Highly Recommended South Korean Delicacies For Foodies 


Foods are important of out life. It is not only about an element for use to survive. There are something artsy about foods that make us love them even more. Foods are also a part of identity. Through foods, we can learn more about the culture, tradition, and many more. Therefore, travelling to enjoy particular foods is not something uncommon. In fact, food travelling has been part of tourism. One of the best food travel destinations in the world is South Korea. It is a country full of delicious authentic delicacies worth travelling for. 

Best South Korean foods to try for foodies

South Korean is one the countries with distinctive culture. One of the things to learn and know more South Korea’s culture and tradition is through their foods. South Korea is famous for their authentic and delicious delicacies you should try during your visit.

Jinju Bibimbap

Highly Recommended South Korean Delicacies For Foodies

Jinju Bibimbap is a satisfying food you should try. It consists of steamed rice, mung bean jelly, steamed bracken, dried seaweed, gochujang (red chili paste), and some greens. The one thing that makes it Jinju Bibimbap different from any other Bibimbap is the addition of yukhoe, raw strips of julienne beef. The ingredient are put and arranged beautifully in a stainless-steel bowl. To enjoy this dish, you should stir up everything then spoon it down to your hearts content. 

Nakji Bokkeum

Nakji Bokkeum is stir fried octopus in South Korea that has stolen many hearts of food lovers, especially those who love spicy foods. It is also considered as one of the spiciest South Korean foods. If we rate the spiciness from 0-5 scale, it is 5. Nakji Bokkeum is often served with a bowl of steamed rice, kimchi, hard-boiled eggs, and other side dishes. Those benefits you because they can reduce your pain from the super hot Nakji sauce.  


Highly Recommended South Korean Delicacies For Foodies

It is suggested to add kimchi as your side dish when you enjoy South Korean foods. It has authentic, unique taste which reminds you of Korea. There are also other dishes specifically made from kimchi you can try during your visit. 

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Highly Recommended South Korean Delicacies For Foodies

Kalguksu is a very popular dish in South Korea. It is perfect to enjoy anytime regardless of the weather. Kalguksu itself is a dish consists of thick noodle soup, and other additional fresh ingredients such as meat and veggies. This is best to enjoy when it is still steaming hot. This dish is also healthy with its exceptional delicious taste. You can find Kalguksu almost everywhere in South Korea, especially Seoul. 

Dak Galbi

Dak Galbi is a stir-fried chicken and also a must try dish from South Korea you should try. It consists of cabbage, onions, rice cakes, chopped leeks, sweet potatoes, and chicken. They are bathed in a spicy sweet sauce. You can order spicier sauce if you like. The sauce is made of soy sauce, red pepper paste, and turmeric. It is usually cooked on a round hot plate built into the table. The size is usually large so this dish is great to enjoy together in a group.