Tempting Food Combo That Can Be Harmful For Your Body

For foodies, hunting delicious food must be a routine that they cannot live without. But yes, foods are that important and while some people eat only to get the energy, some others do it for other reasons. For example, foodies choose and eat their foods in the way that is enjoyable for them. It is the experience they are seeking for, not only the nutrients. It is often that we see how foodies enjoy their foods like they are experiencing heaven itself. 

bread and coffee

Non-recommended  food combo for your health

While foodies like to eat many different delicacies, it is important for all of us to know that there are many food combos out there that can be bad for our health because they can cause various discomforts to our bodies. And here are some of non-recommended food combo you need to keep in mind before having your food feast and endeavor:

Tea and milk 

These two popular drinks are favorites of many people around the world regardless of their culture and preference. These two drinks are safe to enjoy whenever you can. However, it is best to avoid consuming both at the same time or combining these two to a single serving. It is because the protein found in milk can actually reduce the effects of healthy substances of the tea. Green tea is a perfect match for lemon juice. 

Soda and ice cream

These two refreshing products are best combo during summer. It is like the heat will melt away with these two. However, it is recommended to avoid combining these two together. It is known that when it happens, it can cause bloating to your body, making you feel discomfort all day. Also, bloating can lead to another discomfort; burping for hours. If you plan to eat ice cream, combining it with plain water is a better option. 

Bread and coffee

This must be a nightmare to know that the combination of bread and coffee is not-so-recommended to consume. The reason behind it is because the substances found in coffee can prevent the absorption of important nutrient, which is Vitamin B in the bread. If you combine both together, those will most likely become a waste in your stomach. 

Yogurt with jam

These two are such a refreshing and comforting foods to enjoy. However, it is not recommended to combine them together because this combo can cause fermentation in the stomach, leading to bloating and excessive gas production. If you need something to freshen your yogurt, you can add some fresh fruits to it instead of jam.

Sugar and cereal porridge

If you enjoy porridge for your breakfast, it is best not to combine or add it with sugar. It is found that the starch in cereals produces glucose when boiled. Adding more sugar will only increase the level of glucose which can be harmful for your body especially in the long term. You might increase the risk of diabetes and obesity if you do so. Add some fruits to your porridge instead for healthier option.

Things To Do While Stay At Seminyak Villas

If you are curious and want to see tourist destinations with a combination of modernization and with all the fun in it, while the tradition is never separated from its roots, then you must visit Bali. Seminyak is one of the most popular and feels “mandatory” to stay in order to enjoy a lot of fun. A series of international standard accommodations, ranging from hotels, inns, guest houses to Seminyak villas, offer their own services and facilities. Whether you are looking for free or paid, everything you can explore.

Seminyak Villas

Enjoy the Sunset Around Seminyak Villas

If you ask where to enjoy the best sunset in Bali, there will be many answers for that. But if you live in Seminyak area, several areas;

Pantai Kuta

If Kuta Beach is now known as a must-visit tourist destination, who knows that along this beach is a trade transportation route. Kuta Beach is a trading port and a meeting place between Balinese traders and traders from various other regions. You can enjoy the sunset, or skate in the Kuta beach area. By late afternoon, you will find many local traders or locals offering spas, braiding your hair, and many others. No need to pay an entrance ticket to enjoy Kuta beach. When using a rental motorbike, you only have to pay parking fees and enjoy the beach and its surroundings until the evening.

Pantai Double Six

Although only a row with Legian and Kuta beaches, this one beach does not want to be outdone by the beauty of Kuta beach. Actually, from Kuta beach, you can follow it to get to the double six beaches. The hallmark of double six beaches is the colorful umbrella available for you to enjoy the sunset. But make no mistake, because the umbrellas are lined up provided cafes along the beach to sit and enjoy a meal while waiting for the sunset.

Petitenget Beach

In fact, Petitenget beach is in line with Kuta and Legian beaches so that it has no different characteristics, namely fine white sand and the intensity of sunlight that always shines. The difference is, Petitenget beach is calmer than Kuta or Legian beach. If you want to enjoy a sunset that is far from the crowds, Petitenget Beach can be a careful choice, especially if you stay around the Petitenget area.


Bali is in fact surrounded by the ocean. This is one of the advantages of staying in the Seminyak area, because of its location close to the beach and perfect for surfing. Usually, many Seminyak villas offer easy access to surfing locations, especially for surfers. For beginners, you can try surfing at Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, Batu Bolong Beach or Legian Beach.

Get A Massage

There are many choices ranging from inexpensive ones in the beach area to super-luxurious ones. Bali is very well known for its spa techniques that make your body feel relaxed. As a center of relaxation in Southeast Asia, you will read many “day spa” boards in many places. There are many recommendations for spas in Seminyak villas area that are tailored to your budget.

Explore the Market

Who doesn’t want to shop at cheap prices? Art markets can indeed be found more in the Ubud area but it does not allow sellers of cheap goods in the Seminyak area. Bargaining is important so you can get cheap prices. If necessary, you can ask for help from a guide to bargain.


This is one reason why so many tourists love staying in Seminyak villas. You can find many international restaurants. There are many dishes from various countries to pamper your tongue. Just walk along the Seminyak area then you can enjoy delicious and amazing dishes.