Who Said You Cannot Learn Bali Traditions from A Family Resort? 

Who Said You Cannot Learn Bali Traditions from A Family Resort?

Aside from the stunning natural landscapes and vibrant coastal living, the beautiful culture of Bali is also the reason why this island is so charming. Bali has long been a popular destination for worldwide tourism, but despite this, the Balinese people have managed to preserve their distinctive and beautiful culture. You can literally feel this everywhere you go. Hinduism and Balinese culture have an impact on practically every area of island life. The distinctive fusion of high Hindu-Dharma and affluent regional traditions are embedded in pretty much everything—from the daily morning “Canang Sari” offering to the big celebrations in the temple. However, you can actually learn Balinese tradition without stepping out from the comfort of the resorts that you are staying! Some family resorts in Bali has cultural programs to offer and taught by the local staffs. 

Taking A Look of Balinese’s Beautiful Culture and Traditions 

Religious and cultural rituals are a way of life for the residents on the Island of the Gods, whether they are going to a temple or preparing their daily offering to be left in a bamboo packet on the door. These and other centuries-old Balinese customs are also gradually being incorporated into the luxury hotel experience, helping to satisfy the changing expectations of visitors, many of whom are looking for far more from their vacations than just sightseeing.

Even while vacationing at an all-inclusive resort, you can explore the cuisine, traditional attire, customs, and other aspects of Balinese culture.

Balinese Music At Dinner

For very good reasons, attending the excellent musical performances and traditional dance performances has also become a must-do in Bali. Gamelan (Bali’s traditional music) and local dances will be one of the most significant elements in all ceremonies done during special days in Bali. These elements will help participants connect with Gods, deities, and ancestors and honor their roles in the universe.

At some special days, the live music at Holiday Inn’s Benoa will be playing gamelan and singing Balinese traditional music. If you want to enjoy the performance, be sure to ask the receptionist—they might know the live music schedule!

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The Traditional Classes at Bali Family Resorts You Can Participate

Some people drive two hours to see temples and sign up to watch spectacular kayak dance. But some others were not given the luxury of getting a super-adventurous trip. Some people can only cram 3 days vacation and some others travels with young family and small kids who simply won’t enjoy long journey. Luckily, a lot of family resorts in Bali have cultural classes you can sign up and get a feel of Balinese culture without having to get out from the resort. 

Balinese Offering Class

Balinese people constantly offer God their best, as evidenced by the offerings they made. There are restrictions about what must be included in the offering, and it is produced using a precise folding technique.`

Balinese Cooking Class

Balinese Cooking Class

Balinese cuisine has a particular flavor and uses unique spices. In a Balinese cooking lesson, the chef will demonstrate native cooking techniques and offer the recipe. The open kitchen used for this activity is thick with Balinese influence. You will learn to make some light munchies or dessert for the cooking class. 

Fruit Carving Class

During the hot summer days, eating a fresh tropical fruit is truly refreshing? But how fun it is to learn how to carve a watermelon or two? It’s one of the fun thing you can do with the kids when you are staying at a family resort in Bali and keep the kids excited during the stay at the resort. 

Taking Family Picture with Balinese Traditional Clothes

The Holiday Inn family resorts in Bali Benoa caters to travelers who enjoy having mementos of themselves dressed in traditional Balinese attire. The butler will help them get ready, and this opulent Bali resort offers a photographer to snap photos around the property. Reservations must be made 24 hours beforehand.