Perfectly Packing Your Suitcase For Smooth Travel


One of the most frustrating parts about travel is packing. You are excited about everything but packing your suitcase. Even though it sounds simple and easy, many travelers choose to delay it as long as possible. Some of them even pack their suitcase a night or few hours before leaving. Also, there are many stories about packing goes wrong. Some people found their suitcase in a chaotic situation where shampoo us all over the clothes, and everything was out of place. 


How to pack your suitcase perfectly and travel smoothly

It is not impossible to open your suitcase and find everything is still intact and nicely arranged. To have that kind of suitcase, you need to find the best strategies for packing your suitcase. And here are some useful tips to consider:

Don’t wait until last minutes

Yeah it sounds pretty unreasonable but really, you have to try packing your suitcase as early as you can to do it better. You want your suitcase survive a long journey so you have to put more effort. Waiting to pack until the last minutes is considered rookie mistakes by the majority of seasoned travelers. It will end up with you tossing everything messily. Hence, try to pack your suitcase in advance and see how perfect you can do it. 

Pack light

Everyone especially seasoned travelers always say this again and again. Packing light is an art itself. You might think you need a dozen pair of skirt or shoes but you really don’t. by taking everything, you will only end up dragging your heavy suitcase which can take a toll on your body. You will be extremely fatigue even before starting your real adventure. Oh, not to mention the hefty fines at baggage check-in you have to deal with. Avoid overpacking and take only what you really need for the trip.

Be smart in packing your cosmetics and toiletries

You don’t want to end up with a powdery mess once you open your suitcase. Hence, make sure to pack your cosmetics and toiletries more carefully. Put liquid makeup or toiletries in sealed bags. It’s recommended to put makeup in your carry on and your toiletries in your suitcase. If you want to bring powdery makeup, tuck a cotton ball into it to minimize the chance to jostle and break. 

Don’t make assumption 

It’s strongly advice that you check out the TSA  official website to see what to and not to bring on the plane. The more you know the rules, the better you can pack your bag. Also, do a research in advance to know about what is and isn’t allowed in your final destination.

Be preventive

Thieves are everywhere and you cannot always know their whereabouts or that if you are their target. If you are going to bring valuable item, make sure to tuck it deep into your suitcase. Or, put it in your carry-on bag. It’s even better if you can have suitcase with combination lock. If not, buy a lock yourself.