From Bali to Raja Ampat: Indonesia’s Best Dive Sites You Should Visit


Indonesia has long been promoted as one of the best country for diving holiday, and this expectation is not far from the truth. This country is just happen to arise from the middle of world’s coral triangle, offering wholesome dive destinations and is definitely a must-go-to places for every dive enthusiasts. Bali and Raja Ampat are probably the most notorious example of best dive sites in Indonesia that’s been acknowledged by the world. With its warm water, moderate climate, rich coral reefs and isolated spots, Indonesia could be your next dive dream. This maritime country features captivating remote dive sites, waiting for curious divers to explore its underwater world. Behold, here we have compiled five Indonesia’s incredible dive spots you need to visit. 

From Bali to Raja Ampat: Indonesia’s Best Dive Sites You Should Visit

The Pemuteran Underwater Temple, Bali

Tucked away in quiet Singaraja region, the west coast of Bali, you will find a scenic underwater temples in the bottom of the ocean. Array of statues and stupas sits calmly in the seabed amidst the blue water and schools of wandering fishes. The eerie feeling of diving around Buddha and Hindu’s idols rose an urban legend of an alleged ‘discovery’ of ancient temple forgotten ruins. But lo and behold, this is actually a Biorock community project to promote coral reef restoration. This exceptional underwater temples is one of the biggest coral restoration project in the world and has been drawing hundreds of divers since its creation in 2005. If you are looking for best dive sites to visit in Bali, the Pemuteran Bali should be on your list. 

The Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida, Bali

The Crystal Bay of Bali is not only famous for its crystal-clear water and brimming marine life, but also for its gigantic inhabitant, the Mola Mola of Bali. The rare occurrence of this flat head, enormous bulb of fish is the highlight of many divers. August to October is the prime time to visit the Sunfish—when they come to the shallow water to get cleaned. At other times in the year, Mola Mola usually lives deep in the bottom of the ocean and you might get zero chance to meet them. Some divers report to see Mola Mola waving its vertical fins and eyeing nearby divers with its immense eyeballs. Crystal Bay is not the only best dive sites in Bali to see Mola Mola, but also leopard sharks, eagle rays, white tip sharks, and gorgeous coral reefs!

The Bunaken Marine National Park, Sulawesi

One of the earliest Indonesia’s best dive sites aside Bali that become world-renown back in the eighties, the Bunaken Marine National Park is famous for its incredible diversity of coral reefs and amazingly transparent water. Bunaken house over 3000 marine species including the endemic dugongs, dolphins, and saltwater crocodiles. Expect to see more exotic animals like Lolosi yellowtail fish, hippocampus, goropa, and ornamental fishes. This marine park is also a diver’s favourite for wall diving! 

The Komodo National Park, Flores

It’s hard to talk best dive sites in this country without mentioning Komodo. This region might get its initial international exposure for its endemic inhabitant, the ancient Komodo Dragons. However, while the jagged islands within the park seemingly barren of life, what’s under the sea is totally a different story. Swept by strong currents and mixed by cold up-swellings and warmer Flores Sea, the water is basically a soup plankton which encourages marine life to bloom. This region has almost everything from colourful shallow reefs, deep walls, underwater caves, to pinnacles. Mantas, turtles, and dolphins are white a common sight. This beautiful underwater haven is home  to billions of tropical fishes, various pelagic and sharks, and tiny pigmy seahorses. 

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The Raja Ampat, Papua

As one of 10 best diving site in the world, Raja Ampat is definitely a must-visit. Though its located in the tip of West Papua (which kind of hard to reach), all the hard works are paid off once you take plunge to the water. The visibility is crazily rich and the marine life is amazingly staggering. Sits perfectly in the middle of coral triangle, the ‘Four Kings’ holds more than 1400 fish species and 75% of world’s known coral species. It’s almost impossible to describe what you’re gonna see in Raja Ampat—go and find out yourself! Some diving liveaboard trip arrange an extended trip from Bali to Raja Ampat to see all the best dive sites. And we think this is a good opportunity to truly immerse on Indonesia’s underwater beauty!