How to Have A Happy Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip


A trip to the remote Flores with liveaboard Labuan Bajo is not like any other trip. It’s not an ordinary holiday where you usually wake up in ordinary hotel, taking a cab to your destination, and back again. A weekapade with liveaboard means sleeping in a boat—or as we’d like to say, a floating hotel—and having your own hotel transport you to breathtaking destinations across Flores. It’s like  having an ultimate holiday; staying at creature comfort while reaching remote reefs, visiting the last colony of Komodo Dragons, and hiking jagged islands to have panoramic galore. And while you’re waiting the boat to reach the destination, you could relax in the lounge, having some cold drinks, or get some tanning under the dazzling sun.  

Though Komodo liveaboard sailing trip sounds like a holiday dream, live in liveaboard itself come with some challenges. The rules are different here in the water. To make sure you get the best experiences, respect the rules and expect to meet these things. 

How to Have A Happy Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip

A Rather Packed Living Space

When you book a sailing trip on liveaboard, you will be assigned to cabins that will be your home for the week ahead. Take consideration of the size of the cabin while you’re packing. Unless you are booking first liners of luxurious yachts, typical cabins on liveaboard are rather small. Cabin rooms are usually enough to fit a bed (or double bed), a cupboard, and sometimes an ensuite bathroom. Always pack light, bring only the essentials, and pack every toiletries and beauty care into travel bottles. 

A Scheduled Life in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

Do you know that every meal time, dive time, briefing, and excursion is marked by a ring? If you are used to life the day as you wish on holiday, be prepared for a change. Life in liveaboard Labuan Bajo is very scheduled. Also, you don’t want to skip the dive and excursion brief. It’s vert important for your own safety!

Time to Dive from Boat

Most dives in Labuan Bajo is done straight from the liveaboard. If you have dived from a boat before, that’s great. If not, you gotta learn some key skills necessary to dive from a boat before the trip take place. 

Wake Up Early and Sleep Early!

One thing you don’t want to miss in liveaboard Labuan Bajo is the morning scene! It’s totally superb! Get up before the sun rise, and see the surrounding islands slowly awake from the darkness of the night. On 5 – 6 a.m, the scene get very serene. Spend some time to do yoga, light exercise, or just enjoy the serenity with an early cup of coffee. 

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A Green Travelling to Respect the Nature

The liveaboard is connected straight to the nature. Fresh water is limited and any water waste is expelled to the sea. Do your best to save the water. Avoid washing dive kits until the last day, take short shower, and don’t laundry too many clothes during the trip. Be selective on your sunscreen and toiletries. Only choose products that won’t harm the reefs and marine ecosystem down there. 

A Social Life for A Week Ahead

Taking a Labuan Bajo trip with liveaboard means that you’re going to share the boat with dozens of strangers for a week ahead! It’s fun to meet likeminded people who’s sharing the same interest as you. Conversations can get very lively, stories shared and friendship forms. However, always remember to be civil. Respect each other cultures, boundaries, and personal spaces.