Incorporate Healthy Lifestyle To Get Healthier Skin

Incorporate Healthy Lifestyle To Get Healthier Skin

Many people dream of having glowing skin, hence they try different products every two days. However, it is important that even though skin is the outer part of your body, it is still an organ. You need to maintain its health from both inside and out. The most important thing is not to have glowing skin but more like healthy skin. It is because healthy skin will automatically have that glows you dream about. It all starts with your daily habits in taking care of your skin. And here are healthy lifestyle you should start to incorporate:

Eat healthy foods

There are wide ranges of foods you can find and choose the one that can give you the full benefits. For healthier skin, it is best that you eat fruits and vegetables because they contain vitamins and various antioxidants. Also, avoid foods high in sugar because it make your skin breakouts more easily. Complete your healthy eating choice with drinking plenty of water every day. You don’t want your body to dehydrate and absorb all the moisture from your skin. 

Get enough sleep

Staying late night can exhaust your skin, making it more prone to various problems. Especially for those who have acne prone skin, lack of sleep can put your skin under major stress. Therefore, it is best to fix your sleeping habits to a healthy one so that not only your skin is healthier, your body will also get more energy to power through the day.

Choose exercise that suits you

Choose exercise that suits you

To have healthier skin, you need to maintain your health in general because it affects your metabolism, hormonal balance, etc. Choose exercises that suit you; for example, those who have rosacea might choose exercises that doesn’t make them flush a lot. Hence, the most important thing is to do it at your pace and capacity regularly. 

Choose the right skincare products

It is highly recommended to keep it simple when it comes to skincare routine. Choose only products your skin needs along with your basic skincare (cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen). When looking for a product, stick to it for a few weeks before moving on to try another one. 

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Avoid stress

Stress  your skin negatively. The more you stress, the more problems your skin may develop. Therefore, it is highly recommended to remove stressors from your life. Or at least, keep your stress at bay so it won’t affect your health significantly. Do something fun for yourself to alleviate stress. If the stress comes from your work, know when to take break from time to time. 

See a dermatologist

If you have skin problem such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, etc, it is best to see a dermatologist instead of trying to figure out the problem by yourself. Dermatologist will help diagnose your skin properly and offer more targeted solutions to help fix the problem. Keep in mind that some skin problems needs particular treatment from professionals. This is also better option than wasting money on products you are not sure if they work or not. 

Make the Switch to Eco Friendly Skincare in 8 Easy Steps

Make the Switch to Eco Friendly Skincare in 8 Easy Steps

Our beauty routines and habits can have a big impact, from plastic packaging filling landfills to cosmetic chemicals going down the drain and affecting marine life. We may believe that the beauty items we use can’t make a significant difference in the environment, but a step as easy as eliminating our daily face wipes might stop thousands from entering our oceans over the course of our lives. This is the time to make the switch to eco friendly skincare and help the earth through sustainable skincare choices. 

Research for Eco Friendly Skincare Brands Available 

First and foremost, it is critical to complete your homework. Because there is so much choice, it can be difficult to determine whether the companies we purchase are sustainable and ethical. Researching and learning more about companies and goods with concerns to zero waste skincare gives us more power and allows us to make ethical decisions.

Choose biodegradable ingredients

While we may not notice it, the chemicals in many of the cosmetics we use have the potential to harm our environment. Choosing biodegradable items whenever feasible is a fantastic strategy to lessen our environmental impact. They’re also usually better for our skin.

Swap to shampoo and soap bar

Swap to shampoo and soap bar
Organic body bar from

Shampoo bars are less expensive, include more natural components, and are plastic-free. Finding the correct bar for your hair type, on the other hand, can take some time. Experiment with different brand samples and consider what your hair requires.

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Look for reusable, eco friendly skincare bottle

Switching to reusable alternatives is one of the most effective strategies to minimise our overall package usage. The more we invest in reusable and refillable products, the more beauty manufacturers will notice and make them more accessible. Visit a zero-waste store, investigate businesses that provide reusable or refillable items, or make your own self-care cures and re-use the packaging to find refillable bottles.

Swap skincare with plastic packaging for glass or aluminium

Swap skincare with plastic packaging for glass or aluminium
refillable glass bottle toner from @mono.skincare

Going without skincare packaging is clearly the best solution for the environment. But there’s no disputing that ‘naked’ isn’t for everyone right now, and there’s a desire for aesthetically and eco friendly skincare packaging. Today, a lot of skincare brands with environmental concerns are swapping their plastic packagings with aluminium, that gets better chance for recycle, or glass bottle, that can be reused for eternity. 

Consider refillable skincare

Invest in refillable beauty products and use firms that provide refill programmes. When we have a pump bottle for our hand soap or a lovely compact for our blusher, we don’t need to repurchase the entire set when it runs out. Consider the amount of packaging that goes into the appearance of our products: springs in pumps, mirrors in compacts, and weighty jars for high-end moisturisers. That’s where refills come in, and you’d be shocked how many eco friendly skincare brands with refillable products have already signed on. 

Swap mini and trial size with jumbo ones

It’s all the rage right now to have jumbo versions of your favourite beauty products. A more environmentally aware choice is a supersized product, which uses less packaging and requires less regular transportation.

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Put recycle bin in your bathroom

It may sound self-evident, but there’s no use in switching to more recyclable cosmetic items if we don’t properly dispose of them. According to a research by Recycle Now, we’re very excellent at recycling our kitchen waste (90 percent of kitchen packaging is recycled), but not so much in our bathrooms, where only 50 percent of packaging is recycled. Install two containers in your bathroom, one for normal garbage and the other for recycling, to make things easier.

Essentials To Bring For Smooth Hiking Trip

Essentials To Bring For Smooth Hiking Trip

Lots of people, even non-travelers want a good hike because there are appeals to it. One of the biggest is the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. However, being away from society also means that you cannot just have everything within reach. You cannot just find convenient store in the jungle. Or, you cannot just have a doctor in front of you when you need a help for your injury during a hike. That is why it is important to pack the right items for your hiking trip. And here are the essentials you are going to need for smooth hiking trip:

Foods and water

As mentioned, there are no convenience store in the jungle or on the mountain. Hence, always pack your own foods and make sure to calculate the portion to last you through the entire trip. Choose calorie-dense foods to keep you going such as energy bars, jerky, apples, trail mix, etc. Pack extra servings or two just in case you are out longer than expected. Also, stay hydrated and pack your own water supply. Drink at least 1 liter of water every two hours on the trail. Always bring more water than needed. It is recommended that you bring portable water filter or a purifying solution to treat water from outdoor. 

Map and compass

Map and compass

Of course you have smartphone with modern app that is always reliable to help navigate your way. However, it might be only useful when you use it in big cities. When hiking, your destination is usually more secluded and there are many unknown trails and paths your online maps may not know. Not to mention that there is possibility of your phone running out of battery or lack of internet access. Hence, you always have to bring paper map and compass. These items can save you during your hiking tip into the unknown. 

Appropriate footwear

Hiking is no easy activity to do. It may put a lot of strain on your body, especially your feet since they have to support your body weight, along with the weight of your bags filled with many essentials. Hence, choose the correct shoes meant for extreme activities. Wearing a pair of shoes fit to your hiking condition will help your body alot. Also, wear socks to give extra protection for your feet from potential injuries. 

Safety gears and first aid kit

Choose more versatile, lightweight and breathable rain jacket to keep you warm especially at night. Choose materials that will help you warm and dry without adding too much weight to your bag. It is also highly suggested to pack some safety items. Starting a fire is prohibited in many places due to environmental conditions and risks. You may need to pack a small flashlight for short hiking trip. If it is longer trek, you may need a headlamp instead. Then, pack first aid kit that is specific to your needs. Other important items include multi-tool, sun protection, and shelter such as a space blanket. 

Scuba Diving Course: Could Visually-Impaired People Dive?

Scuba Diving Course: Could Visually-Impaired People Dive?

The notion of scuba diving or snorkelling — a predominantly visual hobby — can be a little intimidating for people whose eyesight requires corrective procedures. Diver safety also necessitates keeping a close check on your buddy, location, and gauges. However, a lack of 20/20 vision is not an impediment to diving, as there are numerous alternatives available to enable participation despite a variety of vision difficulties. This is your scuba diving course for beginners for today; how can a visually impaired people improve their vision underwater?

A Basic Scuba Diving Course for Beginners: Everything Underwater is Magnified

Because objects in water are naturally amplified by 33 percent, many scuba divers and snorkelers with modest vision impairment don’t need to take any corrective action. Divers with more complicated remedial needs, on the other hand, will find this insufficient. If remedial action is required, there are numerous underwater methods for adjusting for vision issues, resulting in safer and more pleasurable dives.

Can You Wear Eyeglasses When Diving in Bali? 

A diver cannot wear his or her regular eyeglasses underwater because the earpieces of the glasses prevent the mask skirt from sealing on the diver’s face. Even if a scuba mask could seal over spectacles, the pressure of the nose piece and lenses of a diver’s glasses might cause them to grind uncomfortably into the diver’s face. Many divers wear masks with prescription lenses instead of eyeglasses.

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Can You Wear Contact Lenses Underwater?

You might feel worried about the safety of wearing contact lenses underwater. The truth is, it’s actually safe! Wearing contact lenses, just like you would on land, is one of the simplest ways to deal with bad eyesight. Not all contact lenses, however, are suitable for diving. Even when using appropriate soft contact lenses, certain care should be taken to avoid eye irritation and contact loss.

Soft contact lenses, rather than hard contact lenses, are recommended for scuba diving by the Divers Alert Network (DAN). Contact Lenses, Hard or Gas Permeable (GP lenses). Because of the pressure, gas permeable lenses can ‘dig’ into the eyes below certain depths. Hard lenses may suction to the eye as a result of the increased pressure, causing pain or discomfort. Hard contact lenses tend to dry out wearers’ eyes more, causing irritation and redness.

While hard lenses do not enable the nitrogen absorbed by the eye while diving to escape; soft contact lenses do. Soft contact lenses, on the other hand, can accumulate waterborne organisms and get contaminated, resulting in eye infections. If you’re diving with contact lenses behind your mask, make sure you blink frequently. Excessive gazing might cause bubbles to form behind your lenses, causing slight pain and momentary vision blurring. If you lose a contact underwater, make sure you have a spare set of contacts (or glasses) on hand. 

Our scuba diving tips for beginners: When wearing soft contact lenses underwater, it’s also a good idea to keep your eyes closed while performing any skills that require flooding or mask removal.

Bring Lubrication Drops to the Dive Trip

Soft contact lens wearers frequently experience dryness as a result of diving; bringing lubricating drops to the site for usage before and after diving is a smart idea. Divers should consider utilising disposable contacts for live-aboard vacations so that they can use fresh ones each day by rinsing lenses in fresh saline solution between dives to reduce discomfort from residual salt water.

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Prescription Masks

Prescription Masks

Masks with prescription lenses are available from most scuba diving equipment manufacturers. However, people with imperfect vision might not find this during their scuba diving course for beginners. The stock lenses on some non-prescription masks can be removed and replaced with prescription lenses. When diving with a prescription mask, divers must remember to carry their regular eyeglasses to the dive site so that they can see before and after the dive. He should bring a second prescription mask with him on long dive trips as a backup. Prescription masks are not readily available in many distant regions. An entire dive holiday might be ruined if a prescription mask is lost.

What Travel Teaches You About The World

What Travel Teaches You About The World

Travel is such a life-changing and transformative experience and it’s worth every penny you spend on it. However, travel also has its downsides that teach you the hard lessons. Even though the downsides are less mentioned than the fun things, they are there and experienced individually by travelers. Even though you have prepared your trip to be mind-blowing and full of positive experiences, the reality is not always like that. 

Hard lessons you learn from travel

Travel expose to to the real world where you get to experience many things you probably have never imagined before. That is why travel can be mind-blowing and life changing experience. The most important thing is not to focus on the bad experience but the lessons we can learn from it, such as:

Not everyone is nice

During a trip, especially abroad, you will not always good and friendly people. Sometimes, you meet rude people who don’t know how to be respectful. Or, some people you encounter with just don’t like to give you the time of their day. Also, not all fellow travelers you meet on the road are welcoming. Hence, don’t focus on them but focus more on the people who can bring out the best in you. 

Travel can cost alot

Travel is fun and all but it can be pretty costly. Don’t believe people who say you can travel around the world without a single penny to spend. Sometimes, you are willing to sacrifice other important things in your life just to be able to fund your trip. Make sure to prepare your financial security if you think travel is your long-life passion. 

Travel can be boring too

Even with all the excitement built up prior to the trip, it can be pretty boring sometimes in the middle of it. It is not always full of fun and games. Especially when you are alone, there might be times when you feel so bored out of your mind. There are also times when you have to wait for long. It is something inevitable sometimes. Be prepared with something to come up with to deal with that boring moments. 

You are tougher than you thought

Many travelers were unsure for the trip they are going to have especially when it is first time experience. However, it is a lesson many travelers got that they are actually tougher than they thought. They are also more resilient and resourceful during the trip. They are smarter than they thought when dealing with some emotional stress during the trip. It is when you discover yourself better when travel.

Some places are different in reality

You might have expected and imagined your destinations to be full of wonder. You see from the pictures online or from the magazines of how beautiful the places are. However, there are times when you see different things in reality. Your destinations can be a dud sometimes. Don’t get bummed and make the most of the trip. Focus on things that lift up your happiness. 

Create Your Best Family Holiday in Family Resort Bali

Create Your Best Family Holiday in Family Resort Bali
Image source: Instagram/@ holidayinnbalibenoa @travelmadmum

When it comes to traveling as a family, we believe the most difficult aspects are budgeting, ensuring that there are activities for the kids, and allowing Mom and Dad to have some adult/date time. While we believe there are several vacation options in Bali that will overcome these obstacles, the all-inclusive resort vacation still wins the hearts of many parents. The “all-inclusive” aspect of an all-inclusive resort is the best part. It removes many hassles that come with holiday—and for travelling families, that means a huge help. You’ll see why parents love spending an easy vacation at the best family resort in Bali’s best areas for families, the Nusa Dua.

You Pay for What You Get

All-inclusive resorts are exactly what they sound like. This usually implies that the lodging, meals, beverages, and tips are all included in the price, as well as flights and airport transfers. When we arrange an all-inclusive vacation and pay with my credit card, that’s it – we know exactly how much the holiday will cost. Sure, there may be a few dollars for tips or airport parking, and excursions and souvenirs are extras, but the overall cost of the holiday is known, and any additional costs can be readily planned.

Minimal Planning for Maximum Fun in the Family Resort Nusa Dua

Minimal Planning for Maximum Fun
Image source: Instagram/@ holidayinnbalibenoa @paulacperez

The amount of planning required is modest. Traveling is fantastic, but it takes a lot of effort! Now remember when you go on a regular trip with your friends or adult families before. While it was fantastic, remember how it took a lot of planning and logistics to book flights, hotels, airport transportation, and advance ticket purchases for museums and other attractions, not to mention finding good restaurants at reasonable prices that were open when you wanted to eat! A vacation in family friendly, all-inclusive resorts in Nusa Dua Bali require only the selection of a flight and a hotel, and the planning is complete.

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And with Minimal Planning, Here Goes Vacation with Minimal Stress

Kids are blessing—but there are days when they seem to take too much of your energy. And when you go for vacation, you want to actually relax. With minimal planning, come the minimal worries. Let’s face it: life can be stressful, especially for families with working parents and/or active children. But when you take a vacation in an all-inclusive family resort in Nusa Dua, you can genuinely relax when we vacation at all-inclusive resorts since I know I’m not responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly as our primary travel planner.

Having Entertainment and Activities Provided by the Resort

Family resorts often include activities for adults, children, and the entire family. You can do banana boating, surfing, or simply relax on the beach. Nighttime festivities and fantastic entertainment are available for the entire family. Many of the resorts, such as the Holiday Inn in Nusa Dua, also offer fantastic Balinese cultural experiences for both the kids and the parents.

Having Kids Club for Both the Fun of the Kids and the Parents

Having Kids Club for Both the Fun of the Kids and the Parents
Image source: Instagram/@ holidayinnbalibenoa

When it comes to families, this is one of the great added benefits of the all-inclusive resort. For children aged 4 and up, many resorts provide child care and activities. What about the little ones, though? There are a few resorts that have experienced caretakers on staff. The best part is that you can use child care as much or as little as your family need. It’s just convenient to have it as a choice. Mom and Dad, too, we believe, are deserving of a break. Even if it’s only to have a romantic dinner date.

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No Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep!

The food in family resorts are plentiful, and every travelling parents know this is a requirement when traveling with a hyperactive four-year-old who requires food every two hours. Furthermore, fruit and vegetables, as well as other nutritious options, are available, which is not always the case when. Food alternatives that are all-inclusive are also wonderful for encouraging youngsters to try new things. You can always find something to eat for your kiddos!

Places To Travel To If You Look For Monkeys

Places To Travel To If You Look For Monkeys

Finding monkeys while travelling is not as easy as it sounds. Despite the abundance, it is considered difficult to see monkeys unless you know where to look. Spotting monkey is such an experience. Monkeys are considered the closest species to human due to similarities in many aspects. They can be playful dangerous at the same time. If you are monkey enthusiasts, might as well travelling to places where they can be easily spotted. And here are some of the best recommendations:

Kinabatangan River, Borneo

Borneo is called the Asian Amazon and plays such a huge role to the ecosystem in our planet. In Kinabatangan River, you have fat chances to see two unique and endangered primates. They are proboscis monkeys and Borneo orangutan. You can only find orangutan in Borneo and Sumatra Island. This is categorized into endangered species because it almost extinct. The main reason of it is the oil palm plantation that has cleared the forest, their original habitat. Meanwhile, the unique feature of proboscis monkeys is their large nose. It is easy to spot them around Kinabatangan River. 

Danum Valley, Borneo

Again, Borneo is a great place to visit if you look for seeing monkeys. This is where you get to meet maroon langurs or red leaf monkeys. They often pay a visit to the Field Centre. Hence, you can observe them from close distance. They love eating green leaves of tropical trees, hence the nickname. You can also see Borneo gibbons, and they are also an endemic primate. This app lack of tails but smaller in size. 

Khao Sam Roy  Yot National Park, Thailand

You can travel to Thailand to see various species of monkeys. Khao Sam Roy  Yot National Park offer amazing views of nature. However, it is also home to dusky langur. They are considered the cutest monkeys in Asia with their appearance. They have large white colored circles around their eyes making them look like wearing glasses. There are also crab-eating macaques you get to see during your trip here. They have long tail and tend to be brazen. Hence, be mindful when encounter with them. 

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Not only in Asian countries, you can also travel to Costa rica to see monkeys. In Corcovado National Park, there are four species of Costa Rica’s monkey. They are Geoffroy’s spider monkeys, mantled howlers, Central American squirrel monkey, and white-faced capuchin. Habitat loss is one of the reason of the extinction of the monkeys here. Another reason is illegal capture. 

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve is a place you can visit to see chacma baboons. This is the most dangerous monkeys in the world. It is reported that they can even rip leopard apart easily with their teeth only. They are not considered endangered since they are widespread. However, habitat loss has significantly decreased the number of them. Today, they are mostly isolated because they started to visit suburban areas where they cause damage by entering people’s homes. 

A Marvellous Underwater Trip to Nusa Penida: Everything to Know!

A Marvellous Underwater Trip to Nusa Penida: Everything to Know!

The Bandung Strait separates the three small islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Lembongan from Bali on the east side, making them a must-see for visitors to Bali. With a length of 17 kilometers, Nusa Penida is the largest of the three. There is a lot to see and do on the island, including magnificent cliffs, clean beaches, bat caves, temples, and waterfalls, but for underwater enthusiasts, diving from Nusa Penida was the highlight.

This post will provide you with information to assist you in planning your diving vacation to Nusa Penida, including recommendations for locating a diving center and the top dive locations on the island. We’ll also share valuable insights for newbie diver on Nusa Penida

Diving in Nusa Penida: What to Do in the Underwater

Diving in Nusa Penida: What to Do in the Underwater

Mola mola (oceanic sunfish) and manta rays, two of the most amazing huge species to swim with in the ocean, can be found in Bali on the island of Nusa Penida. The three islands generally receives huge streams of currents, making it ideal for drift diving. However, the many bays that make up Nusa Penida’s topography also allows some easy snorkeling for beginners. 

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

The three Nusa islands are quite close together and separated by only a few hundred meters of seawater. So, if you go snorkeling on the island of Nusa Penida, chances are you’ve also gone snorkeling on the islands of Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Ceningan. Nusa Penida snorkeling spots are known for having some of the world’s most diversified underwater ecosystems, with pristine coral reefs and abundant marine life. They’re part of the Coral Tringle, and they like having fresh, plankton-rich water carried by the Indo Pacific Throughflow’s deep, powerful currents.

On the island of Nusa Penida, there are several snorkeling locations with reasonably calm water currents. The flows, on the other hand, can vary at any time. Additionally, visibility while snorkeling is good, ranging from 10 to 20 meters throughout the day, especially during the dry season in Bali.

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Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions

The sea may be unforgiving, and you should be aware that the currents surrounding Nusa Penida are known to be strong and unpredictable. For novice dives, this may appear to be rather frightening. It also implies that the vast majority of dives are drift dives. This essentially implies you’ll begin there, drift with the stream, and end up somewhere else. At the end of your dive, the boat will pick you up. Staying closer to the reef is an excellent advice. You’ll have a lower probability of drifting away in the current this way.

More on the Currents in Nusa Penida

The diving locations surrounding Nusa Penida, in particular, are prone to strong currents that can be distressing to even the most experienced divers. The strong down-current that can draw divers down the wall makes some dive locations unsafe.

Apart from the down-current, many dive sites around Penida experience “washing machine” conditions. Always dive with a respected operator, pay attention to the dive site briefing, ask questions, and dive behind and close to your diving guide at all times.

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Water Temperature in Nusa Penida

The temperature of the water around the Nusa islands varies greatly according on the season, time of day, diving depth, and dive location. Between November and May, the water temperature is between 27° and 29°C, while between June and October, it is between 16° and 26°C (north coast of Penida tend to be warmer than the south).

During the peak season of July to October, dive destinations like Crystal Bay and Blue Corner are very frigid, with temperatures ranging from 16 to 19 degrees Celsius. If you plan on diving these sites in quest of mola molas, we strongly advise you to bring an extra layer, such as a hooded vest.

Best Time to Visit Nusa Penida for Mola Mola

One of the best spots in the world to watch Mola Mola is Nusa Penida. And you can dive with the Mola in relatively cheaper price than in other part of the world, too! The best time to see them is between August and October. The presence of mola will be determined by the tides and current. The optimum time is between the new and full moons, when there is a long slack tide.

Ready for some amazing underwater exploration to Nusa Penida?

Incorporating Self-Care Into Your Daily Habits

selfcare habits

It is pretty common for some people to feel like they need to please everyone. The way for them to feel included or appreciated is by making other people happy, putting themselves at last. This kind of mindset can be damaging for you because you don’t prioritize yourself. It can lead you to think that you are being selfish if you take care of yourself. Keep in mind that selfish and self-care doesn’t have actually clear lines. Selfish is where you see the world revolves around you. Meanwhile, self-care is where you acknowledge that the world includes you. 

How to incorporate self-care

There is nothing wrong with giving attention to yourself. Or, you can give compassion, energy, and time to yourself, knowing that you are worth it and deserve it. This can probably hard to believe when you are so used to believing the opposite. However, you can start incorporating self-care into daily habits using these approaches:

Try slowing down with your pace

Try slowing down with your pace

If you feel like you have been running doing many activities and don’t even have time to know if you have eaten or not then it is time to slow down. Rushing through daily activities won’t make you more productive. In fact, it robs you from the real experiences. Try to enjoy your morning coffee at home instead of during a rush hour inside the bus. To do this, you need to start waking up earlier so you have time to plan your day, making it more enjoyable. 

Be wise in using social media

Social media is important platform to build and maintain connection both with your loved ones or people new. However, being too drowned in social media can be damaging to your mental health. Sometimes, you see someone’s post and feel like you are less worthy than them just because they seem to be able to hold themselves together. Hence, try building face-to-face interaction more which can bring more positive effects to your life. Limit online interaction especially if it brings you only negativity. 

Show appreciation to yourself

It is easy to go harder on yourself. You over criticize yourself and put higher bars for your standard. This can be harmful for your mental well-being because you feel pressured all the time to be perfect, successful, and composed. It is important to show appreciation to yourself. For example,, treat yourself a nice dinner after going through a hard day at work. Or, submerge in a nice, relaxing bath one of the days of the week. You don’t have to wait until you accomplish something big to treat yourself. 

Put yourself at the top priority

Instead of squeezing too many activities for a day, it is better to schedule it more proportionally. Choose activities that you want to do and give yourself benefits in some ways. Then, schedule each activity so that you have the chance to fully enjoy it. If you think you are too tired to hang out with your friends, do not be afraid to say no and do activities you like instead. 

Family Resort Hacks for Smooth Stay in Bali: Travelling with Kids

Family Resort Hacks for Smooth Stay in Bali: Travelling with Kids

When we take our family for vacation trip to beautiful destination like Bali, ideally you want to enjoy  every second of it and make precious memories with the family. However, vacation with kids is not always sunshine and rainbows. Most often than not, it’s quite stormy with all the kids’ antique and parent’s limit of patience. Opting for family resorts in a beautiful and quiet location like Nusa Dua when you’re vacationing to Bali is a good idea. To make the holiday even smoother, we’ve prepared you with some tips and hacks that will keep everyone happy. 

Go Big on Hotel Rooms

The first point to discuss when it comes to family travel and hotels or lodges is how you choose your lodging. A hotel’s room might be too tiny for four people—especially if you have two very active kids. You’ll need a really spacious room, especially if you know we’ll be staying at the hotel for an extended period of time. Like if you decide to travel during shoulder season in Bali—when rain occasionally pours for hours. 

Opt for Family Suites in the Nusa Dua Resorts

It’s fantastic to have multiple rooms in which to spread out. You’ll also appreciate the fact that the children can sleep in one room while we sleep in another. You won’t have to go to bed as early this way. 

Take a peek at one of the family suites at this Nusa Dua resorts. With choices of bunk beds or twin beds, these family suites have kids room decorated in marine theme and equipped with all kids’ needs. They’ll be happy to have Playstation, bean bags, and their own kids toiletries in their fun bedroom!

Opt for Family Suites in the Nusa Dua Resorts
A fun kid’s room inside family suite in Holiday Inn Nusa Dua, Bali

If you can’t get a suite or a room with a balcony, bring some headphones or a book light to keep yourself occupied until the kids have gone to bed.

Rearrrange the Furniture for More Rooms

Sometimes, it is not only necessary to have a particular number of beds in hotel room, but also to have a certain amount of space free of furniture and odd objects. When traveling with children, it’s fine to rearrange furniture or use space as you see fit in a hotel room. However, it is polite to return items to their proper places and clean up after yourself. Everyone in the family would love extra empty space—so the kids can be around safely. You will find that many family-friendly resorts in Benoa, Bali doesn’t really mind with you rearranging the furniture as long as you take full responsibility with this.

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Always Make Use of the Luggage Carts

Traveling with children necessitates a significant increase in luggage. After checking into the hotel,  get a luggage cart. It make all the transfer process of all of your belongings to the room a whole lot easier. The youngsters enjoy going on a ride as well!

Unpack As Soon As Possible

You might never really emptied our baggage before having children. But now, you’ll know how helpful it is to unpack your belongings and get organized as soon as possible. Put the empty luggage in the closet, setting up any snacks you’ve packed, and make sure that any medicine and toiletries are kept out of reach of the children.

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Making Sure Everything is Working

After you check in to the Bali family resort, make sure to check your room’s heating and cooling system, as well as other amenities like the coffeemaker, refrigerator, and hairdryer. Verifying that everything works properly straight away is one of the first things to do when checking into a hotel room. You don’t want to be halfway through your stay and realize you have to pack everything back up because an appliance has broken down. Your room should be a location where you can unwind and rest rather than a source of tension. If something isn’t correct, you should request to be relocated to another room.