Experience the Authentic Ubud in 10 Simplest Way


There are two kinds of people who come to Bali. First is the beachgoers who want to fill their days with all the fun under the sun—beach hopping, surfing, lounging in beach clubs, shopping, and trying every kind of water sports—and second, those who seek on solitude surrounded by the rainforest, walking in ride paddies, enjoying some peaceful days in the nature, and get immersed in Bali’s rich culture. The latter is the one you will find in Ubud region, Bali. Tucked in the north-centre region of Bali, this little town enjoy slightly cooler weather and relaxed ambience, with highlights on yoga retreats and temples. Though this town is not short on luxurious resorts, experiencing Ubud in a locally-owned villa is the best in our opinion. 

If you want to get away from the typical tourist traps and want to enjoy the authentic Ubud, make sure to bookmark this page because we have just the right guide for you. 

Book A Remote Villa and Stay Out of Town

With traffic, tourists, and gift shops, the center of Ubud is quite crowded. Although there are treasures to be found, we strongly advise staying outside the city, ideally somewhere with a view of a rice field, to make the most of your trip. From inexpensive villas to opulent resorts, Ubud offers a wide variety of lodging options. Try to move some kilometres away from town and you will find gorgeous private Ubud with pool, surrounded by lush greeneries at ease. Use online booking platform or Google Maps to find a villa and you’ll get a ton of out-of-town alternatives.

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Of Course, Temples Visit is A Must

Balinese Hindu temples may be found all across Ubud, and the majority of them welcome curious tourists. The Saraswati Temple, which is right next to the Starbucks, is the temple that is the simplest to get to. I mentioned on Instagram that I’ve never experienced a view from the bathroom line in a Starbucks that was more stunning.

Additionally, you can go to Pura Dalem (a little bit further down the road) and Pura Gunung (near the entrance to the Campuhan Ridge Walk). Both of these major temples were under construction while I was there and only infrequently accessible to the public. Around the outside of central Ubud, there are numerous other temples, both big and tiny, which are typically identified by their elaborate, towering gates.

Join A Cooking Class

Afraid of Bali Belly but want to try the local delicacy? Try to make it by your own! Sign up for cooking class in Ubud. You will learn everything; from shopping for fruits and veggies in local market, a visit to organic farm, and the main highlight; whipping up all the ingredients you’ve learned into a delicious Indonesian meal! Some villas in Ubud do offer a cooking class. But if they don’t, you can always hit up some cooking classes in the town or ask the villa staff to look it for you.

Walk the Campuhan Ridge

Walk the Campuhan Ridge
Image credit: Instagram/ubudhood

The Campuhan Ridge is a nine-kilometer trail connects some of the villages to the north of the town of Ubud from central Ubud, near the entrance to the Warwick Ibah Hotel. Beautiful rice terraces, charming villas, warungs where you can get a drink or a full meal, and even some spas can be found along the route. If you’re on a tight budget but still want to acquire a “swing shot” for your Instagram feed, there is a reasonably priced swing at the trail’s beginning. However, don’t anticipate finding any seating or cover along the walk.

Take A Bath in Pura Tirta Empul

Near Gunung Kawi lies the water temple Tirta Empul. Hindus from Bali travel here to bathe in the sacred waters for ceremonial purification. The sarong, which is required attire, is included in the 50,000 IDR entrance price for Tirta Empul.

The holy waters are open to tourists, but we didn’t feel comfortable doing so. If you do decide to take pictures, kindly exercise restraint and respect.

Taste the Gourmet Meal Once in A While

They are undoubtedly considerably more expensive than a supper at a warung, but they represent excellent value when compared to a meal of a same caliber in Europe or the US. Our favorite indulgences were at Room4Dessert, Locavore, Mozaic, and Kubu at the Mandapa Ritz Carlton (we have to go back for their new sweet and savoury tasting menu).

Lunch and Dinner with A View

Lunch and Dinner with A View
Image credit: Instagram/@indusrestaurant

There are numerous dining establishments in Ubud that offer views of rice fields and river gorges. Some of our favorites are Warung Bintangbali for reasonably priced Indonesian food with views of rice fields, Indus restaurant that look over the Campuhan Valley, or The Elephant for delectable vegetarian meals with views of the Campuhan Ridge.

Take Some Retail Therapy

There are many kitschy gift shops in Ubud, but there are also high-end businesses that sell clothing, jewelry, yoga equipment, and home decor. On Hanoman, Goutama, and Monkey Forest Roads, you will see many of shop choices.

Go to the major market on Jalan Raya for inexpensive clothing and trinkets, but be prepared to haggle. Although it might be busy, Ubud’s shopping district is one of the best places to visit if you enjoy shopping. Visit Confiture de Bali on Goutama street for delectable jams created from unique local fruits. The finest place to buy Balinese coffee beans is Seniman Coffee Studio, check it out if you want to taste some of the best coffee in town. 

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Indulge in Rejuvenating Spa

Indulge in Rejuvenating Spa in Your Private Villa Bali

Some of travelers’ favourite is Putri Bali Spa, Sedona Spa, Spa at Maya, and Spa at the Four Season—which is more on the luxurious side. There are two kind of spa in Ubud; the cheap ones with half a dozen of spa bed cramped in a tiny room, and the luxurious one where you can enjoy a semi outdoor spa and flower bath. Alternatively, you can call the therapist and set up a private outdoor spa in your own villa Ubud. 

Learn Balinese Offering Ritual in Your Ubud Villa

discover the significance of the offerings and how to make a balinese canang sari. You can ask your villa owner in Ubud to join them in their morning ritual. If you look genuine, they will be more than happy to teach you how to make the Canang Sari offering and perform the morning prayers ritual. You can don  the traditional Balinese attire and discover the meaning behind it.

Hindu Balinese send the Canang Sari to the Gods every day as a way to express gratitude for the harmony and serenity in our planet, which is refreshed every day. The little offerings are the product of a protracted hand-made procedure in which women make the basket, arrange the gifts in a symbolic manner, and soak a jepun flower in holy water before scattering it on the canang to represent the union of the four elements. A brief prayer is said as smoke from the incense is carried to the Gods as the ceremony comes to a finish.