Capturing the Best of Your Seminyak Vacation Rental: 7 Photography Tips

Capturing the Best of Your Seminyak Vacation Rental- 7 Photography Tips

Every owner of vacation rental shared one common goal: to get more bookings and increase revenue from their rental business. But when you have a villa in Seminyak, Bali, competition can get quite tight. Hundreds of private villas and small hotels are competing for guests and you’ll need more than hospitality and good property to steal their heart. With todays’ vacation rental market heavily based on online listing and booking, pictures speak immense value on grabbing guess’ attention. More often than not, travelers don’t read all contents from a vacation rental listing but will swipe through the photos to make their decision. 

Why Guests Judge Your Seminyak Villa from the Photos

Before making a purchase choice, guests want to have a good impression of your home. Bookings are more likely to be made at properties with more photographs. The photos of a vacation house are just as crucial as the ad description, and they may make or break future booking prospects.

How to Take Great Photos for Your Villa

If you want to significantly increase booking for your villa, you must first learn how to take the right photos. Read our tips and see what you can do. 

Use Professional Camera

Thinking that your smartphone is enough to take pictures of your Seminyak vacation rental? Guests love crystal-clear, high-resolution photographs—they tend to associate it with better hospitality experience. They will quickly skip blurry or low-resolution photos. Invest in a professional DSLR or mirrorless camera. These types of high-resolution photos can give potential visitors a better idea of your place, boost your ranking in villa listing, and raise your view-to-booking ratio.

Use Wide Lens to Capture the Space Better

Use the wide-angle lens feature if you truly want to boost your listing. This lens will make your room appear larger and more open. Wide-angle lenses are available from every major camera manufacturer.

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Capture Your Seminyak Vacation Rental from Different Angles

Capture Your 6 bedroom private villas Seminyak

Guests want to know precisely the house where they will be staying for vacation. Demonstrate to them that your home is everything you claim it to be. If you have a 6 bedroom private villas Seminyak, make sure to take at least two photos for each room. You can show off everything in your property by snapping many shots of the same space from various angles.

Beauty is in the Details

Make your room looks as professional and comfy as possible. To get this, give special attention to the details:

  • De-clutter and clean your surroundings. Make your home or business appear its best!
  • The property should be staged. You should already have the couches, mattresses, and decorative furnishings needed for staging an Airbnb if you’re starting one.
  • Try to incorporate all of the elements in the shot, such as setting the dinner table in an attractive manner.
  • Ensure that the bed sheets are clean and straight.
  • Avoid anything that draw the eye’s attention away from the task at hand. Cleaning supplies, the trash can, keys, and paperwork are just a few examples.

Make Dynamic Photo Series with Varieties

Include a selection of images that show off your property’s various rooms, features, exterior, and area. Emphasize your property’s best attributes. Unique features that distinguish your home should be highlighted and displayed. If your have a Seminyak villa with private pool, you can even use a GoPro to shoot underwater photographs of the pool.

Take Pictures in A Sunny Day

Take Pictures in A Sunny Day

It’s best to wait for ideal weather before taking the photos. The atmosphere will not appeal to potential guests if it is dreary, rainy, and cloudy. Rather, it will portray your property in an unfavorable light. When it’s sunny outdoors, though, guests will immediately experience the warmth and the sense of being on vacation. You want to portray the perfect Seminyak vibe in your vacation rental, so it’s best to wait until the sun is out!

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Lighting is Important

Poor lighting is probably the most prevalent vacation rental picture mistake. It makes no difference how wonderful your property is if no one can see it! Lighting can make or break the photos of your vacation rental, so make sure to: 

  • Allow the natural light to enter. 
  • Open the curtains and switch on all the lights to let in as much natural light as possible. Make sure the lighting in the rooms is even and consistent. 
  • Take images with natural light during the day for the best effects.
  • Avoid using a flash since it will detract from the natural illumination.

Take Better Pictures with Tripods

To eliminate motion blur when shooting long exposures, you’ll need a solid tripod. If you’re just getting started, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on this piece of gear.

10 Simple Upgrades for Your Beach Villa Bali to Steal Millennials’ Heart

10 Simple Upgrades for Your Beach Villa Bali to Steal Millennials’ Heart
Image Source: Instagram/@thebaliguideline@girlwhoblooms

Millennials are presently the most populous generation in the world, and they are having a significant effect on everything from technology to cuisine, clothes, and, yes, the tourism sector. According to Berkshire Hathaway, millennials took an average of five vacations last year, more than any other age group. They are thrill-seeking adventurers who are interested in learning about various cultures and creating memories via one-of-a-kind experiences. They are anticipated to overtake the baby boomers as the largest generation by 2028, with spending power of $200 billion or more. What does it means for rental property owners in Bali? Simply owning a beach villa in Bali won’t win you this new demography of travelers. Millennials want something more, something that create better travel experiences for them. 

Take notes on what you need to do with your vacation rental in Bali to win millennials’ hearts and tap in into this emerging market. 

Be Social Media Savvy; Where Millennials Are

Millennials are the generation that first born to the infancy of smartphone, Facebook, and Instagram since they were young. Unlike Gen X and Baby Boomers, millennials possess an inherent lack of trust in advertising. Millennials loves using social media to find new interesting thing, including beautiful beach villa in Bali. Positive reviews from previous guests in their social media are the best way for you to gain exposure and their business. 97% of them share their vacations via social media. They are marketing for you. Do your properties offer “Instagrammable” spots? Are they photo/video friendly?

This generation wants to do what their peers shares in social media, especially if they find it cool. Your goal in this social media marketing should not only be to inspire your guests, but their friends, as well

Emphasize the Traveler Experience

Give A Peek of Local Experience
Image Source: Instagram/@kclububud

Because millennial tourists are looking for new experiences, another helpful suggestion for Airbnb real estate investors who own vacation homes is to strive to provide them. When you demonstrate to potential visitors that your beachfront villa Bali provides something that others in the region do not, they will be more inclined to book yours. Also, make certain that every visitor that walks through your door has a good and memorable experience.

Give A Peek of Local Experience from Your Beach Villa Bali

Many millennials prefer local communities to tourist hotspots, even if it means going longer to reach popular sites. And, according to Michel Karam, CEO and creator of müvTravel, they want to “travel where the people go and do what the locals do.” Even better if they can do it in a tailored and sustainable manner. Try to offer authentic Balinese experience to your Bali luxury villas like “canang sari” making class or traditional “Melukat” ceremony. 

Create An Off-the-Beaten Path Experience

Take cues from Pinterest and Instagram travel blogs. A lot of them are promoting epic, secluded beachront villas in Bali with adventurous off-the-beaten path experiences. Most people are willing to pay extra to experience it. A great tropical Bali villa does not only provides modern, Instagram-worthy units and technologically sophisticated facilities, but they also provide free advise on where to go and what to do around the area. 

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Make Your Beach Villa Bali “Instagrammable”

Make Your Beach Villa Bali “Instagrammable”
Image Source: Instagram/@thebaliguideline@baileymarshall

Today, failing to hit the target with social media may actually put you out of the game. In a nutshell, holiday rentals must be visually appealing. More than 40% of visitors under the age of 33 choose their vacation spots depending on how “Instagrammable” they are. And that share-worthiness will only grow in importance; 90 percent of Gen Z believe social media influences their travel selections.

Creating Instagram-Ready Spaces in the Bali Vacation House

Looking good in social media is important for millennials and gen-z. Take cues from this and create the perfect “Instagram” or “Tiktok” moments in your Bali villas. Stage your rental for the perfect selfie. Think about bedrooms with direct windows and doors to the beach, fronting straight the ocean as you open it. Strategically placed outdoor furnitures that creates an aesthetic hangout. Try creating a focal point inside the house with statement mural or furnitures. 

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Good and Strong Wifi is A Must

Staying connected is crucial for everything from vacation planning to business to social media. In fact, 29 percent of millennial travelers will reject a possible trip destination if they are unable to post while there.

Give ‘Em Games!

Your 1981 Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition isn’t helping you win with Millennials. Try adding some newer favorites to your game collection, such as Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity.

Add Serious Coffee Maker to the Amenities

To optimize reservations from the most sophisticated coffee generation yet, complement your Bali vacation rental with a French press or AeroPress—or go all-out with an espresso machine.

A Quick and Hassle Free Booking  

Millennials appreciate a quick and hassle-free vacation rental booking experience, just as they do in other parts of their life. Millennials aren’t interested in complex booking and reservation procedures. If you want to attract more millennial vacationers to your units, you must have rental websites or platforms that allow rapid unit reservations with only a few button clicks.

Maintaining Tips for Villa in Ubud Bali

Having a villa in Ubud Bali is not the same as owning a vacation house in the Switzerland. Though Ubud is considered as the mountainous area of Bali, you cannot build and a treat a house the same way with houses in the slope of Alpen. The tropical climate of Bali changes everything. From humidity, sun exposure, to seasonal changes, there are some crucial things you need to consider to maintain your Ubud vacation rental at its prime condition.

Maintaining Tips for Villa in Ubud Bali

Preparing Your Villa Ubud Bali for the Two Seasons

It can rain for months in tropical areas. Especially in Ubud that located in higher altitude than other popular destinations in Bali. As a result, you must prepare your villa Ubud Bali for some heavy rainfall months. Rainfall that occurs on a regular basis might be damaging to your property if the architecture is not appropriate. Remember that a well-designed home should be able to withstand water damage. To keep water away from your house, your roof should be steep. The majority of homeowners make use of rainwater. They have a drainage system in place that gathers the majority of the rain, preventing it from seeping into their home’s foundations.

Take Advantage of Ubud’s Landscape

Take Advantage of Ubud’s Landscape

When it comes to landscaping, living in the highland Ubud  gives you an advantage. Plant more trees or vegetation around your villa if it’s possib;e. And this can help direct the wind’s path through your home. Because concrete holds more heat, you can use grass and other plants to assist lower the ground temperature.

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Install Indoor Fans

Indoor fans should be installed. Install fans to help the air flow inside your home. It allows heated air to rise and exit more quickly through the higher portions of your home. You can use stand fans to move the heated air upwards if you have them. If you have a ceiling fan, it will spin counter-clockwise as the heated air is pushed up and out.

Take Strict Pest Controls

Insects, birds, rodents, and other species flourish in the tropics’ continuous warmth. That’s not a big problem if the animals stay outside, but it will be big problem once they get inside. Eliminating pest access points is the key to pest control. Install screens on windows and doors, and ensure sure the thresholds of doors have gaskets or sweeps. Fill up any cracks around the eaves that could let unwelcome visitors into your attic. If pests are causing damage to wooden elements of your home, you can use a repellant or replace the wood with a non-edible material.

Protect Your Wooden Villa Ubud Bali

Protect Your Wooden Villa Ubud Bali

Given to Ubud’s lush landscape and its tight association with nature, wood become popular materil for the house. However, wood could easily suffer from sun and weather damage. Wood, like your skin, may be damaged by the sun. UV rays can cause the surface of wood to deteriorate, so use pigmented stains and treatments loaded with UV fighters to protect your external logs, cedar siding, and decking from sun damage.

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Check for Damp Walls

Spray your outside wood surfaces – wood decking, cedar siding, or log walls – with a garden hose or a water bottle in multiple spots. If the water starts to bead up, you know the preservative is working. If dark, damp areas emerge on the wood, the water has soaked in, and it’s time to reapply the preservative. If your log home includes exposed log ends, make sure to do a water test on them, since log ends can absorb water at a rate up to ten times that of horizontal log surfaces.

5 Instagrammable Features to Boost Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali!

Instagram, a photo-based social media that’s been around for +10 years has changed the landscape of travelling. In search of scenery that will be well-received and perhaps even envied by the Instagram community, Instagram millennial users are flocking in droves to “Instagrammable” locations. This coined colloquial term used to signify a location’s attractiveness in photo and ability to gain Instagram fame. Locations that are “Instagrammable” are usually visually spectacular, with bright colors, famous vistas, vivid repeating patterns, or larger-than-life structural characteristics. According to a research done in the UK, 40% of millennials and young travelers chose a holiday destination based on how “Instagrammable” it is. Similarly, Instagrammable villas in Bali would gain more favour than the just so-so hotels or BnB. This is why making your luxury villa Canggu Bali ‘social media worthy’ is very important to thrive and survive. So keep on reading and find on how you can transform your ordinary vacation house to an Instagram-ready space.

Determine the Focal Point in Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali

Determine the Focal Point in Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali

The room’s focal point should have some “Wow Factor.” It could be the breathtaking view that has been framed by the interior settings, or a piece of furniture or unique plants against a contrast wall. Whatever the object is, it’s the one thing in the room that your guests notice immediately away when they walk in and always comment on. Think like a photographer when selecting what your room’s focal point should be to attract more social media attention. Ask yourself, “How would I like to be photographed in this space?” Because it is often the first area a guest sees and their first impression when they arrive, your entranceway is an ideal location for a focal point.

Breathtaking Landscape Vista

Breathtaking Landscape Vista

Not every luxury villa in Canggu Bali is blessed with impressive view of the ocean or paddy field. But when you do, make sure to max up that wonderful asset. Consider the layout while arranging the interior of a space so that the furnishings and backdrop can all be included in a single, Instagram-worthy photo. When arranging a space, it’s also vital to consider lighting so that both the decor and the people in the photos appear their best. Nothing says “fantastic view” like a house with all the sitting placed to face a TV rather than the scenery your guests have gone so far to see.

Tastefully Design the Space

Tastefully Design the Space

There are a few simple guidelines to follow when decorating your vacation rental: use complementing colors and include a statement piece. Keep these three things in mind while picking a color for your vacation house. Choose colors that mirror your environment, avoid mixing primary colors, and use them sparingly. Read more in our blog here to learn everything you need to know about using color correctly in your Airbnb.

Make A Spa-Like Bathroom Inside the Luxury Villa Canggu Bali

Make A Spa-Like Bathroom Inside the Luxurious Villa Canggu Bali

Your visitors will be compelled to show off your property’s magnificent spa-like bathroom. Candles and ambient lighting will ensure that your guests have a comfortable trip. Candles serve as both decor and aromatherapy, and are guaranteed to make your guests feel at ease. Plants or even a Himalayan salt lamp are attractive furnishings that contribute to a peaceful spa experience.

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Make Outdoor Lounging Inviting

Make Outdoor Lounging Inviting

Infinity pool is currently in the craze—but if your luxury villa Canggu doesn’t have one, it won’t be the end of the word. Instead, be creative with your outdoor space. Visitors to the sunny Bali enjoy the warm environment all year and the possibility for outdoor living. So, try to build an incredible outdoor living space that guests would enjoy. Consider this a place to soak in the sun, gather, or simply unwind with a nice book. A pool is generally included in luxury rental residences, and it serves as the focal point of a ‘room’ that might include a bar, lounge area, and even an outdoor kitchen. Guests love dining al fresco and they love to upload it to their social media

6 Steps to Deliver the Best Luxury Villa Rental Experience in Bali

6 Steps to Deliver the Best Luxury Villa Rental Experience in Bali

In recent travelling trend, luxury rentals are rising in high demand. With influencers and trendy travellers posting their holiday in stunning villas in Bali, more holiday makers want to follow the paths. And with the growing wealth of the world, the potential market for luxury villa rental in Bali are now larger than ever. Vacationers start to forego standard lodgings in favor of something more private and opulent that provides all of the conveniences of home. However, managing luxury villas is different than managing regular property. Follow our best advice on how property managers should handle luxury assets in order to keep your guests happy and hopefully convert them into long-term customers.

Providing Luxurious Service in Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali 

Of course, as a luxury property you are expected to provide a luxurious service. The most crucial factor is service. This is what determines whether a landlord has a positive or negative reputation. Respond to any request from the guests right away. There must be a top-notch, vetted maintenance crew on standby at all times, including plumbers, painters, cleaners, electricians, carpenters, and handymen. The attention to detail in the décor, furnishings, and facilities makes a significant difference.

Providing Luxurious Service in Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali

Delivering A Top Notch Experience

Because luxury properties cater to specific lifestyles, a one-size-fits-all approach may not be appropriate. It’s all about getting to know your clients’ personalities, learning about their homes’ histories, and then providing an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Keep Attentions of the Detail 

It’s the keen attention to detail that put big difference of regular vacation home to luxury property rental. The most common misconception we’ve seen luxury property investors is that they believe that just amenities and location define luxury. It’s more than that. You want everything in the property to the finest, and don’t skip any little touches. It’s the little touches that give a house its opulent feel. Fill the toiletries cabinet in the bathroom with high quality soap, shampoo, and lotion with elegant fragrance. Make sure the towels and linens are fresh and spotless. Keep the property’s technology up to date. Never leave any corner with accumulated dust. 

Always Take Control of the Quality 

Luxury property management differs from residential property management. Take care of the structure and its contents. Guests in luxury properties enjoy a higher standard of living. Include amenities like as a concierge, room service, a heated pool, and a fitness center. Thus, from start to finish, everything must be done with quality in mind. A satisfied guest stays longer and encourages others to do the same.

Proactively Manage Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali and Minimise Complaints

Partnership with Trusted and Dependable Vendors

You have control everything only to be in top quality from your end, but sometimes managing a luxury villa rental in Bali means you will need the help of other vendors. You might need to call house cleaners, repairers, Wifi technicians, carpenters, and else. Every maintenance or repair operation must be conducted by a skilled service provider to manage luxury properties in style. However, you can’t just hire the first vendor you come across. You should only work with vendors who are meticulous in their work. In addition, you must to make sure that the staff wil respond to guests’ requests as fast as feasible.

Proactively Manage Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali and Minimise Complaints

Don’t wait for renters to complain about shaky Wi-Fi or the elevator’s flickering lights. When it comes to elite vacation rental management, you must be proactive. This entails conducting inspections on a regular basis without disrupting your guests’ daily lives. Perform maintenance checks on elevators, for example, when renters are unlikely to use them. Guests have high expectations because they have paid a high rent to stay at your luxury villa rental Bali.

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Know That Your Renters Demand Perfections

Don’t shy to wear all of the hats required to make an elite vacation home business a success. Guests who rent luxury villas expect to walk into perfection. You must supervise everything from the phone lines and Wi-Fi to the furniture arrangement.