What To Do When Travelling With Introverts?


Travelling with people with different personalities is not a bad idea. In fact, you should try it sometimes because it can be refreshing. Travel is supposed to be enjoyable and give you more experience while enjoying what you are passionate about. Just because you are an extrovert doesn’t mean you are the only one who like travelling though. There are also introverts who prefer travel during their free time instead of staying home. If you are planning to travel with your introverts friends, you might need to put some considerations so the travel will be enjoyable for the both of you. 

How to enjoy travel with introverts?

Just because your travel buddies have introvert personality doesn’t mean they cannot have fun when travelling. Your styles might be a little bit different but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy it together. Here are several tips for extroverts who are going to travel with introvert travel buddies.

What To Do When Travelling With Introverts?

Do not judge easily

Just because their face look passive doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the trip. Introverts tend to express their emotion less. They don’t really show how excited they are when finding interesting things during travel. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy their time with you. Thus, don’t let their passiveness upsets you. They may not give comments as often as you to show their excitement but they have their own ways to show it. 

Tranquility is what introvert travelers enjoy the most

They like being close to the nature, observe it, and feel the relaxation. Just because they like going to places with less people, doesn’t mean you are going to be bored throughout the travel. In fact, they might find hidden gems you are not aware exist until they found it. Introverts like calm atmosphere but that doesn’t mean they don’t go to touristy places either. They go to places like that but they may enjoy more places with tranquility. 

Listen to them

Just because they are introverts doesn’t mean they don’t have their own opinion to share during travel. Always ask their opinion about something but don’t pressure them. Asking their opinion allow you to understand better what they really want. Especially when you are travel in big groups. Do not ignore their opinion. 

Give them spaces

You may need to give them space some times during the travel to allow them enjoy the travel by themselves. Do not feel guilty about leaving them alone because that’s what their need. They need a ‘me time’ to go places alone so they can do things they enjoy the most such as silently watching scenery, reading book, or just staying in their room while others hanging out. 

Don’t push them for socializing

Keep in mind that socializing might not be their favorite thing to do during travel so don’t force them to join you meeting new people during travel. For them, talking for hours with people especially stranger can be exhausting and draining. Thus, do not raise your expectation of their social interest. Remember that it doesn’t mean they are rude or disrespect others.