Best Liveaboard Diving Trip in Indonesia


The liveaboard diving boat is a ship on which scuba divers stay for the duration of their journey. similar to a cruise, but with fewer passengers and more amazing diving. Multiple dives are offered each day as part of an all-inclusive package including meals and other activities on liveaboard dive boats. Many of the world’s top diving locations are outlying islands or atolls that are best suited for liveaboard diving because they are beyond the reach of dive day tours. The best liveaboard diving in Indonesia may be found at renowned locations like Raja Ampat and Komodo, which are incredibly isolated and difficult, if not impossible, to reach.

Liveaboard Diving indonesia

The only way to experience these spectacular dive spots is by scheduling a liveaboard diving vacation due to the lengthy travel hours needed to get there. Today’s scuba divers have an abundance of options, from elegant expedition vessels outfitted with submarines. Research lans to sleek safari boats with every convenience.

This Best Liveaboard diving Trip in Indonesia

Bali – Komodo

This classic itinerary includes diving in the Gilis, Satonda, and Moyo Islands of Lombok. Sangeang and Banta Islands of Sumbawa, the legendary Komodo locations, and Labuan Bajo. A new whale shark hotspot in Lombok is also included on certain daring liveaboards.

liveaboard diving indonesia


Komodo liveaboard diving offers stunning islands with spectacular dive locations powered by the tide! Dive stunning reefs and take part in thrilling drift dives at locations like The Shotgun. Visit Manta Alley and Karang Makassar to see manta rays. Explore Rinca to see Komodo dragons, and watch the sunset from Padar Island. The best time to visit Komodo is from April to November because it is the “dry season” during this time and most dive charters are available. But Komodo is open year-round for diving.

liveaboard diving indonesia

Alor – Patar

Dive stunning reefs and undiscovered islands, ideal for a liveaboard exploration vacation. Beautiful reefs, an abundance of marine life, strong currents that draw hammerhead sharks and other large predators. Excellent muck diving at Beang and Kalabahi are all features of the Pantar Strait.

liveaboard diving indonesia

Banda Sea

Explore the original “Spice Islands” of Banda, Run, and other locations by going on a liveaboard “crossing” dive trip. These locations are home to a variety of marine life, including hammerhead shark schools at Nusa Laut. Super clean corals and sea snakes at Manuk and Gunung Api The Forgotten Islands have amazing reefs and fish life.

liveaboard diving indonesia

Raja Ampat

The best tropical reef diving on the planet is found here. Raja Ampat is the best liveaboard diving In Indonesia because of its incredible diving sites and plenty of marine life. Including both reef and oceanic manta rays, and breathtaking karst landscapes with secret lagoons and white-sand beaches.

liveaboard diving Indonesia

Tirton – Cenderawasih Bay

Triton Bay is home to one-of-a-kind reefs covered with beautiful black coral shrubs and soft corals. While Cenderawasih Bay on the Bird’s Head Peninsula’s eastern side offers wreck diving and exploratory liveaboard diving. Both are famous for the whale shark populations that congregate near floating fishing platforms called bagans. The finest months to visit Cenderawasih Bay are between June and October when the weather turns rainy and windy.

liveaboard diving indonesia