Canggu Tattoo Design Ideas for Balinese Tats


Tattoos are a big thing in Bali, and despite hygiene concerns of visitors coming here, the tattoo community is going strong. Getting a tattoo in Bali is generally safe as long as you have it done at a reputable studio or with good tattoo artists. Thinking of getting a tattoo Canggu during your upcoming visit to the island? 

canggu tattoo mandala design bali

Canggu tattoo inspiration: Balinese “Aksara” 

The Balinese script is a direct descendant of the Sanskrit language. One of the most popular Balinese scripts is the “Om” tattoo. It’s definitely one of a solid options when you’re considering on getting inked here. 

tattoo balinese script om

Just like with any tattoos with foreign script (and foreign language for that matter, you’re going to need to have to do enough research so that you don’t make a silly mistake of tattooing gibberish you understand nothing about. Here are several general tips when you’d like to tattoo foreign language or script:

  • Have a picture of the script you’d like to be tattooed. Provide variations of the script if you find one. 
  • Using the picture or script, ask around to people who understand the language better than you. You could ask about it to your teacher or a local community that studies it. One of the most convenient ways is asking on a forum where your post will be replied by several people who’d chime in their two cents on the topic. 

Mandala tattoo design 

The term “mandala” itself refers to the shape of a circle. In old sanskrit, it means “disk”. This definition is extremely broad and many tattoo artists have taken artistic liberties with their interpretation of the “Mandala” tattoo design. With that said, the Mandala design is extremely popular with the Canggu tattoo community and it’s one of those tats that you should definitely consider getting when you visit Bali. This design has Hinduism spiritual origins, it may represent circle of life and rebirth. 

canggu tattoo mandala design black white

Mandala tattoos have symmetry as one of the fundamental elements in creating a design through the inking process. Mandalas usually have “layers” that started from the core until the outermost lines of the tattoo design. Since there are as many varieties of this tattoo as the stars in the sky, make sure that you thoroughly consult your artist or studio before you get your tattoo Canggu Bali. It’s always imperative to talk to professionals before you decide to get tattoo Canggu whether it’s professional artists or tattoo studio before you seal the deal.

Frangipani flower

You’ll find many frangipani trees in various places you step foot to. You can even find one seemingly growing on its own on the side of the road. The frangipani flower is a plant that has an intimate relationship with the Balinese locals, particularly for the majority of Hindus living on the island. The Canggu tattoo frangipani flower inspired a delicate feel. Some artists have transformed it into a minimalist style and they simply look gorgeous. 

canggu tattoo bali frangipani tattoo

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The Balinese Barong tattoo design 

Barong design is one of the most stunning tattoos inspired by the Balinese heritage. The Barong tattoo is both fiercely intricate and epic, rich with histories and legends. The creature drawn on the mask itself is drawn from one of Balinese mythology, a creature who, despite the perceptively monster-like in appearance, had a good heart. Watching the Barong dance is one of the most popular tourist activities on the island. 

barong tattoo bali

Many fell in love with this design thanks to its sheer intricacies and the fine details and patterns that make up the entirety of the Barong design. It’s undoubtedly one of the most epic tattoo design that you can have tattooed to remind you of the Bali island. 

Balinese pattern 

Take inspiration from the intricate patterns of the Balinese textiles. 

  • Balinese “Poleng” pattern. This tattoo design resembles a chess board. 
  • Bali’s Endek pattern. 
  • Indonesian Batik pattern. 

Other tattoo design ideas 

  • Hibiscus flower tattoo 
  • Sunset tattoo
  • Palm trees tattoo
  • Other Balinese mythical creatures (eg. Rangda, Leak, etc.)