Tips For Taking Care Of Your Laundry When Travelling

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Laundry When Travelling

Taking of laundry while travelling is often seen as a hassle for some travelers. Some of them choose to pack as many clothes as possible so they don’t have to wash the laundry when travel. They return to their home carrying a luggage full of dirty clothes. Even if it is a matter of preference, taking care of laundry while travelling is possible to do. It is not as daunting as it sounds like. It won’ take much time either. 

How to take care of your laundry when travel

There are ways you can do to wash your laundry such as using the Aloksak bag method, coin-operated laundromats, washing clothes in the sink, etc. Each method may have advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you can build your own ways to take of your laundry as you prefer. But here are more about washing laundry methods as mentioned earlier:

Aloksak bag method

This method needs Aloksak, which is a large heavy-duty ziplock bag. This bag is known for its durability, waterproofness, and thickness. Hence, it can withstand underwater pressure down to 190 feet deep for two weeks. This bag is also lightweight and easy to pack. It doesn’t take up too much space and come in many sizes. 

You can use this bag for storing your dirty clothes. To wash them, you should first dump in a pinch of detergent. Then, fill the bag with water and mix everything up for about five minutes with your hand. Then, zip up the bag and let your clothes soak in the soapy water for another ten minutes. Refill the bag with fresh water to rinse clean the clothes. 

Coin-operated laundromats

This is such a classic method and can be found all around the world, especially in larger towns and cities. Sometimes, some hostels and guesthouses also provide few machines for their guests. It is advised to read the instructions first before using it. If teh instruction is in foreign language, you can ask a staff. Some machines take coins while other make you buy separate tokens. 

Washing your clothes in the sink

Your hotel or hostel room usually has its own sink you can sue for various purposes, including washing your laundry. It is pretty simple because you just have to plug the drain of the sink, add some soap or detergent, fill with hot water, and wash the clothes with your hands. Most backpackers use this method since it is easy and fast to do. You can also pack your own universal drain plug specifically made for travelers just in case you need it. 

Find a local family-run laundry service

In some countries, there is a service offered by laundry lady for travelers who need it. Some countries have a small or even large family-run laundry operation based out of their home. Your clothes will be weighed on a scale to determine the price of washing fee. This service is relatively affordable and your clothes will be washed and cleaned usually in less than a day.