How To Fly Comfortably Even If You Get The Middle Seat

How To Fly Comfortably Even If You Get The Middle Seat

Sitting in the middle seat for a flight is considered the worst thing to happen. Many people got bad experience from having middle seat during a flight. Some of annoyances include having nosy seatmates peering over your shoulder left and right, crawling just to get to the bathroom, not being able to stretch out, being squeezed by bigger seatmates, not being able to rest head the entire flight, and many more. 

How to enjoy your flight even in the middle seat

The middle seat is always seen as a doom for many air travelers. However, sometimes you have no choice but accept your fate. You can survive and still enjoy the flight even with your unfortunate seat. Here are some tips you can follow to enjoy your flight as middle seat occupier:

Upgrade or choose another seat at least 24 hours in advance

It is still possible for you to change your seat if you check online at least 24 hours in advance to see if there is any vacant seat that provide better arrangement for you. Or, you can also opt for an upgrade. If the fee is worth it then why not? You can also try a last-minute try at the airport check-in counter. But make sure to arrive early as to not disturb the others. 

Make yourself as comfortable as possible

How to enjoy your flight even in the middle seat

It is important to claim your territory so you will stay comfortable throughout the flight. Ask the passenger in front of you politely to refrain from reclining their seat back if possible. Also, claim the armrests on both sides because you have the priority to do so with the seat arrangement. 

Know the timing

If you need to get up from your seat for example to get to the bathroom, do it before your seatmate gets comfy. Because it will be harder to so when they are already in the middle of watching movies, reading books, or sleeping. Also, do it before the person in the window seat fall asleep. Hence, you won’t get trapped when the person in the aisle seat falls asleep and won’t be bothered when the person in the window seat needs to get up. 

Try to rest fully 

Get yourself comfortable to sleep and rest easier during the flight. You can use neck pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs. You may have to sleep while sitting straight up because you have nothing to rest your head on. You can even use the tray table to take an in-flight nap. However, do not place your face directly on the tray table no matter what.

Make yourself busy to let the time flies

Being in the middle seat can make you feel like time flying so slowly. Hence, busy yourself with activities you like such as watching movies, surfing the web, reading a book, etc. Those can help distract you from all the annoyance of being in the middle seat. Make the best of your flight experience and know it will pass.