush by indifferently because it is also the time for them to enjoy the best moment. During this special time, you will likely to see many locals and tourists fawn over delicate pink blooms while photographing everything. 

Maximize your chance at seeing cherry blossoms in Japan

Pay attention to the timing

The timing is the most important element to raise your chance of seeing the cherry blossoms. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to follow the cherry blossoms forecast. The reason is that cherry blossom is quite unpredictable. Hence, it can happen in different times each year. Also, it may happen in different times for different regions. The locals also follow the cherry blossoms forecast just like how they do the weather. You can go visit The Japan National Tourism Organization to see season predictions. Cherry blossoms tend to happen around Mid-March and ends before May. 

Prepare your visit by booking during peak season

In Japan, cherry blossom is one of the peak seasons in tourism. Many tourists both domestic and international ones come to pay a visit. Hence, you need to be ready with the influx of tourists that lead to higher fares and booked-up hotels. Book as soon as you can to find the best deals and do your own research as early as you can to find cheaper fares.

Plan for a longer trip

It is recommended to stay for awhile by planning longer trip during your visit. This way, you have higher chance of seeing cherry blossoms. Remember that the forecast can be inaccurate just like weather forecast so you cannot be sure 100 percent about when the cherry blossom will come. Also, a plan for loner trip allows you to choose an alternative spot where the cherry blossoms have already sprung. 

Consider a rail pass

There are many spots where you can see cherry blossoms in temples, shrines, and castles. However, you cannot find them in big cities. In order to get around those places in one go, you purchase a rail pass. It is a seven-day unlimited pass which costs about $350. this rail pass allows you to travel throughout Japan by bullet train. You can buy it online and activate it at the train station. 

Enjoy to the fullest

There are many ways you can do to enjoy the cherry blossom season to the fullest. You can take it slow by hiking cherry blossom-dotted trails throughout Japan. Or, you can also go seek out public festivals and have a picnic under the beautiful blooms. It is also recommended to stay up late to fully enjoy the blossom party when they lit up after dark

Komodo Rinca Tour, Exploring Huge Reptile Habitat

Why choose Komodo Rinca Tour? Rinca Island is one of the most visited by tourists because of its location close to Labuan Bajo. Not only that, but this island is also home to a rare animal, Komodo. The total area of Rinca Island is estimated at 19,000 hectares, and there are approximately 2,318 Komodo dragons. You can make sure to include 2 Komodo dragon habitat islands when doing the Komodo Rinca tour. Construction Land on Rinca island is clay and grassland.

Komodo Rinca Tour, Find The Best Island To See Komodo dragon

In terms of scenery, Rinca Island is very similar to Komodo Island. Many wild animals that you can meet such as monkeys, wild boars, deer, buffalo, wild horses, snakes, and several types of birds such as eagles, partridges, and parrots. The thing you can do to be able to see the Komodo dragons is by walking. You will be accompanied by a ranger to ensure safety and security. Komodo dragons can become very aggressive suddenly and may endanger tourists.

The usual routes you can take, short, medium, and long routes. Each track offers its own charm. Rangers will guide you to see the Komodo dragon’s nest, where they lay their eggs.

Komodo Rinca Tour Liveaboard

When doing the Komodo Rinca Tour, Rinca Island is the beginning of your adventure in Komodo National Park. The best place is Komodo island. Komodo Rinca Tour Liveaboard can be the perfect choice for those of you who like an adventure. 

Staying on a ship and traveling to many islands provides a unique and memorable experience. You can look for ship providers in Labuan Bajo and share costs. For solo traveling, it will be cheaper if you are looking for an open trip Komodo Rinca tour using a cruise.

The facilities? Of course, a cabin will be available for you to rest during the trip, sundeck, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bathroom, air conditioning, and others. Make sure and confirm with the cruise provider that the main needs during your trip are met.

Some destinations other than Rinca and Komodo islands that you might visit:

  • Kalong Island
  • Pink Beach
  • Padar Island
  • Kanawa island
  • Manta Point & Makassar Island
  • Was Rebo
  • Sebayur
  • Kelimutu
  • Kalong island

The Komodo Rinca tour never runs out of offering the charm of its natural and underwater scenery. If you’re not on a boat it’s possible to spend dozens of days exploring all destinations and every corner.

Maximizing Your Kids’ Experience While Travelling

Travelling is not just about going to luxurious places or spoiling your kids. You can do those of things but you can make travel much more enriching for your kids. Along the way, they learn many things from travelling even if it is juts visiting the neighbor city. Travelling is an enriching experience for kids because it provides so much learning opportunities. It helps shape your kids to grow more open-minded, compassionate, resilient, patient, tolerant, and adventurous, and many more. 

Maximizing Your Kids’ Experience While Travelling

How to maximize travel experience for your kids

Your kids still develop their way of thinking and process things around them in their own capacity and ability. You don’t have to give them speech about life during travel. They will learn by themselves through something they see and experience during travel. They may learn from the locals, from you, from the problems arise, or from the historic places. But you can maximize their travel experience to be more enriching and enjoyable for them with these ways:

Prepare your kids prior the trip

Before the trip, involve your kids into the plan making so they get to decide which places to go. If they don’t know much about your destinations, you can give them the options so they can choose. You also have to tell them about what they will experience such as jet leg, waiting in line, etc. This way, they will know what to expect and it helps them to adapt to the situation better later during the trip.  

Create a tradition while on vacation

Help your kids more connect to a trip by creating a tradition. It can be something simple such as collecting a flag souvenir of each country you visit. It creates more memories for them to remember later. Not to mention that it helps them more knowledgeable about the countries they have visited. Or, you can create a tradition of making donation to organization, orphanage, or schools at every place you visit. It helps them build their empathy to others. 

Let your kids play with other kids

It will be helpful to group your kids with other children when you travel to new place. It helps their development and self-growth. It doesn’t matter if they don’t speak the same language because kids have their own way to socialize. They will play, learn, and find the ways to communicates themselves. Just make sure you monitor your kids especially in a place you are not too familiar with to keep them safe.

Make the trip enjoyable not a tiring experience

To make the trip more fun and enjoyable for your kids, don’t cram your itinerary. Make sure to give time for them to fully enjoy every moment, to rest, and to eat their meals and snacks. Travel can be tiring but if it is enjoyable then your kids won’t get easily cranky. You can even turn the trip into a game they like. This way, your kids will not view a trip as dreading experience. 

A Relaxing Day at Private Villa Ubud: How to Enjoy It the Most!

A Relaxing Day at Private Villa Ubud- How to Enjoy It the Most!

Going for a relaxing retreat in a private villa Ubud soon? This highland region of Bali is the centre of culture, arts, and lush tropical jungle. Here are 8 things you could enjoy at a lavish vacation villas in Ubud and you’ll love each one of it.  

Enjoying A Private Spa from the Privacy of Villa Ubud

Nothing beats a massage when it comes to unwinding. A massage in a beautiful pavilion by the pool or in a spa room is an amazing addition to the experience. Massage treatment will provide wonderful relaxation due to the beautiful surroundings and complete seclusion. You can choose from a variety of therapies from the comfort of your own private pool villa, whether poolside or in your bedroom or living area.

Joining A Cooking Class with Your Villa Chef

Having your own private chef is one of the most prominent benefits of staying in a luxury villa. Though many guests are content to simply enjoy the culinary pleasures, those who want to learn a thing or two about Balinese and Indonesian delicacies are also welcome to visit the kitchen. Learn new techniques, try new ingredients, and add a new dish to your repertoire. Many villa chefs also provide cooking workshops that include certified credentials.

Enjoy Family Dinner Without Worrying About Anything

Enjoy Family Dinner Without Worrying About Anything

Dining as a large group is simple when you rent a villa since you can enjoy a large family meal together…without having to go anywhere, cook, or clean up! If you’ve ever traveled with tiny children, you know how tough it can be to get them ready for things like getting in and out of a car, finding a restaurant with food they’ll eat, and so on. It has the potential to be a nightmare. It’s significantly more delightful to dine in the comfort of your villa with chef-prepared cuisine. We frequently discover that the food quality at a villa is on par with or better than that of restaurants.

Early Morning Yoga Session in Private Villa Ubud

Begin each day with gentle yoga session or just simple stretches, either inside your villa or on the outdoor terraces. There’s nothing like Ubud’s calming sound, sight, and scent to get you motivated! Furthermore, your privacy is protected. Luxury villas are ideal for yoga since they provide tranquil privacy with genuinely stunning views. Many of these establishments provide complimentary yoga mats and blocks. Some even include a separate yoga platform.

Swimming All Day Long—The Pool is For Yourself

Unlike hotels, you don’t have to share the pool when you are staying at a private villa in Ubud. Spend the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the sensation of water lapping against your skin in your outdoor pool. One of the advantages of staying in a villa is that you won’t have to worry about other people, allowing you to spend as much or as little time as you choose. If you’re traveling with a group, why not plan a day of water sports? Spending time together doing fun activities can help you bond, and being active after a long day of sunbathing is a great way to get moving!

Enjoy the Night In with the Whole family 

Enjoy the Night In with the Whole family

When you have your own vacation villa, staying in is unquestionably one of the nicest things you can do as a family. The size of the living area in a hotel or resort usually implies that you are ‘forced’ to go out in the evenings to prevent feeling restless. Not so with a vacation home, where you can eat at home, throw your own surround-sound family party, or simply snuggle down with popcorn and a warm blanket to watch a movie in your own private cinema.

After a long day in the sun, it’s lovely to be able to unwind, watch TV, and speak in your open-plan lounge-kitchen-diner, which has lots of room to move around. Staying in a luxury villa is an unforgettable experience, so book it for at least a few nights of your vacation and take advantage of all the amenities while bonding as a family.

Take a night swim while the weather is still nice, then relax with a long soak in a luxurious tub or a refreshing rain shower before settling in for a good, old-fashioned family night in, luxury style.

Living the Al-Fresco Life

With a luxury villa stay, light and airy internal rooms smoothly extend out to vast private grounds. Outdoor lawns, infinity pools with hot tubs and day beds, dining salas, and BBQ pits, sofas, and lounge-style seating are all possibilities.

The wide range of activities A outdoor living zone is created just a few steps from your own villa, with an ambience that changes throughout the day and into the evening. Adults lounging poolside may simply keep an eye on children splashing around in the pool.

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Do Whatever You Want to Do 

There is less of an incentive to spend more time away from where you are staying when you are in a luxuriously laid-back ambiance. This is one of the benefits of living in your own private villa; it gives your vacation a quiet, retreat feel. This frees up leisure time, allowing for the emergence of creative ideas and activities.

You may do some meditation together or spend some time painting or creating something with your hands. Slowing down the pace and dedicating time to artistic projects becomes a statement of love and unity in many families.

How To Fly Comfortably Even If You Get The Middle Seat

How To Fly Comfortably Even If You Get The Middle Seat

Sitting in the middle seat for a flight is considered the worst thing to happen. Many people got bad experience from having middle seat during a flight. Some of annoyances include having nosy seatmates peering over your shoulder left and right, crawling just to get to the bathroom, not being able to stretch out, being squeezed by bigger seatmates, not being able to rest head the entire flight, and many more. 

How to enjoy your flight even in the middle seat

The middle seat is always seen as a doom for many air travelers. However, sometimes you have no choice but accept your fate. You can survive and still enjoy the flight even with your unfortunate seat. Here are some tips you can follow to enjoy your flight as middle seat occupier:

Upgrade or choose another seat at least 24 hours in advance

It is still possible for you to change your seat if you check online at least 24 hours in advance to see if there is any vacant seat that provide better arrangement for you. Or, you can also opt for an upgrade. If the fee is worth it then why not? You can also try a last-minute try at the airport check-in counter. But make sure to arrive early as to not disturb the others. 

Make yourself as comfortable as possible

How to enjoy your flight even in the middle seat

It is important to claim your territory so you will stay comfortable throughout the flight. Ask the passenger in front of you politely to refrain from reclining their seat back if possible. Also, claim the armrests on both sides because you have the priority to do so with the seat arrangement. 

Know the timing

If you need to get up from your seat for example to get to the bathroom, do it before your seatmate gets comfy. Because it will be harder to so when they are already in the middle of watching movies, reading books, or sleeping. Also, do it before the person in the window seat fall asleep. Hence, you won’t get trapped when the person in the aisle seat falls asleep and won’t be bothered when the person in the window seat needs to get up. 

Try to rest fully 

Get yourself comfortable to sleep and rest easier during the flight. You can use neck pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs. You may have to sleep while sitting straight up because you have nothing to rest your head on. You can even use the tray table to take an in-flight nap. However, do not place your face directly on the tray table no matter what.

Make yourself busy to let the time flies

Being in the middle seat can make you feel like time flying so slowly. Hence, busy yourself with activities you like such as watching movies, surfing the web, reading a book, etc. Those can help distract you from all the annoyance of being in the middle seat. Make the best of your flight experience and know it will pass. 

10 Essentials to Pack to Beach Resorts Nusa Dua!

10 Essentials You Need Pack at Nusa Dua Beach Resort

It’s hard to resist the temptation of spending some vacation at beach resort; to soak up the sun and melts all the stress away. Imagine taking a full week off at Nusa Dua resorts, Bali, strolling around the white sand beach, taking a dip in oceanfront pool, and enjoying life to the fullest. However, preparing for resort vacation is not as relaxing as the vacation itself. Some items could be a total lifesaver at a beach resort. Though people’s preferences might vary, these essentials could always come into use for a resort beach holiday!

Smart Packing to Any Nusa Dua Resorts: Try Packing Cubes

Smart Packing to Any Nusa Dua Resorts- Try Packing Cubes

Have you ever use a set of packing cubes? These sets of nestling luggage are very neat and practical. You may nest them within each other, allowing you to travel with an empty luggage and avoid paying additional checked baggage costs on the plane. These cute packing cubes will not only fit everything you need for a beach resort holiday, but they also comes with a choice of colors. It gives splash of character to otherwise a boring suitcase!

Some Beach Wears and T-shirts

How could you not land in a sun-soaked destination like Bali without a proper beach attire? Roll some beach wears and T-shirts in your luggage. You can pack few beach attire and shop some nice Bali dresses there! A little tip: pack some t-shirts and swimsuits in your carry on. It’s very helpful in case you get luggage problems in the airport or if your room is not ready when you arrive. 

Beach Cover Up, Of Course

The majority of resorts have rules concerning what you may and cannot wear in the restaurants. When you eat “indoors,” you can’t wear your bikini or swimsuit since you need to cover the majority of your body. You’ll love having a beach cover up that you can wear to restaurants, lounges, and pubs unless you enjoy changing your clothes before every meal. Many all-inclusive resorts include beach bars and food huts where visitors can eat in their swimwear, but it’s a good idea to bring a beach cover-up so you don’t feel self-conscious going in and out of the eateries.

Hand Sanitisers and Surface Disinfectant in Your Carry On

Hand Sanitisers and Surface Disinfectant in Your Carry On

Sanitise everything. Especially in times after we experience a global pandemic outbreak. Hand sanitisers and disinfectants are today an absolute go-to essentials. Sanitise your airplane seats. Smear it all over your hotel room, including the television remote, the toilet seat, the toilet handle, the sink faucets, doorknobs, and light switches.

After playing on sandy beaches, always wash your hands and use hand sanitizer afterwards. Children and adults who made castles and dig in the sand at the beach are more likely to suffer gastrointestinal disorders and diarrhea than those who merely walk along the shore or swim in the waves, according to study from the University of North Carolina and the Environmental Protection Agency. Sand, no matter how opulent and spotless your beach resort is, is full with bugs and diseases.

A Flip-Flop and Casual Shoes for Evening Dinner at Nusa Dua Resorts

Flip flop is great for playing in the beach and cleaned up from the sand pretty easily. We know some underprepared travelers who forget to pack flip-flop to beach resort. You don’t want to rely on the flimsy hotel slips for walking around the Nusa Dua resorts, do you? Also, pack a pair of casual shoes or dressy sandals for more casual to formal occasion.

A Travel Mat 

A Travel Mat

A morning yoga is one of the must-do if you come for a relaxing holiday to Bali. Lots of beach resorts in Nusa Dua and other Bali areas offer yoga, stretch classes, and other relaxation activities.  It’s always a good idea to invest in a lightweight, foldable travel mat. You don’t have to share a mat with other guests and you can always use it for chilling in the beach!

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A Stainless Steel Travel Mug & Reusable, Non-Toxic Ice Cubes

For beach resort holidays, a travel mug is a must-have item. Choose one with an easy-to-clean lid to keep your coffee hot and fresh on those bleary-eyed mornings following the resort’s late-night festivities. On hot days, a travel mug is an excellent way to keep blended beach beverages, wine coolers, or beer cold. You won’t have to worry about spilling your drinks at the beach or pool, and you’ll be able to enjoy a larger cup of coffee than the resort provides.

Also, it’s nice to pack some stainless or stone chilling cubes for your resort travel. It’s reusable and keep your beverages icy cold without diluting them. Reusable ice will not melt and dilute your margaritas or beer, which are essential drinks for hot beach days! It’s simple to freeze the reusable ice in your hotel room if you have a fridge with a freezer. This is a must-have item for travelers who require cold beverages or who are transporting medication that must be kept cool.

So that’s it! What do you carry for a trip to a beach resort? Do you have any other suggestions about what to bring for an all-inclusive resort vacation – or beach vacation packing ideas? 

Most Visited Cities By International Travelers In The UK

Europe is one of the most popular places to visit by travelers especially the international ones. There are many beautiful cities to explore. The classic and peaceful vibe of the cities in the UK make people want to stay for  along time during their visit. There are also most visited cities in the UK more preferable for international visitors. London, no surprise, comes first as the most visited city in the UK. 

Check out these popular cities in UK and the reasons why international visitors love them:


popular cities in UK London
Image source: pinterest

It it not surprising to know that London comes first when it comes to popularity contest of European city. This city is home to House of Parliament, The Tower of London, Big Ben, The British Museum, and many iconic sites. It is also the center of the world’s art, culture, theater, music, and literature. In this city, you can also find various colorful markets offering you great shopping experience as well as cosmopolitan culture. 


Manchester was once a cotton making capital of the world. It was also one of the breeding grounds of the industrial revolution. People also call Manchester the first modern city. You can find galleries, museums, theaters, and libraries in this city. In Manchester you will find some of the most exciting architecture in Britain. If you plan to visit Manchester some time in the future, recommended places to visit include Bridgewater Hall, Urbis, and the Imperial War Museum.


popular cities in UK Edinburgh
Image source: pinterest

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland where there is epic combination of the young and modern sensibilities. This city has exceptional historic and dramatic setting. There are many things to find here including the biggest performing art festival in the world, Edinburgh Annual New Year’s celebration, Arthur’s Seat, and many more. This university city has about half a million people including over sixty two thousand university students. 


Birmingham has the most epic combination of entrepreneurial daring and engineering know-how. This city is in fact the manufacturing engine of Britain through the 19th century and 20th. This city was where James Watt commercially manufactures his steam engine. Hence, this city has such iconic history. This is also the second largest city in the UK, with a population more than a million. In this city you can enjoy lively arts as well as music scene. Also, indulge yourself in epic shopping experience here. 


Many people visit Liverpool with the intent to reminisce everything related to the Beatles. There are many places you can do that to your heart’s content such as the famous Cavern Club. However, there are many other interesting things about the city you can explore. Liverpool’s Albert Docks area became a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its role in British maritime history. Hence, you can learn more about the history of the area. This historic city has gained revival of interest. You can stay at one of the few new and trendy hotels in the city.

6 Steps to Deliver the Best Luxury Villa Rental Experience in Bali

6 Steps to Deliver the Best Luxury Villa Rental Experience in Bali

In recent travelling trend, luxury rentals are rising in high demand. With influencers and trendy travellers posting their holiday in stunning villas in Bali, more holiday makers want to follow the paths. And with the growing wealth of the world, the potential market for luxury villa rental in Bali are now larger than ever. Vacationers start to forego standard lodgings in favor of something more private and opulent that provides all of the conveniences of home. However, managing luxury villas is different than managing regular property. Follow our best advice on how property managers should handle luxury assets in order to keep your guests happy and hopefully convert them into long-term customers.

Providing Luxurious Service in Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali 

Of course, as a luxury property you are expected to provide a luxurious service. The most crucial factor is service. This is what determines whether a landlord has a positive or negative reputation. Respond to any request from the guests right away. There must be a top-notch, vetted maintenance crew on standby at all times, including plumbers, painters, cleaners, electricians, carpenters, and handymen. The attention to detail in the décor, furnishings, and facilities makes a significant difference.

Providing Luxurious Service in Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali

Delivering A Top Notch Experience

Because luxury properties cater to specific lifestyles, a one-size-fits-all approach may not be appropriate. It’s all about getting to know your clients’ personalities, learning about their homes’ histories, and then providing an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Keep Attentions of the Detail 

It’s the keen attention to detail that put big difference of regular vacation home to luxury property rental. The most common misconception we’ve seen luxury property investors is that they believe that just amenities and location define luxury. It’s more than that. You want everything in the property to the finest, and don’t skip any little touches. It’s the little touches that give a house its opulent feel. Fill the toiletries cabinet in the bathroom with high quality soap, shampoo, and lotion with elegant fragrance. Make sure the towels and linens are fresh and spotless. Keep the property’s technology up to date. Never leave any corner with accumulated dust. 

Always Take Control of the Quality 

Luxury property management differs from residential property management. Take care of the structure and its contents. Guests in luxury properties enjoy a higher standard of living. Include amenities like as a concierge, room service, a heated pool, and a fitness center. Thus, from start to finish, everything must be done with quality in mind. A satisfied guest stays longer and encourages others to do the same.

Proactively Manage Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali and Minimise Complaints

Partnership with Trusted and Dependable Vendors

You have control everything only to be in top quality from your end, but sometimes managing a luxury villa rental in Bali means you will need the help of other vendors. You might need to call house cleaners, repairers, Wifi technicians, carpenters, and else. Every maintenance or repair operation must be conducted by a skilled service provider to manage luxury properties in style. However, you can’t just hire the first vendor you come across. You should only work with vendors who are meticulous in their work. In addition, you must to make sure that the staff wil respond to guests’ requests as fast as feasible.

Proactively Manage Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali and Minimise Complaints

Don’t wait for renters to complain about shaky Wi-Fi or the elevator’s flickering lights. When it comes to elite vacation rental management, you must be proactive. This entails conducting inspections on a regular basis without disrupting your guests’ daily lives. Perform maintenance checks on elevators, for example, when renters are unlikely to use them. Guests have high expectations because they have paid a high rent to stay at your luxury villa rental Bali.

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Know That Your Renters Demand Perfections

Don’t shy to wear all of the hats required to make an elite vacation home business a success. Guests who rent luxury villas expect to walk into perfection. You must supervise everything from the phone lines and Wi-Fi to the furniture arrangement.