Simple Rituals To Help You De-stress While On The Road

Travelling is fun but it can be stressful as well for various reasons such as delays, cancellations. Waiting, etc. Experiencing whole new culture is pretty amazing because you get to learn so many things but the process of the travel itself, be it by plane, train, cars, etc, can be draining for your body and mind. Therefore, you need to develop your own healthy habits to keep you centered throughout your trip. 

Tired blonde casual caucasian lady napping on uncomfortable seat while traveling by airplane. Commercial transportation by planes.

How to de-stress while travelling

Your senses can be overwhelmed when experiencing so many new things at the same times. It may cause discomfort from mild to severe to your body. Therefore, it is pretty common for travelers to fall sick during their first few days staying at new place. So here are several simple rituals you can do to wind down while on the road:

Develop a sleep strategy

Every traveler may have their own sleep problems while on the road. Most of them caused by jet lag and travel fatigue. Hence, you must develop your own sleep strategy to help combat sleep problems. If you are heading east, might as well having a nice sleep on the plane so you wake up feeling refreshed to explore. If you are heading west, book night flight to help you settle in easily. Make sure to have good night’s rest for the duration of your trip. 

Consider bringing your own favorite scent

Your sense of smell may affect your mood. You don’t want come back after tiring yourself out all day to a hotel room that smells terrible or not to your liking. Hence, it is best to bring your own aromatherapy to help loosen up yourself and sooth your fatigue. If you don’t have any favorite oils, consider buying one with lavender, eucalyptus, rose, or tree tea oil since they have soothing aroma. 

Stretch every once in a while

Your body is going through a lot during a trip. It is easy to develop back pain, muscle cramps, headache, etc due to the strain. Hence, make sure to do some stretches every once in a while even for ten to twenty minutes a day. You can find the tutorials online to see what kind of stretches that help relax the tension in your body. 

Dim the lights

Your body and mind need to shut down after draining all the energy. Hence, make sure to come to your hotel room ready to relax. You may also consider setting up mood lighting. Try for a softer, center-of-the room glow from a ceiling light. Town down the overall light level and let your body fully relax.

Have some tea

Instead of drinking coffee, tea is a better option to wind down while you are on a trip. Tea is a source of antioxidant which is good to combat free radicals in your body. It also has soothing, relaxing effect that can make you feel calmer. Hence, sipping a cup of tea in your hotel room after a tiring day can be a great stress-reliever.

How to Apply Solar Panel System for Your Concrete Villa in Bali

How to Apply Solar Panel System for Your Concrete Villa in Bali

Application of alternative energy has started to be used extensively in many different fields to replace oil and electricity, which are now the primary sources of power. Solar panels are currently used in a variety of settings, including both public and private structures, and concrete villa in Bali is no exception. Concrete buildings is the most common and most durable building choice, using modern building techniques to build an energy efficient and sustainable building to fit applicated solar panel system.

Concrete Villa in Bali

Things to consider before solar panel installation for your concrete villa

Intensity of sunlight

What length does the sun reach you? Does it rain every day or just occasionally? The installation will be 15° tilted with the cardinal direction approaching North if your home is below the equator.

Solar Panel Temperature

One of the elements affecting the performance of solar panels today is the temperature of the environment. Ideal environmental temperature is 25°C that can best maintain the condition of a solar panel while it is operating. Make sure that there is enough room for air during the installation of the solar panels for best performance.

Electrical Load Resistence

Previous to installing solar panels, it is important to pay attention to the electricity’s load resistance. Since solar panel electricity is dependent on sunshine, the voltage is not always stable, which is completely understandable. The best period to get sunlight is usually from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Solar panels work optimally and provide your home with electricity during certain times. However, the solar panels function worse if the time is before 10:00 AM since the sun’s light is blocked by clouds.


The best location to get full sun is one that is not obscured by anything, even shadows. Some types can’t function normally when there are shadows. In actuality, it would be better to move or cut down the plants you put close to the solar panel location

Material Used to build Solar Panel

The material used to create the solar panels itself should be the final factor taken into account when installing solar panels. Solar panels are produced from a variety of materials.

  • Crystalline cells

Crystalline cells is The primary semiconducting component utilized in photovoltaic technology to create solar cells. Popular society already frequently uses this solar panel.

  • Thin Film

A second-generation solar cell known as a thin-film solar cell is created by depositing one or more thin layers of photovoltaic material on a substrate consisting of glass, plastic, or metal. When compared to crystal cells, the electrical efficiency achieved by the material is quite low.

  • Multijunction cells

Multijunction solar cells composed of various semiconductor materials. The efficiency of the cell’s conversion of solar energy to electrical energy is increased by the employment of several semiconducting materials, which enable the absorbance of a wider spectrum of wavelengths. For space satellites, multi junction solar panels are frequently utilized

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Laundry When Travelling

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Laundry When Travelling

Taking of laundry while travelling is often seen as a hassle for some travelers. Some of them choose to pack as many clothes as possible so they don’t have to wash the laundry when travel. They return to their home carrying a luggage full of dirty clothes. Even if it is a matter of preference, taking care of laundry while travelling is possible to do. It is not as daunting as it sounds like. It won’ take much time either. 

How to take care of your laundry when travel

There are ways you can do to wash your laundry such as using the Aloksak bag method, coin-operated laundromats, washing clothes in the sink, etc. Each method may have advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you can build your own ways to take of your laundry as you prefer. But here are more about washing laundry methods as mentioned earlier:

Aloksak bag method

This method needs Aloksak, which is a large heavy-duty ziplock bag. This bag is known for its durability, waterproofness, and thickness. Hence, it can withstand underwater pressure down to 190 feet deep for two weeks. This bag is also lightweight and easy to pack. It doesn’t take up too much space and come in many sizes. 

You can use this bag for storing your dirty clothes. To wash them, you should first dump in a pinch of detergent. Then, fill the bag with water and mix everything up for about five minutes with your hand. Then, zip up the bag and let your clothes soak in the soapy water for another ten minutes. Refill the bag with fresh water to rinse clean the clothes. 

Coin-operated laundromats

This is such a classic method and can be found all around the world, especially in larger towns and cities. Sometimes, some hostels and guesthouses also provide few machines for their guests. It is advised to read the instructions first before using it. If teh instruction is in foreign language, you can ask a staff. Some machines take coins while other make you buy separate tokens. 

Washing your clothes in the sink

Your hotel or hostel room usually has its own sink you can sue for various purposes, including washing your laundry. It is pretty simple because you just have to plug the drain of the sink, add some soap or detergent, fill with hot water, and wash the clothes with your hands. Most backpackers use this method since it is easy and fast to do. You can also pack your own universal drain plug specifically made for travelers just in case you need it. 

Find a local family-run laundry service

In some countries, there is a service offered by laundry lady for travelers who need it. Some countries have a small or even large family-run laundry operation based out of their home. Your clothes will be weighed on a scale to determine the price of washing fee. This service is relatively affordable and your clothes will be washed and cleaned usually in less than a day. 

Travelling with Babies to Beach Resorts: Every Tips to Make It Smooth

Travelling with Babies to Beach Resorts: Every Tips to Make It Smooth

A summer vacation in Bali at an all-inclusive resort always makes life easier as it allows them to take a much-needed break from cooking and cleaning for a week or two. But if you’re traveling to an all-inclusive resort with a baby, though, you’ll probably have a lot of questions about how you’ll make it all work! And all the things related to the beach days. Before you have a baby, playing in the beach might be as simple as bringing your favourite snack, book, a bottle of cold drink and find a nice spot in the beach to sit. Sure, spending a vacation at nice secluded resorts in family friendly destination like Nusa Dua Bali could be a big help. But you’ll still need a solid vacation strategy to make sure a smooth, baby-safe beach vacation.  

Know Your Resort

There’s still some planning and research to do to make sure you get the most out of your time in paradise with your family. Often, all you need to do is check ahead of time to see what amenities and things the resort will have for guests, and which items you’ll need to add to your packing list.

Book the Closest Room in the Nusa Dua Family Resorts

If you’re staying overnight or for a week, try to stay as close to the beach as possible. Try to search family resorts in Nusa Dua with oceanfront room. We know how big a resort can be, and staying in an oceanfront room will be a huge help! It saves time going back and forth from the beach to the resort and quick trip to get your beach gears. Furthermore, it also gives you more freedom to bring your child inside for naps.

Also, if possible try to book an oceanfront room with a balcony! Babies need to nap at noon, and bringing the baby in for naps also means being stranded in a hotel room at 1 p.m. on a hot summer day. No one want to get stuck at a room during summer vacation unless you really need to catch up on work or read. The option of a balcony beachfront room allows you to take in the lovely views and feel like you’re on vacation without being in the middle of everything.

Check If the Family Resort Have Crib for Your Baby

During your stay in Nusa Dua Bali, most all-inclusive family resorts provide complimentary use of a play yard or crib. Whether or whether you wish to utilize it is entirely dependent on your degree of comfort. It’s absolutely worth checking ahead of time to see whether a resort or hotel will supply a pack n’ play or crib. You can either call the hotel directly (bearing in mind that some hotels have different packages depending on the region you’ll be staying in) or read their recent reviews. Being able to rent a crib allows everyone to have a nice night’s sleep without worrying. 

Bring A Lot of Baby Snack!

Bring A Lot of Baby Snack!

Obviously, you should stick to their feeding and snacking schedule, but bring extra in case they become irritable. There’s no such thing as too many snacks! Watermelon, ice cream, popsicles, and applesauce are all terrific items to practice self-feeding without making a mess indoors. You can also take some breads from the breakfast selection at the resort’s restaurant as beach snacks.

Prepare Plenty of Milk and Water

On those hot summer days, it’s critical to keep your your baby hydrated. Always carry a sippy cup of water or enough of milk/formula with them. Because they can’t tell you when they’re thirsty or sick, it’s up to you to keep them hydrated.

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Beach Tents for Kids

Bringing a lightweight pop-up tent or umbrella with you will provide shade for both you and your baby, as we don’t want them to be out in the sun for too long. If your child is still small, you might be able to get them to snooze on the beach. Make sure they have a comfortable, shaded spot to rest.

Swim Diapers

Even if your infant is only playing near the water, with a bucket of water, or near a baby pool, you will need to bring swim diapers. Regular diapers inflate as soon as they come into contact with water. Your infant will be soaked and uncomfortable if he dumps a bucket of water on himself.

The Sand Toys!

The Sand Toys!

You’ll definitely need some sand toys if you’re going to the beach with a baby. There’s no need to spend money on pricey toys when sand and water provide enough of stimulation. They only need a little bucket, shovel, and possibly a tiny watering can to get started! A mesh bag to store them in allows the sand to sift out once you’re done rather than sitting in the bag and causing a mess.

A Bunch of Regular Diapers

Also, don’t forget to bring regular diapers! You want to put them in a regular dry diaper in between swimming so they’re not sitting in a soaked diaper for too long.  This will cause a diaper rash. So if your baby is ready for a break from the pool to eat a quick snack, switch them into a dry diaper and have a spare swim diaper for a second round in the pool or ocean if needed. 

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UV Swimwear for Kids

When purchasing bathing suits for your child, keep in mind that two pieces are the ideal option. A two-piece swimsuit makes it much easier to remove a wet swimsuit for a rapid diaper change. The bottom of several one-piece swimsuits for boys has a snap closure, which allows for quick changes. Make sure the bathing suits have a UPF rating. This is similar to the SPF rating for sunscreens, except it refers to the amount of UV rays that may pass through a fabric.

A Baby-Friendly Sunscreen

In some parts of the world, sunscreen is shockingly difficult to come by, and it’s also incredibly expensive. Furthermore, you may not be able to find any that are suitable for children.

Planning A Trip The Easy Ways

Going on a trip must be exciting especially when you have been dreaming of visiting magical places that provide you the type of serenity you don’t find in your everyday life. However, being excited of the trip and planning it are two different things. Many people love to anticipate their trip but not so much when it comes to planning. For some people, planning a trip is not exciting and rather daunting. 

Hat, sunglasses, camera, sunglasses, notebook, map, on brown wooden surface. Travel diary. Departure for a journey and itinerary.

The importance of planning

Planning a trip is essential so that you don’t miss out on anything. Of course, there are things that might happen unexpectedly and out of your control during a trip. However, planning a trip helps you to be more prepared and avoid hassles that can be prevented. And so here are planning trip tips that are so easy to use:

Choose your destination

Aside from choosing the exact place you want to visit, you also need to consider the length of your trip, who are you going to with, and when you are going. After deciding the destination of your getaway, decide the length of the trip and think of potential locations to get around to. Then, choose the best time to go. Do your own research by using multiple resources. 

Start planning your activities

When you decide your destination, find out interesting charms it has you can make the most of. If your destination has beautiful beaches, maybe you can plan on water activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, etc. If your destination is artsy, you may start listing museums and artsy locations to visit later. Make your own itinerary based on your preference and interests. 

Set your travel budget

If you are not the type of someone who worry about travel budget, then you can skip this one. However, you might need to think about how much your trip will cost. A trip can be costly so create a budget that suits your financial situation. Important things you need to include in your budget are transport, accommodation, food, local travel, and emergency fees. Also, make sure to plan how to manage your money during a trip such as what card you need to bring, how much cash you need to carry in your wallet, etc. 


Once your plan set, start booking the essentials such as hotel room and flights. If you can opt for more eco-friendly transport than airplane than take it. You can travel overland and help reduce carbon emission such as by taking a train. Booking a hotel room in advance also helps you to make sure that you have a safe place to go to right after you arrive at your destination. 

Start packing 

It is better to pack early than late. You can write a packing list so you know exactly what items to pack. Then, organize your items so you can access them easily later. Avoid packing items you don’t need for the trip. Pack light so you can get around easier later without being dragged by heavy luggage. 

What To Consider & Recommendation Komodo Island Boat Tour

The island of Komodo is a haven for visitors looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bali and try to hike a stunning landscape, swim with mantas and turtles, relax on a pink beach, and sail on the calmest of oceans. The flora and fauna are Indonesia’s finest, and as demand for this coveted destination grows, there is an urgent need for more information about planning a Komodo Island boat tour to this island. Komodo tours have become a must-do experience, and there is a demand for information on which boat tour to Komodo is best for you!

sundeck aliikai voyage during sailing trip to komodo

What you will love about this incredible destination is that on the Komodo island trip, you have to travel by boat! Komodo island boat tour makes for a lovely isolating adventure of seclusion, distance, and an ocean dip whenever you please.

Komodo island boat tour & what to consider

Each boat is usually different, ranging from luxury, medium to standard. Each boat has different facilities ranging from sharing beds, with and without air-con, spa services to luxury private cabins. The price of the Komodo boat tour is the most important thing. When looking for tours to Indonesia’s Komodo islands, you’ll find a variety of options, but they don’t always specify which type of boat is used.

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It is a must to understand the type of boat being used because it will give you an idea of the amenities and number of people, type of cabins, and size of the boat you will travel and sleep on. For standard ships usually with or without air-con and basic amenities. Standard boats are mostly used for open trips so the package price will be very affordable. Some standard boat recommendations for you:

Navila Liveaboard

Navila liveaboard outdoor relaxing are
  • 2 king bedrooms cabins
  • 2 queen bedroom cabins
  • 2 single bedroom cabins
  • indoor & outdoor relaxation area
  • Hot water
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Speedboat
  • Home theater
  • Derya Liveaboard
  • 2 cabins with a double bed
  • 1 cabin with double bed & 1 single bed
  • 1 cabin with 2 double beds
  • 2 shared bathrooms
  • indoor dining area
  • Outdoor lounge
  • Snorkeling kit
  • Paddle board
  • Floaties
  • 1 speedboat

Royal Fortuna Liveaboard

royal fortuna indoor dining area
  • 2 double bed cabin
  • 1 double bed cabon + bunk bed
  • 2 bunk bed cabin
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Sun decks
  • Snorkeling set
  • Kayak
  • Speedboat

Phinisi boats usually include air-con for each cabin. You can choose the type of cabin, ranging from private and shared cabins. It usually accommodates a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 22 people. This can also be used for public or private excursions. Comfort phinisi boat for you:

Carpe Diem Liveaboard

carpe diam cabin with 1 bed
  • 1 master cabin
  • 1 twin cabin
  • 2 double bed cabins 
  • Indoor & outdoor diving area
  • Sun deck
  • Library
  • Hot water
  • Snorkeling set
  • Diving equipment (rent)
  • Compressor
  • 2 kayaks
  • Stand up paddle boards

Mantra Liveaboard

outdoor relaxing area mantra tour komodo island
  • 1 master cabin (with private terrace & ensuite bathroom)
  • 2 double bed cabin
  • 1 triple bed cabins
  • Outdoor & indoor dining areas
  • Lounge & bar
  • Hot water
  • Snorkeling set
  • Diving equipment 
  • Nitrox
  • 2 kayaks
  • 1 Stand Up Paddle
  • Wakeboards

If your Komodo island tour budget is excessive, luxury yachts can be the perfect choice for your cruise. These are frequently used for private tours of small groups and will have every amenity imaginable, as well as stunning decor. Luxury yacht recommendation for the best Komodo island tour experience.

Aliikai Voyage

bedroom terasse aliikai voyage komodo tour island
  • 2 master cabins (private terrasse)
  • 2 double bed cabins
  • 1 double bed cabin and single bed
  • 2 double bed cabins
  • Outdoor deck
  • Indoor dining area
  • Lounge & Bar
  • Yoga area
  • Dive center
  • Camera room
  • Snorkeling set
  • Nitrox
  • Diving Equipment
  • 2 Kayaks
  • 2 Standup Paddle
  • Beach games
  • 2 speedboats
  • Wakeboard

Mahodaya Liveaboard

outdoor relaxing area with big sofa - trip to komodo island
  • 1 master suite (private terrasse)
  • 1 stateroom with Queen bed & 1 stateroom with 2 twin beds
  • Outdoor living & dining area
  • Air-conditioned Indoor living & dining area
  • Lounge & Bar
  • Relaxation deck
  • Library
  • Wine Cellar
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Scuba Diving Equipment
  • 2 kayaks
  • 2 Stand Up Paddle boards
  • Speedboats
  • Fishing equipment
  • WiFi (in range)

How To make Your Road Trip More Budget-Friendly

How To make Your Road Trip More Budget-Friendly

Road trip can be considered one of the most affordable vacation especially if you have your own car. Also, the cost of airfare is getting higher each year, making it less affordable to some travelers. A road trip can be budget-friendly but it also depends on the price of the gas and how many hotels stays you will have. It might going out of your budget if you don’t plan it well. Hence, proper planning is needed to allow you experience fun road trip on  budget. And here are useful tricks you can use to save money on road trip:

Always check your vehicle prior the trip

Road trip will put a strain on your vehicle so you should have it checked prior the trip. Change the oil, and inspect your vehicle for potential issues before hitting the road. Otherwise, it is highly possible for problems to happen on your vehicle while on the road. You might also have to pay extra for the towing fees if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. 

Pack your own snacks

It may seem easy to just pick some snacks at the rest stops. However, the price is usually much higher. Spending money on snacks at every every fueling stop will only eat into your budget. It is more cost-efficient buy them at big box retailer before you roll out. 

Make your own foods to pack for the trip

Make your own foods to pack for the trip

Stopping at fast food chains for three meals a day will only drain your wallet. Hence, it is more recommended that you prepare your own meals by buying fresh produces from grocery store. You can stock up on fruits, cold cuts, and some no-mess meals. 

Consider camp for free

If you are really on tight budget that you don’t booking a room in hotel is an option, you may consider camping. However, it is important to choose safe place to spend the night. It is recommended to find places on federal land where you can score free, or low-cost accommodation. There are public lands with free camping sites you can find the information online. 

Find gas stops with cheaper price

Your road trips budget very depends on the gas you pay for. Get the most out of your miles and buy cheaper gas. You can scout and find cheapest gas using application you can download with your phone such as GasBuddy. This app helps you compare prices no matter where you are. 

Follow traffic laws and regulations

Just because you are on a road trip doesn’t mean you become invincible to law. Getting a ticket or a traffic citation will only ruin your day especially during a road trip. It is costly and you don’t want to spend any penny on that it if you can avoid it instead. Get your car inspected prior the trip, have your insurance and tag up to date, and always monitor local traffic laws  and regulations to prevent you from getting a ticket because of the law you were not aware of. 

How to Have Slower & More Responsible Travel in Bali

How to Have Slower & More Responsible Travel in Bali

Canggu is a popular tourist destination on the Indonesian island of Bali, noted for its laid-back attitudes. The region is beachfront, attracting surfers, expats, yoga enthusiasts, and digital nomads. This stylish establishment is gradually establishing itself as a must-see in Bali (in fact it already is). It isn’t quite as opulent and pricey as Seminyak or Uluwatu, but it has something for everyone. High-end spas, backpacker hangouts, and lodging for all budgets are all available. However, unlike previous summers when you could bounce from Canggu to Seminyak to the Gili Islands without a second thought, limits and covid tests will hold you down this year. Rather of fighting it, we believe you should enjoy the slower pace this year. Rather than hopping on many flights this summer in an attempt to see and do everything, focus on one, gradual tip that is far more engaging than the regular vacation you’d undertake. Consider finally discovering dozens of hidden beaches on southern Bali, taking a zen time in your Canggu villas, or eating healthy vegan options.

We believe it’s also critical to plan your vacation ethically, ensuring that you travel in a manner that keeps you safe while also considering the communities you’ll visit. With this in mind, our summer leisurely travel guide to Europe emphasizes solo travel, rural retreats, and private lodgings.

Take A Road Trip Across Bali

Rather than bouncing from party to party, plan a road trip to the roads less travelled in Bali. What may appear to be a simple solution should not be neglected. A road trip is the ideal slow-travel option for getting through Europe. You can not only go at your own leisure, seeing and doing precisely what you want along the way, but you can also confine yourself. Furthermore, road excursions take you away from the big, crowded cities and to smaller villages and hideaways that are less likely to be packed hotspots. Enjoy long, leisurely drives through the towns that dot the Tabanan, or a top-down journey across Jimbaran, stopping only for sea dips and nights in Nusa Dua.

Look for Canggu Villas in Quieter Areas

Rent your Bali dream villa in quieter areas of Canggu. The simplest approach to avoid crowds is to stay away from them entirely. So collect your pod and hire a country villa this year. This is the ideal method to unplug from your regular routine and really immerse yourself in the present moment. However, there are two parts to make this work. To begin, you might want to stay at a tropical suite villa Canggu located between the beach and the rice fields that makes you want to stay forever. Consider the pool, the panoramic views, and the luxurious amenities. Second, choose a villa in an environment that still begs to be explored. This gentle tug will assist you in settling into a relaxing rhythm and truly appreciating life’s small joys.

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Go to Canggu for Work-cation

Make a workcation a reality. Experts believe that hybrid work patterns — balancing work from home and in-office employment — will endure as we work our way out of the pandemic. So, while working from home is still possible in some form or another, why not work from a lovely location? Swap your morning gym session for a run in the countryside, then take your calls from the pool. Evenings will be your time to explore, giving you a few hours to enjoy your destination’s golden hour shine. Top tips: don’t focus solely on work. Start and end your workcation with genuine vacation time. A week of vacation before your workcation will allow you to get a feel for the area, and a week afterward will allow you to check off all the sites and activities you missed on weekends. Because you’ll be spending so much time here, we recommend a site that’s a little off the beaten path and simply waiting to be discovered.

Tempting Food Combo That Can Be Harmful For Your Body

For foodies, hunting delicious food must be a routine that they cannot live without. But yes, foods are that important and while some people eat only to get the energy, some others do it for other reasons. For example, foodies choose and eat their foods in the way that is enjoyable for them. It is the experience they are seeking for, not only the nutrients. It is often that we see how foodies enjoy their foods like they are experiencing heaven itself. 

bread and coffee

Non-recommended  food combo for your health

While foodies like to eat many different delicacies, it is important for all of us to know that there are many food combos out there that can be bad for our health because they can cause various discomforts to our bodies. And here are some of non-recommended food combo you need to keep in mind before having your food feast and endeavor:

Tea and milk 

These two popular drinks are favorites of many people around the world regardless of their culture and preference. These two drinks are safe to enjoy whenever you can. However, it is best to avoid consuming both at the same time or combining these two to a single serving. It is because the protein found in milk can actually reduce the effects of healthy substances of the tea. Green tea is a perfect match for lemon juice. 

Soda and ice cream

These two refreshing products are best combo during summer. It is like the heat will melt away with these two. However, it is recommended to avoid combining these two together. It is known that when it happens, it can cause bloating to your body, making you feel discomfort all day. Also, bloating can lead to another discomfort; burping for hours. If you plan to eat ice cream, combining it with plain water is a better option. 

Bread and coffee

This must be a nightmare to know that the combination of bread and coffee is not-so-recommended to consume. The reason behind it is because the substances found in coffee can prevent the absorption of important nutrient, which is Vitamin B in the bread. If you combine both together, those will most likely become a waste in your stomach. 

Yogurt with jam

These two are such a refreshing and comforting foods to enjoy. However, it is not recommended to combine them together because this combo can cause fermentation in the stomach, leading to bloating and excessive gas production. If you need something to freshen your yogurt, you can add some fresh fruits to it instead of jam.

Sugar and cereal porridge

If you enjoy porridge for your breakfast, it is best not to combine or add it with sugar. It is found that the starch in cereals produces glucose when boiled. Adding more sugar will only increase the level of glucose which can be harmful for your body especially in the long term. You might increase the risk of diabetes and obesity if you do so. Add some fruits to your porridge instead for healthier option.

How Many Days Should You Book for a Trip to Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat is a small archipelago located off the coast of West Papua. Allow enough time to travel and visit all of the most magnificent locations while planning a trip to Raja Ampat. Whether you’re a diver or not, you won’t cut your trip short since Raja Ampat has some amazing things to see. To be able to reach many Raja Ampat destinations, you have to prepare for 7-12 days.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Trip- indoor living room

How to get to Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat is a region of raw natural magnetism, located in the far-flung highlands of Papua, Indonesia. The archipelago’s 1,500 islands and cays are alive with life both above and below the sea. Birds of paradise flit and flounce through lush jungle canopies, and 75 percent of the world’s known coral species coexist under the waves. The archipelago’s size is incredible, and its beauty is alluring, but as far as vacation spots go.

To begin your trip to Raja Ampat, fly to Sorong, which serves as a hub for most Raja Ampat travel arrangements. Daily flights from Jakarta to Sorong are available on Garuda Indonesia and Sriwijaya airlines. 

To visit Raja Ampat, you’ll need a permit, which you may get at the Tourism Information Centre in Sorong or from specified locations in airports and ports. If you join an organized trip, the operator will usually acquire permission for you, although it never hurts to double-check.

How to get around Raja Ampat?

Your travel from Sorong onwards will almost certainly require a boat. Boats with varied rates and capacities are available for rent at the harbor. Traveling alone will always be more expensive than joining a group tour, however, it does have its benefits. 

If you have the funds, a Raja Ampat liveaboard sailing ship is a luxurious and practical choice that combines transportation and lodging in one package. When reserving accommodations, always inquire about transportation services, especially if you are not traveling with a tour operator.

What to bring for your island vacation

Add some comfortable walking shoes and mosquito repellent to your suitcase. The standard island getaway requirements, lotion, swimwear, hat, sandals, sunglasses. Malaria is unlikely, but it is a possibility. Dress in light long-sleeved clothing in the evening and sleep under a mosquito net at night.

Make sure you have all of the necessary legal paperwork with you, including your passport, visa, evidence of a return ticket, insurance policies, and dive certifications, and that they are waterproof. Many resorts accept credit cards but keep rupiah money on hand for things like meals on the go and tipping. If you haven’t already done so, withdraw or exchange money at Sorong, as ATMs and money changers can be sparse on the more distant islands.

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